by Carlos Natal (Hartford Ct)

My story starts by me lying in bed and my girlfriend’s daughter jumping on the bed bugging me.

I always found her beautiful but I didn't know that I wanted her, so we start wrestling on the bed, and I feel her sweet body rub against mines, and my dick starts getting hard.

I felt embarrassed but she continued to rub her cute ass all over it, she knew that my dick was hard and she loved knowing that she was making my dick hard.

I guess she saw my cock come out my shorts, and she touches it and says you nasty, I say I'm sorry and she just smiles and starts rubbing it up and down.

So I put my hands down her shorts and I feel the prettiest pussy I've ever touched in my life, her back arches and she moans, and I ask her what’s she doing, she pulls her shirt off and I see the perkiest nipples I've ever seen in my life.

By this time my dick is screaming to be covered in her sweet warmth, so I pull her panties aside and start sticking my throbbing dick inside her.

I put the head in and she backs off, I say baby come on she smiles, and slowly goes down on me, my god I have never had that feeling before, she continues to let more of me into her, until my hand are grabbing her cute ass driving her into me.

We fuck for like 45 minutes but we had to stop knowing her Mom would be home soon, I ended up sneaking in her room that night and licking her sweet pussy❤

My Wife Forced By Neighbor
Anthony (Covington)

I just got home from work when I heard my wife say don't cum in my pussy. I peeped into the door her legs were up a big white dick punching her Brown pussy and she started to cum.

He was also Cumming at that moment she said it is okay to cum in my pussy. He went all the way in with 11inchs. My wife was crying as he pumped her juicy black pussy.

I began to stroke my black dick, she screamed you hurting my pussy, finally cum shot out her pussy but he kept fucking her.

She started to cum again then he flipped her over and fucked till they both came together. Meanwhile I waited till he left and fucked her pussy till our cum mixed together.

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