Wonderful Boy Day

by Anonymous

It was summer and Danny and Jim had hiked up into the woodsy area to where there was a small creek. With the area being as secluded as it was, they felt safe in taking off their clothes and getting naked to go splashing in the cold waters of the creek.

As Danny sat on the rock behind his friend, Jim noticed that Danny’s dick was starting to show signs of becoming erect. They both grinned over this and Jim started to feel an erection coming on, too. It was not like either of them t attracted to other boys as such, but as friends it was difficult not to be aware of there being an appealing sort of male-chemistry between them.

Danny’s dick was just a foot away, and feeling curious and uninhibited, Jim turned his head and leaned forward to take Danny’s penis into his mouth.

“Ooo …” said Danny as he felt Jim’s warm wet mouth on his dick. He had not been expecting this, but he certainly offered no objections.

Playfully Jim began to mouth his friend’s male organ, finding that very exciting to do. He loved how big and smooth the now fully swollen tip felt in his mouth, and it was thrilling to think that he was sucking on his best friend’s male anatomy like that, and that he could do it just because he felt like it, as one friend to another.

Sure, if anyone saw them, they would probably think that they were both totally queer. But as friends it was different. Boys could sexually expressive of their feelings without having to worry about how it looked to others or how it might be labeled. And although this was the first time for either of them doing something like this, it felt so great and liberating and wonderfully masculine in a way that was so neat to experience.

“Oh, man …” Danny groaned, feeling his stiff length in the depths of Jim’s mouth.

Jim made some slurping sounds as he slide his mouth up and down Danny’s stiff curved length. This was making his own now fully erect penis almost painfully stiff. It was such an unbelievable turn on sucking on his friend’s dick. He employed his wet tongue most effectively, repeatedly licking over the most sensitive area on the outside of the shaft, just below the huge head of Danny’s penis, doing this as only another boy knew how.

Suddenly Danny was gasping and Jim felt the surges of his semen pulsing out again and again to fill his mouth. He tasted the salty flavor as he continued to mouth his climaxing friend.

When it was finally over he pulled back, his mouth full of cum which he found that it took two swallows to get down. Then they looked at one another and almost breathlessly Jim found the excitement of Danny ejaculating and having his friend’s sperm in his mouth, made him ejaculate helplessly. Several jets of white male-liquid shot from his boner, whipping into the air like a volcanic release.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Jim panted as his hands gripped the smooth rock he was sitting on next to Danny’s bare feet.

“Oh, geez!” Danny exclaimed as he watched Jim’s hands-free ejaculation and was surprised to see that male-excitement being unleashed.

As Jim was finishing ejaculating, Danny reached down to touch his finger to the thick white liquid dribbling down Jim’s boner. He brought up his fingers and smeared this on his tongue, wanting to experience his friend’s sperm, just as Jim had experienced his.

It was such a glorious thing to do, for them to be that male together as friends. And already they were thinking and wondering just what it would be like to have their stiffer Yes, they knew that they were going to have a wonderful day erections in each other’s accommodating butt. They both smiled.

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