Wow Maria

by Rocky (Florida)

Hey I’m Rocky and years ago I went to get a haircut at a new salon that opened by my house. I have long hair always have and went in there for a trim. This short, cute Italian girl named Maria comes out and says I’ll cut your hair. I think for her it was love at first sight.

She cut my hair I gave her a good tip and left. The owner of the shop calls my job and says so what did you think of Maria. I said she’s cute and she says will you go out on a date with her. I said look I just recently got divorced and I’m not looking for a relationship. She says c'mon just one date.

I say ok and she gives me all the information and it’s set for Saturday night. I figure will go out to dinner and have some small talk and see where it goes. I go to pick up Maria and she’s drop dead gorgeous. I open the door for her and she says you’re not only so handsome you’ve got manners too.

We go to dinner and we’re talking and she tells me she’s twenty . I tell her I’m thirty and she says does the age difference bother you. I say no does it bother you and she just laughed. She said she would watch me go into the diner across the street and told her co-worker, I’m going to marry him someday.

I laughed and like I said I didn’t want to be tied down. Well we started dating and she did everything for me. The sex was great because she was a pervert like me. She likes to go to the movies and if the movie was boring she’d take my big cock out of my pants and suck it until I came in her mouth.

She swallowed every load I ever gave her. I had a boat and she loved to fuck on top of the hill and people going by would stop and watch. We were fucking and there was a party boat. All the men stopped fishing, just to watch me fuck her. She never said no and she knew how to fuck.

There was another time I was getting new windows put in my house and she called me at work and said you better get home there’s a problem. I went home and go inside and she has on this white shear robe. Maria drops the robe and lays on the kitchen table and says well are you going to fuck me.

I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough and the two men mouths dropped. She wasn’t a moaner or a screamer, but this day she screamed fuck me just so the two men could watch. She also loves the nude beach and we had plenty of sex there. It was a hot summer day and she says let’s do something crazy.

I said what do you want to do. Maria says let’s go to a nudist resort. I said are you kidding me and she says no. Maria had a body to die for, but her ass was perfect. We go and she doesn’t care what she does. I’m laying on a lounge chair and there’s all these older people and she starts putting lotion on me.

When she gets to my cock, I’m rock hard and all the women are staring at it. Maria puts lotion all over my cock and climbs on top and starts to ride me. The men are all hard and they're just watching her ride my cock. She come and I roll her over and stick my cock in her pussy fucking her doggy.

Maria cums multiple times and I cum deep insurrection de her. When I cum all the people are cheering. She says when I’m with you I feel safe so I can do what I want. I said suppose I let one of these old men fuck you would you do it. She says only if you told me too.

I couldn’t let another man fuck her, she was mine. She moved in with me and we fucked three to four times a day. She stopped working on Saturday’s so we could fuck all weekend. I didn’t want a girlfriend but I took it one step further and we got engaged. She made me the happiest man and the sex was getting even hotter.

When it was raining we would go to the xrated movie theater and Maria would wear a little raincoat and be naked underneath. We would walk in and she would say ok Rocky were do you want to sit. I would always say you choose. She would always sit next to an older black man and my cock would get so hard.

I would ask her aren’t you hot in that raincoat, and she would answer yes. I would unzipped it and now she was completely naked for this old black man too see. They were amazed that such a beautiful woman was so freaky. I would always wear sweats because I knew we were going to fuck.

Maria would grab my cock and ride it and she would say to the men, you have your own private show. No man ever did anything to her it was just pure excitement. We went everywhere together, but I went to visit a friend in Florida. We went to this bar and I met this smoking hot blonde.

We had a great time and when I got home Maria was waiting for me at the airport. I told her what happened and I said I guess I really don’t love you. She cried and I had to leave. She called my mom and told her and my mom said Maria I can’t do anything because when he makes up his mind he never looks back.

She packed her stuff and left. This was probably the worst move I ever made in my life. I had a woman who would do anything for me and I destroyed her. I hope someday she can forgive me.

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