Wonderful Between Friends

by Randy (WA)

“Ooo … yeah …” Cody breathed as he felt Josh’s stiff erection moving smoothly and gently though his butt hole.

“Mmm … this is nice,” Josh breathed, savoring the pleasure of doing this with his friend.

Cody was lying on the bed on his side with Josh up behind him, holding him, as they as they were sexually engaged and doing that in a very relaxed way.

It felt so good to be able to fuck as friends. Although this was just their secret. No one else knew that they were doing this together, enjoying this type of intimacy as guys and as friends. It was wonderful, though, and so rewardingly male and such a pleasure to share that.

The truth was, of course that lots of friends did do this together, just that they were discrete about it, wanting to avoid the gay stigma that could easily be attached to that. Although these days it was becoming more acceptable for friends to do this together without being seen as being gay.

Josh kissed Cody on the side of his face, and Cody turned his head and they kissed lightly on the lips. They looked at one another and smiled, delighting in the affection as Josh’s penis was inserted into Cody’s anal sheath.

It was not a careless race for sexual achievement, but rather a satisfying and fulfilling unhurried moment enjoyment of shared intimacy.

Again and again Josh slid his erection into his friend with a loving intention and it was the same for Cody to be accommodating in this way with his friend. They were just two boys who liked each other a lot and who enjoyed expressing their feelings of friendship in a more loving way.

“I never thought about being with another boy in this way,” Josh confessed.

“I know. Me, either,” Cody admitted. “But that’s what makes it so special and so good.”

“It is special,” Josh said, feeling the softness of Cody’s anal sheath holding and caressing his maleness with the loving intimacy of engaging in the reproductive act together as guys. Of course it was wonderful doing that with a girl, but to be so reciprocal together as guys was pleasingly masculine.

Josh could feel the urge growing within his stiff length.

“I’m going to cum in you,” he told his friend.

“Oh, yes,” Cody said, waiting for this to happen, for the moment of male fulfillment.

Josh pushed his erection into his friend a little faster until suddenly he was ejaculating.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Josh moaned softly as his penis climaxed deep inside of her friend, giving him his sperm.

“Oh … yeah … yeah …” Cody breathed as he longingly received the wet biological substance of Josh’s sperm cells. The significance of this of course was not just something reserved for a girl.

It was two guys sharing of their male selves. “Oh, yeah …” Cody gasped with an unashamed satisfaction.

Occasionally he enjoyed delivering his sperm into Josh in the same satisfying way, but usually he preferred to be on the receiving end as some boys did and this was how they usually did it. Cody squeezed his shut and savored Josh fucking his male liquid into him.

Then, as Josh finished, Cody reached his hand down and quickly stroked his own erection to make it ejaculate, his seed squirting carelessly onto the bed to bring his own healthy arousal to a satisfying conclusion while Josh’s penis was still in him.

“Ohhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhhh …” Cody panted as stiff penis throbbed.

Josh kissed his ear and the side of his face as Cody climaxed.

Then Cody turned his head and they kissed more fully on the lips.

It was such a wonderful moment as friends.

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