Younger And Older Male Companionship

by Anonymous

Harold was already naked when Randy got there, and having a quite nice stiff erection. Randy went ahead and took his clothes off to nakedly reveal the erection that he was now getting in response, and Harold smiled.

Harold was sixty-eight and had been divorced for years, and lived by himself in a nice house out on the edge of the country. Randy was twenty-four, single and lived near-by, which was how they had started to become friends.

Randy had never considered himself to be gay, although he recalled how he had managed to have something a boy-romance with a friend when he had been younger. It had been innocent and fun, and really the two of them had not done all that much together. Still, he had enjoyed the experience as simply a part of a friendship and had remained intrigued by that.

When Harold had commented on how he had come to enjoy having male friendships, Randy had been open to the idea. It had taken the two of them no time to find themselves happily naked and indulging in some playful male activities together.

At first, nothing more really than holding and rubbing and masturbating and appreciating each other’s erection. Then Harold had revealed how sometimes he liked how it felt to have another guy do it in his butt. Randy had been glad to oblige.

“That’s such a nice boner you have,” Harold complimented that morning. Looking down at the younger male’s arousal.

“It looks like you’re having a pretty good one yourself,” Randy said back, seeing Harold’s stout member jutting out and up.

They lightly embraced and shared a small friendly kiss on the lips and gave each other male organ a gently squeeze. Randy liked how it felt to be able to hold and feel another guy’s erect dick. It was exciting and refreshingly masculine.

“There’s some lube right over there,’ said Harold, gesturing to the small plastic bottle that was on the kitchen counter.

Randy took the bottle and squeezed some the clear liquid onto his stiff length, slicking it on. Harold turned and placed his hands on the counter as Randy got up behind him and proceed to slid has boner into the older man’s accommodating butt. His dick went in easily and Randy began to fuck him with long, smooth strokes.

“Ohhhh … that feels so good having your boner in my butt,” Harold breathed. “I could have you do that all day.”

“It feels good having my dick stiff in your butt,” Randy said back as he watched his penis disappear again and again into Harold’s anal depths, going all the way up to his right set of balls.

Randy knew that they would fuck for the next several minutes and then, after that, they would just enjoy being freely naked together around the house, and then play around some more, maybe suck a little bit on each other’s dick, and then he would probably fuck Harold again. That was the way it usually went, and Randy loved that.

Randy was pleased by his male affinity with Harold. Although he was not sure about just how much he felt attracted to other guys as such, he did wonder if perhaps he might have something of a gay side, or if all guys just naturally did.

He was aware of just how many perfectly straight guys enjoyed male sexuality on occasion, finding it fun and exciting and without having to be gay. He supposed that was the category he fell into.

Just your average gay who liked sex and who found male sex fun and pleasurable. Yet, he was always just a little surprised by the wonderful erections that he achieved with Harold and the excitement and eagerness he had to get his dick into Harold’s male butt.

Fortunately they felt safe enough with one another to make the lack of using a rubber no problem, and Randy did have to admit that he loved delivering his load of sperm without constraint. It was just so much more gratifying that way, to let his semen pulse freely out.

He knew that if he had been doing this with just about anyone else, a younger guy, that he would no doubt have to use a condom, and he found that idea very unappealing to be sure. Still, if that’s what it took, then he was sure that he would slip one on.

Again and again Randy slid his erect organ through Harold’s butt hole as Harold stood there and savored the pleasure of him doing that, telling him how good it felt and Randy telling him the same. It was so wonderful, the two of them just being guys like this together.

Quite remarkable, really, when Randy thought about it, to just be able to go over to the older man’s house, get naked and to have a good time fucking. Randy felt the intensity building up within his boner.

He did half a dozen more insertions and hen ejaculated.

“Uh!’ he grunted and squeezed his shut as he felt the thick male-liquid exit from his throbbing organ.”Uh! Uh! Uh!”

“Ohhh … Mmmm …” Harold murmured knowing what randy was doing to him and loving it.

When their passionate physical connection was concluded they smiled at one another, this wonderful knowing male smile that said without words just how satisfying it had been. Gay or not, it was still a shared male passion that was to be enjoyed.

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