Wonderful Intimacy

by Angelia (WA)

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my own son,” Beverly said as she lay naked on the bed with her legs apart, with her naked son on his knees with his erect penis pushed full up into her vagina.

Daryl grinned. “It feels good doing this with you, mom.”

“It feels good having you do it to me,” she confessed with a pleased smile. “Now I can see why mothers like doing this with their sons.”

The fact that they were mother and son just made it so pleasingly and excitingly intimate.

Daryl had come over that morning and the two of them had been teasingly and playfully affectionate, and the enticing allure of their doing something more and having sex, had been irresistible. They had quickly gotten naked before they could lose their nerve and Daryl had presented his mom with a handsomely large boner, sinking it fully into her willing vagina.

In that moment Beverly discovered what so many mothers did, just how delightful and meaningful and significant it was to be sexual with their own sons. It awoke a side to her maternal instincts which she had never know existed feeling her son’s reproductive organ in hers.

Beverly was smiling, beaming. “Oh, Daryl … this feels so wonderful.”

Daryl was smiling down at her, seeing his stiff penis pushed into her hairy folds, feeling his organ enveloped by her soft wetness. Just to think that he was in his mom’s vagina, the same one which had brought him into the world, was so fulfilling as sell as exciting.

Gently and easy he slid his erection in and out, doing so with a loving intent.

Beverly could feel the enormity of her clitoris bulging out to enhance her sexual desire.

Daryl saw this and began to stoke and rub it with his finger.

“Oh!” she gasped and put her head back on the pillow. To have her legs apart for her son like this, and now to feel him fingering her clit, made her feel so deliciously wanton. She had never imagined letting her son play with her clitoris, let along to have his stiff penis in her vagina. As a mother this was such an unbelievable thing. It was just so intimate and so personal.

Daryl tickled his mom’s smooth pink pleasure organ, teasing it and exciting it.

“Ohhhhhh …” she moaned and turned her head from side to side. “Oh, you’re going to make me cum!”

In the next moment Daryl was watching his mom climaxing.

“Oh, geez!’ she cried out. “OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!”

Daryl loved to see that he was succeeding with his mom like this as he watched her and her back arched up off of the bed, and she pushed her hips down to ensure that his erection was as far into her as it would go.


That he was fucking his mom to an orgasm made his dick throb uncontrollable and suddenly he was ejaculating in her.

“Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” he grunted as the semen pulsed from his hard dick deep inside of his mom to nakedly give her his sperm.

“Ohhhhhh …” Beverly moaned some more she felt her son doing this in her. Loving the thought that it was her son’s penis doing this in her and the she was receiving the biological substance his sperm cells. Although she wouldn’t get pregnant, her desire to have her son fertilize her was never the less just as real and just as strong.

They were both breathing hard. They smiled at one another when they opened their eyes.

It had been such an incredibly fulfilling moment for them to share as mother and son.

Daryl was now lying on top of her recovering, his penis still wetly in his mom’s vagina. She slipped her arms around his back and held him tightly.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed. “that felt so good.”

“It did, mom,” Daryl said.

Already they knew that this was not going to just be a onetime experience.

They would make love again and again and thoroughly enjoy it.

This was like the first time that my son and I had sex. I really was not prepared for just how meaningful it would be to have his sperm in me. It awoke some new sexual dimension of my maternal instincts. I was on the pill and I really longed for him to get me pregnant. This was something that I knew just would not be a good thing to let happen though, and now five years later my son and I still enjoy having sex, but with me not getting pregnant. Although I do know that there are moms out there who will give into this urge, and if this is what they really want then I am happy for them.

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