Yes Daddy

by Anonymous

“Baby, you and your husband come on outside for a bit”

My wife and I entered her father’s backyard one sunny summer afternoon to find a slightly shocking sight: he was sunbathing completely nude. He had taken to new habits since his wife died not 2 months ago.

“Oh hi daddy,” my wife said, trying not to look embarrassed. “How’s your tan coming along?”

“It’s coming along, but it’s not really making me feel any better. Your mom and me used to tan out here when you went away for summer camp. Just missing her”

“Is there anything we can do to help daddy?”

“God you look just like your mother, even sound like her. Why don’t you two join me out here sunbathing?”

I had figured he might ask us this, but I was curious to see what my wife thought.

“Oh daddy I don’t know,” she said, as she looked to me for guidance. “Well, it is pretty nice out,” I said.

“You just look so much like her baby, it would kind of be like seeing her again, the way I used to, you know?”

“Oh daddy…sure why not? It’s so sunny out! Dear, would you help me undress?”

Her father seemed to perk up a bit. “Nice and slow now, let’s all enjoy ourselves.” I couldn’t agree more. I started by taking off her t-shirt, exposing her slim bra to me and her dad, to which they both smiled. Then I unhooked her bra and slid the straps down over her shoulders, letting her perky breasts go free. “Wow baby, they’re so lovely” he said, and she giggled.

Then I unbuttoned her shorts, slowly guided her to face away from him, and slid both her shorts and her thong off at the same time, exposing her gorgeous ass to her father’s wanting eyes. “My god baby, you look so much like your mother, all over. You look just like her when she was your age. I’m a lucky man.”

“Oh thank you daddy” she said with a slow spin back to face him. She revealed to him her mostly shaved except a landing strip pussy.

“Wow baby!” he said with lust in his eyes. It made me pretty proud to be married to such a beautiful woman. “Baby, come on and lay down here on your back, you work on your tan while I take a nice long look at you.” My wife and I both noticed his already large cock was beginning to get hard.

I helped her to lay down, with her knees up, slightly spreading as she relaxed. “Oh daddy this is so nice, I’m so glad it’s helping you” she said, her eyes locked on his cock. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and truth be told I found it thrilling too.

“Now, spread your legs nice and wide for daddy so I can see just how close you look like your mother.” To me he said “take off your clothes and help spread her for me”

“Yes daddy” she said. “Yes sir,” I said, to which he replied “you say yes daddy too, got it?” I blushed slightly but then said “yes daddy” and finished taking my clothes off, my hardon starting to show too. I was getting pretty aroused showing off my wife, being told what to do, by her father no less!

There she was, on her back, legs spread wide as could be to show her pussy to her own father. I reached down and spread her pussy lips, which were dripping wet at this point, and she let out a moan. Her dad leaned in and took a long look. “Oh baby you grew up to have mommy’s pussy, I only wish she were here to see it herself” he said and took in a deep breath. “She would have loved your sent too!”

“Ooo daddy I’m so glad to hear that” she said as she squirmed in pleasure at her father’s breath on her wet lips. He puckered his mouth for a kiss, turned to me and said “may I?”

What could I say but “yes daddy, please.” I was so hard at this point I thought I was going to cum right then and there. He gave her pussy a nice long sensual kiss. “Mmmm yes daddy that feels so good, mmmm,” and between her moaning and his wet kissing sounds it was too much for me, I came hard and fast, with my cum landing on her thigh.

“Looks like somebody got a little excited! Her father said with a slight chuckle. “Yes daddy that happens sometimes, doesn’t it?” she asked me with a smile. “Well, you might as well clean her up” her father said, backing away and moving to kneel by her face. “Maybe we’ll slow things down a little bit.” “Yes daddy,” I replied. I was embarrassed but still quite excited at the sight of my beautiful wife’s body and her freshly kissed pussy, all on display for her father. “Eat up honey” she said to me as she turned to face her father’s hard cock.

As my tongue began licking my cum off my wife’s smooth leg, she started licking up and down her father’s shaft before taking the whole thing in her mouth. “Mmmm daddy” she moaned. “Oh baby, just like mommy used to do,” he said as he ran his hand through her hair. I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful sight of love and affection. They were a truly sweet family who were sharing love in the most special way.

“Looks like you missed a spot, her father said to me, pointing. “Make sure you clean her up real good ok, don’t miss a drop.” I looked back down and saw a big glob just waiting for me. “Yes daddy” I said as I eagerly lapped up what was remaining on her leg.

“Ok baby I think that’s good, I don’t want miss the best part. How much does your pussy feel like mommy’s on the inside?”

She took her mouth away from his cock, and a delicious looking strand of precum ran to her mouth. “Well daddy, I don’t know” she said playfully, spread her legs even farther apart, and gently started playing with herself. She nudged me aside with her beautiful thigh and locked eyes with him again. “Let’s find out?”

“That’s daddy’s girl” he said with a wicked smile. “Why don’t we flip you over so your back gets a nice tan too,” he said. “Ooo daddy you’re so smart,” she said. I caressed her hips as I helped turn her over, face down ass up.

Her dad moved up behind her and started playing with her ass. She seemed slightly ticklish at first. “Daddy, you can play with my asshole if you want,” she said, which shocked me, because she wouldn’t even let me play with it. He toyed with her ass for a while, teasing her and building her up, getting her wet. He motioned for me to bring my face in to get a closer look. The scents from her wet pussy, her sweat, and her asshole were intoxicating, and I thought I might cum again. Sensing this, her father told me to go lie down facing her, and that we may kiss while they finished.

He slid his huge cock in her easily, and started fucking her doggy style, and we could both feel each thrust as we made out. After all the afternoon’s events, it didn’t take long before they both started cumming, and I couldn’t be prouder of the whole family.

“Mmmmm that was great daddy, how are you feeling?” Her father, slightly out of breath said “so much better honey. I miss your mommy so much, but I can see now she lives on in you, inside and out. I hope I can see her again sometime soon?”

“Yes daddy!” we both said at the same time. “Good,” he said. “Looks like you’ve got one more mess to clean up,” he said to me. “Oh yes honey, here roll over and we’ll finish up.”

My wife and I rolled into a sixty-nine, naked in front of her father. I lapped up their combined delicious juices from her freshly fucked pussy, and she sucked my cock eagerly while I blew my second load of the afternoon. Sitting back up, her father leaned over to give us both one big kiss goodbye.

“What do you two think about moving in with me?” he asked. My wife and I looked at each other, and of course we said “yes daddy!”

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