Wow What A Yummy Cummy Day

by Tom (Illinois)

I love masturbating and I have been doing it for a very long time. I am not bragging but I definitely know how to give myself pleasure. About 10 years ago I discovered that the male nipples are almost like a cock they love being sucked pulled twisted licked and softly rubbed. They or mine get rock hard when pleasured and I can feel the sensations created all the way down in my dick.

As a matter of fact I can get my cock to go completely erect simply with nipple stimulation. I have been pumping my nipples for about ten years and they are actually huge and very sensitive to touch sensations. I have almost been able to cum just by having myself or someone else play with my nipples. I am sitting here naked right now playing with my erect nipples watching beads of precum forming on my piss slit.

That yummy sweet clear precum is making me hungry. I love eating my cum and pre-cum. My asshole is very sensitive as well. I love having either a dildo or an erect cock deep inside my ass. The only problem with anal sex is the preparation. It takes a lot of preparation getting it clean. You have to keep douching it until only clean water squirts out of your rectum. But the amount of pleasure you get is worth all the prep time.

I totally enjoy the feeling of an erect cock spewing spurt after spurt of cum deep inside my manhole. Fuck the more I type the hornier I am getting my nipples are totally erect and the head of my cock is oozing precum. I either need to jack off and cum or I need somebody to fuck me or suck me right now. I am a true exhibitionist. I love jacking and cumming for a group. It is really a turn on being naked in front of other people knowing that they are watching me please myself.

I can remember when I got my very own first set of wheels I was able to independently go where and when I wanted to. One nice summer day I decided to go to a conservation area lake and go fishing. I fished for several hours and it started to get very warm. So I stripped and went swimming to cool off. I was in a secluded spot of the lake and I thought no one was around. So after cooling off I got out of the lake and sat there totally naked on a big log.

I kept looking at my cock and started stroking it slowly. I did not want to cum in a hurry so I would gently caress my dick rub my perianum and play with my balls. Every time I would get close to cumming I would stop and let my prick go limp. I loved playing with my asshole and kept spitting on my fingers and inserting three of them in as deep as I could get them. Finger fucking my manhole while my jealous cock was throbbing for mutual attention. I did this for about an hour and kept licking the precum from my fingers.

I was to the point where I just about could not hold back the flow of jizz. Then from behind me a voice uttered what are you doing. I turned to see 3 guys and 2 girls. I had no idea where they came from or how long they had been there. They came closer and one of the girls said I have never seen a guy do that before but please don’t stop we want to keep watching you and join you if you don’t mind . My reply was I don’t mind at all but just what is it that you want me to do. Well they never answered but started removing their clothes.

Four cocks and two pussies this should and would be interesting. One of the guys stood in front of me I guess waiting for me to make a move so I did. I took his cock into my hands and started stroking it and almost instantly he shot a huge load of cum all over my face. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked his remaining juices into my mouth. A second guy took his place and his cock was already leaking precum. I took his cock into my mouth teasing his piss slit with my tongue.

I could hear the females giggling and noticed they were all standing in front of me now. One of the girls went behind me and started playing with my loose asshole and the other one was mimicking what I had been doing earlier. She was jacking my cock like a pro. I was busy sucking the second cock and the third guy was jacking off right near my face. The first guy to cum was standing there getting ready to piss and I stopped him. Hey don’t waste that. Piss on me. He looked at me funny and said are you sure. I told him yeah you heard me right cover with your golden urine.

When he started pissing on me the guy I was sucking and stroking started filling my mouth with his sweet cream and after he was done cumming started pissing on me as well. The third guy that was jacking of shot his load all over my face. The girl that was fingering my asshole had been licking and sucking on my butt rim. I told her to stop and asked one of the guys to put his cock in my ass. I told him to fuck me hard and try to cum deep inside me if he could.

Both the girls we’re giggling and they saw that the guys had pissed on me so they did the same. They spread their pussy lips wide and spewed streams of golden urine all over me. While the guy was fucking me in the ass I started jacking off and pissing all over myself. One of the other guys grabbed my cock and started pumping sucking and licking it. I was still pissing and his mouth was full of my pee. I couldn’t hold back any more and my cum was shooting everywhere.

I was ready to collapse and I could feel the warm cum load fill my asshole. One of the girls sat on my cock and I can not believe it but it got hard again . She rode me for awhile and somewhere from deep inside me another load of semen spewed into her lovely pussy. After I blew my wad deep inside that sweet cunt the two girls started kissing and hugging each other. The girl that I just fucked layed on her back and her friend started lapping at my cum that was oozing from her pussy.

One of the guys positioned himself behind the girl eating my cum and started fucking the shit out of her. I was taking it all in and enjoying myself gently stroking my cock to another erection. The other two guys cocks were rock hard again and they were jacking each other off. One of the guys asked me to fuck his ass but I declined because I think my sperm tank was empty. I had to piss again so I started peeing up into my mouth while i was pumping my cock.

The two guys were ready to cum again and I could sense that. So I invited them to fill my mouth with their semen. One at a time they stood in front of me jacking their cocks to orgasm filling my mouth with yummy man cream. Two more loads of cum spewing into my warm wet mouth. The girls were both eating each other’s snatch and the third guy had held his load of man cream for me to eat. He was so ready to cum and the first two ropes hit me in the face so I grabbed his cock and guided it between my lips. He started shaking and his jizz started flowing. I didn’t think he was ever going to stop shooting cum. It was running down my throat faster than I could swallow. Spilling out of my mouth running down my chin and dripping onto my cock. I felt like I was starring in a porno.

The two girls stood in front of me and started pissing on me again. I was piss soaked cum covered and my belly was full of semen and piss. Physically drained fully satisfied, We all jumped into the lake and cleaned up. I asked them if they had been watching me very long. They said they had seen me undress and go swimming and then saw my whole self pleasuring incident. They also told me that they had never done anything quite like we did but that it was a new beginning for all of them and they planned on experimenting even further at some other time. I went back to my car and drove home naked playing with my cock all the way home thinking about what had happened today. I shot another nice load of cum on the way home for a refreshing yummy snack. What a wonderful day.

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