Women Friends Plus - A Little Romance

by Cara (WA)

Katie could hardly believe it. There she was, a lesbian.

Or was she? Maybe not.

It had started twelve years before, having really what was just a bisexual fling with a friend. Dorothy was also divorced and had been for about the same as her for the last five years, and they both had kids.

Dorothy had a seventeen year old daughter and Katie had a sixteen year old son. They knew each other from both having kids in school. That was how they had met and hard started becoming friends. They got together for coffee, and they talked.

Neither was interested in becoming committed to any sort of another long term relationship. It was too much trouble and just not worth it. Also, guys their age had kids of their own and that just meant of a lot of complications that both of them preferred to do without.

They were both in the same situation. Having some love and some sex would have been nice, but it was never as easy and straightforward as that. The teasing solution was for the two of them to have a fling, just for fun. It would be certainly would be convenient. Only, neither of them had ever done anything like that with another woman before. Did they dare?

They decided to try it. It was a matter of sharing a few kisses, which was rather nice, and then getting naked together, and that was rather exciting. Then just engaging in a little harmless between-girls mutual masturbation. That was pretty terrific.

From there it had been easy and fun to become more adventurous and to try oral sex. That was fantastic.

Within two months, they were eagerly looking forward to the opportunities when they could be naked in one another’s arms, sharing just a love as friends. It started to become so much more. The naked afternoons spent together having coffee and a cigarette, just enjoying each other’s companionship, and the sex was so satisfying. It was all so wonderful, so uncomplicated. They were really made for each other.

Of course there was the fact that their kids, and no one else of course, had any idea that their moms were doing this together. And there was the inevitable question – were the two of them becoming lesbians?

That was a scary sort of label. It had implications. Man-hating, weird, and even perverted. This went on for two years. Their kids both gradated and were in college, and really starting their own lives. During that time Katie and Dorothy just continued to be happy with one another in their friendship and the relationship they were having.

Then it occurred to them, did labels really matter? Was that necessary? Wasn’t just being friends enough?

Katie was writing and starting to sell and publish things, articles and such, and thought about starting a novel, and becoming a fiction writer. Dorothy was doing art and selling in local galleries. Things that both of them had long dreamed of doing and were now starting to.

The desire to simply just enjoy life, not to bother with unnecessary complications, made them think and wonder – what would it be like if they were to just moved away and live together? They talked about it, and discussed it. Finally, the idea of living on the coast of Washington State, sounded quite appealing.

Having heard stories about how this was a lesbian friendly place, and whether or not they wanted to think of themselves as being lesbians, it would still be a place more accepting of two women living together. Let them think what they wanted.

When they told their kids that this was what they wanted to do, to be “roommates,” their kids were both accepting enough, and sort of getting their idea that their moms were having a romantic friendship. Katie’s son had used the term “bisexual,” and Dorothy’s daughter simply said, “Go for it, mom.”

So that was five years ago.

Katie had published two fairly well revived fictional novels and Dorothy was selling in a number of galleries. The coast of Washington was beautiful and inspiring. They had a house out on the edge of the country and went for walks in the woods, enjoyed meaningful conversations, loved the companionship of just being together every day, and they made love. They were two friends. That was all that mattered.

From the author –

I know, I know – not very much sex. Certainly nothing as graphic as two women licking each other’s pussies to a moaning frenzy. But you know what? Just occasionally something a little romantic is kind of nice. Makes one use their imagination. And yes, in case you are wondering, it is based on a real life story. My own. Hope that you have enjoyed it.

Next time, I promise, more sex. A lot more sex.

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