Wonderful Encounter with Pals Mom

by Stevie (Ohio)

I was in the city with my pal and some of his friends for the weekend, we ran into my pal's mom she stayed and had a coffee with us. She asked me if I could do something for her as it was too heavy for her and her son was nursing a leg injury. I said when and she said could I do it this afternoon as somebody will be coming to collect it so I agreed.

We were coming to a point where we would be going home any way so she said she will take me to her house as I did not have my car with me and drop me home to my apartment later. I disconnected the electrics and the plumbing to the appliance and moved it to where it need to be for collection tomorrow then I did a few other things she was needing to be completed.

We sat down as it was very warm and she poured us both a drink and we had biscuits and sat chatting for ages. She said time has gone faster than she realised and poured me another drink and she said you have always been my favourite and always very helpful and agreeable, I used to sleep over regularly and she said it is a few miles to yours why not stay over and she would run me back later in the morning then we can have a drink and chat some more so I said OK like old times. She was 55 years of age and a big woman and very attractive.

She went to the bathroom and came back in her robe and had changed, she was dressed in a sheer black full robe and black sheer nightie and black silky head scarf you could see her lovely voluminous sheer knickers and her lovely great breasts through it I said wow you look stunning. She said but you have seen me in my evening and bed wear many times before when you were very young running around in your nothings at times.

I was sat opposite her and she pulled her lovely robe aside and her beautiful big breast sand big nipples were even more visible . I looked at them many times and unfortunately the effect was beginning to be visible as the head of my cock began to push itself from under my shorts.

She said my what is happening here Stevie, my face reddened and she said sorry did not think that would happen then she laid back more on the sofa with her legs open and I could now see her huge panties and her fanny lips. I let out a little moan as she said your cock is still growing and I like what I see then she got up on tom her knees and slowly came across to me on her knees.

She said why don't you take those shorts of as she undid them pulled them down and my cock sprang up and hit her under the chin. mmmmm she cooed how lovely its so huge then she took hold of it feeling its weight as it began to leak loads she pulled my foreskin back slowly so my juices coated the huge mushroom head pursed her lips and put them over the slippery head tasting it, mmm tastes lovely she said then opened her mouth and let the head slip into her waiting mouth.

She was moaning aloud as she sucked and wanked me then I put my hands on her head covered in the lovely silky scarf and smoothed it as she bobbed up and down on my cock. mmm i moaned as she pulled her silky robe around us and smoothed my legs and butt, so soft and soothing isn't it she said.

Then she pulled me over to the sofa laid back raised her legs open wide so I could see her oozing huge fanny lips in her big panties then she put her hands around my head and pulled me to her waiting fanny . Wow it was huge and my face was buried right in it as I licked her through her panties , she tasted wonderful, then she stopped and we moved to her bedroom she laid on the bed with her head back over the edge of the bed and raised her legs over her head.

Then she pulled her big knic kers back and said lick me then when my face was b uried in her fabulous fanny she pulled her knickers back up trapping me in this nylon wet cavern. So sexy as I licked her, she fed my cock back in her mouth and swallowed it down her throat gurgling. She stopped we got p then she took her huge wet panties off and said put these on.

So I did it was heaven then she slipped a sheer nightie down over me then put my long hair up in a lovely black chiffon scarf she kissed me passionately then got b ack on the bed laid back with her fanny raised to me and I put my big cock head in and slowly sank into her.

It was the biggest wettest fanny I have ever fell into it almost took my balls in at the same time it was like going to heaven as we fucked each other well into the night until we both came filling each other with our juices then we licked each other until we had our mouths full kissing and sharing it then fell asleep, in each other's arms. That was the most erotic wonderful sexy moment of my life so far and can't wait to see where this is going so more to come.

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