Wrong Place

by Yani (Bahrain)

After more than 2 years of lockdown due to Covid-19 was in much need of a nice massage. I looked up local places and found one about 10 mins away that offered full body massage. The place was called Lahore therapy & spa. I called up and an Asian man answered and I asked if I could come in for a massage but wanted a strong masseur to give me a massage.

He said we he will available after 10pm, you come then. I was disappointed but decided it was worth the wait. Before 10pm I was there and I went to the gate and parked in the lot. I pulled on the door but it was locked and I was so upset thinking they were closed.

To my surprise and tall finely tone Pakistani man opened up and said are you here for appointment? I replied yes, my name is Yani, I called earlier today. He smiled and looked me over and said ok good you come in and I lock door behind you.

He introduced himself as Mr. shah and lead me to the back room through a door and downstairs into a room that was set up for massages. Mr. shah explained that they usually close at 9pm and only massage by appointment after 9pm. he explained that only one other man was working and he will be in to bring me towels and that he will be back to start massage.

He instructed me to strip to my underwear. The other guy mid age and build like Mr. shah came in and said his name is khan and handed me towels. Khan said I can take shower. But I decided that it would be better if I take shower later. I stripped and laid down on a wide table and placed towel over my underwear area. 5 mins went by and Mr. shah came in and lowered the lights and asked if I was ok. I replied I’m fine! I noticed he had changed into black cotton shorts and a tank top which accented his body very nicely. He told me to refer to him as Mr. shah and he started the massage.

First touch was on my neck and shoulders and it felt great he continued to add oil to my upper back and massaged me working all the knots out. After a little bit, I felt him tug at the towel and slowly move the towel and my underwear down a bit where my lower back and the crack of my ass were exposed.

He massaged my entire back and I could hear him breathing and little by little he inched his way lower where I felt his finger caress the crack of my ass. As his continued up and down my back I felt his crotch rub against my arm and at times the palm of my hand, I thought to myself is he hard or is it me. His touch was very nice and at times he would work the top of my ass and slowly push my underwear down a bit.

I knew now he was purposely pushing his crotch in to my hand and arm. I decided what the hell so whenever he was near or touching my upper region of my butt I started to slowly move my butt and move my ass cheek. I knew he took notice and that’s when he pulled my underwear lower. I was wearing tight underwear that hugged my butt tight and made it look plumped.

I started to get excited in my own thoughts and he got on top of the table massaging my upper back as he pressed against my butt. What happened next led to something I never expected.

As he pressed up against my butt I decided to push up with my ass to rub against him, well he reacted with a hard smack to one side of my ass and said what are you doing? I was embarrassed and I said I’m so sorry I didn't mean to do that.

He held my neck and turned my face so he could see me I thought he wanted to kiss me in the mouth but unfortunately he was mad and in a stern voice said "you like that kinda of stuff"? You push your ass up and rub against me? Why you do that? I was scared and didn't know how to answer.

He then pulled my head up by my hair and in my ear said "oh, you like when man rub on your ass?" Is that what you want? Then he started to gyrate and hump my ass and continued to berate me saying, I think you like this, you enjoy my cock rubbing against you. I heard him speak in his language and heard the door open and khan came in. They communicated in a different language and Shah smacked my ass and returns to me and said

"You’re a dirty man" you are effeminate and in my country dirty people like you get punished. I was speechless and couldn't move. he then leaned onto my back and whispered in my ear "do as I say and I won't call the cops", I begged please I’m so sorry just let me go and ill never come back.

Shah yelled at me and said" You do as I say or else", you want me to call cops? I said no please don’t. I honestly didn't know if I could get in trouble or what would happen if the cops came. it was their word against mine, so I pleaded and said I was sorry. He yelled again, do you want me to call? I replied no please.

He then pulled my hair and said in my ear, then you will do as I tell you, you need to be punished for what you did! Do you understand? he pulled my hair harder and I let out "yes, I do please your hurting me." khan came in front of me and tied my hand to the legs of the table and Shah tied my ankles to the other end. He then tied a towel around my mouth.

I was scared and confused. I felt hands on my lower back and without warning my underwear were pulled down passed my knees. Shah pressed up against me and said" now you first get punished old fashion way and he got off me and I felt the first smack against my ass which continued for 30 more times.

Shah stopped and came over to my face and said now will you do as I say or do I need to spank you more? I was in pain, my ass was on fire. He said again do you want more? I shook my head no .. he said if I don't obey he will beat my ass harder next time, he asks me "will you do as I say? And I shook my head yes with tears coming down my cheeks.

Shah went behind me and started to caress my ass cheeks and play with my hole, then he got on top of me and held my head up so I was facing Khan’s crouch, he removed the towel from my mouth and said you suck his cock now and khan pulled his cock from his pants and placed it in front of my lips. I tried to move my head and Shah yelled do as I say and suck his cock or else. He squeezed my nose and my mouth opened and without warning Khan’s hard 8” cock was in my mouth.

Shah whispered in my ear "we're gonna fuck you as much as we want." Having cock in my mouth back and forth and then feeling fingers forced into my hole. Shah would smack my ass as he fingered my hole. Telling me how I must do as I’m told and take it all. I then felt cleaned my ass by alcohol then a tongue licking my ass as his hands squeezed hard on my cheeks.

Still being face fucked, Shah was on top of me and started to rape my ass. 20 mins felt like an hour, he pushed so hard in me and pounded my ass as he kissed my neck. I felt the cock in my mouth start to pulsate and without warning my mouth was being filled with hot cum.

Shah speed up and was pounding my ass and my head fell down, he covered my mouth and told me to swallowing the warm cum went down my throat. The 8” thick cock was raping my ass and then I heard him moan loud and he released every drop of his hot cum into my ass.

They untied my hands and ankles and yelled for me to get up. Shah grabbed me by my neck and led me to the shower and told me to clean up. Khan entered the shower and started to rub soap all over my back and down to my ass. With one of his strong hands holding my neck, khan started to move down my back to the crack of my ass and rub between my cheeks. Warm water ran down my body and I was shaking. Shah led me out of the shower and faced me against the wall and said now it’s my turn.

I was push across the table bent over and smacks started hitting my ass, it was khan spanking me. Shah was standing in front of me and he looked down and smiled placing his cock in front of my lips. The spanking continued and I was forced to suck cock. My legs were spread apart and I felt khan pushing his cock into my ass and his entered with force. He leaned against me and said now I rape your ass real good. Shah had a good hold of my head as he forced his cock in and out of my mouth. I was being pushed forward with the force of Khan fucking my ass, I could feel my ass cheeks bouncing as he pushed harder and harder.

I never imagined I would be forced like this and didn't know what or how this would end. Khan continued to fuck me pounding harder with each thrust as Khan was face fucking me as I was bent over the table. I heard a moan and wasn't sure who then I felt hot cum slide down my throat and pulsate in my mouth. Shah mad me suck every drop until he stopped cumming.

Khan was pounding my ass and he continued to smack my cheeks often, then I felt him grip my hips as he hit harder and he started to moan and then he pulled his cock out as he was cumming in my ass and let it drip on the crack of my ass. Rubbing his cock up and down my crack he pushed it back in and started to fuck me again until I received every drop of cum in my ass.

It was finally over and I was laying there exhausted, Shah told me to take a shower and when I returned he handed me a towel. I saw he had my wallet & my driving license in his hand he took 100 $ and my license and he looked at me and said, if you want this back then you must come back asap to receive the rest of your punishments and to get your license back.

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