With My Mom

by Rich (LI)

The door to my mom’s room was open a little bit, and it was afternoon, so I figured that it would if I went in. To my surprise, there was my mom sitting nude on the easy chair that was next to the French doors in her room, reading a book.

“Oh …” I said, not expecting to see her like this.

My mom responded with something a modest smile, but did not look particularly embarrassed.

“Hi,” she said. “I was just reading and lounging.”

“Oh,” I said again. “I was just …um, wondering what you were doing. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“That’s okay. You’re not,” she told me, being quite calm about my seeing her like that.

My parents had divorced five years before, when I was fourteen, so it had just been my mom and me. We had always gotten along and had a good mother-son relationship. I had never seen her naked before though, so that was unexpected. The fact that she was so calm about it told me that she didn’t have any problems with that. If anything, she looked a little amused to be sitting there in the all together like that in front of me.

She smiled. My mom had a great smile. She was forty-two, thin, small breasted, and had short sandy hair that was going silver in a nice way.

“You can join me if you want,” she said.

I grinned sheepishly. “You mean … be nude, too?”

She gave a careless shrug. “It’s okay with me.”

“I don’t know,” I said hesitantly. “That could be a little embarrassing.”

She gave me a chiding smirk. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. I know that you’re a boy. I have seen all of that before.” She added, “It’s just the two of us.”

“Uh … yeah,” I said, knowing that it was true. I hesitated, not quite sure what to do. I was surprised by my mom’s uninhibited mood. “I … I guess that I could.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and got undressed, sort of trying not to think about what I was doing until I had my clothes off. Then I felt quite modest.

Mt mom just smiled at me. “This is nice being together like this,” she remarked.

“Yeah,” I agreed, trying not to blush.

“Just being natural,” she said. “It’s special for a mother to be able to be like that with her son.”

I sat there not knowing what to do. Suddenly being naked myself, made my mom seem even more naked and I was very much aware of that. Then just what I was afraid would happen started to, as I felt myself getting an erection. There was nothing that I could do to stop it and no way to hide it. My penis just pushed visible and stiffly up.

“Oh. That looks nice,” she appraised.

I was afraid that she would think that it was awful. I was not expecting her to say that. I smiled modestly, my penis sticking boldly up. She smiled back at me. Then she got up and came over to sit on the bed next to me. Leaning over, she kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t exactly passionate, but we really never kissed on the lips. I kissed her back in the same way.

“Do you feel awkward being with your mom like this?” she asked.

I kind of did, but I lied. “No.”

She kissed me again and we let our hands go to each other’s arms. Seeing that my mom was in this affectionate mood, I kissed her neck and she murmured approvingly. I then nuzzled her neck and she liked that.

“This is nice,” she said again and looked at me with a kind of unsure look, but one that said she liked it.

I reached out to touch her right breasts and she offered no objection. Encouraged I fondled it small sift shape and then did the same to the other one. Feeling braver, I leaned my head down and kissed her nipples, with were sticking out and sucked on each of them.

“Ohhh …” she moaned softly and I felt her hand take a hold of my erection to feel it’s hard shape. She gently pulled up and down on its length.

Then somehow, quite easily she was lying back on the bed, putting her legs apart, revealing her hair crease. I moved up next to her, stretching my legs and feet out and we kissed some more, allowing our lips to press and remain together. As we did that, I got on top of her, and I was sliding my erection into the opening of her vagina. She was wet and I went in easily.

“Uhhhh …” she moaned, louder this time and closed her eyes.

I started to fuck her and she laid there letting me do that.

It was really something having my erection in my mom’s vagina. It was so stiff.

“Oh, Cody …” she breathed, saying my name. “Oh this feels so good.”

I had never thought of my mom waning to do something like this.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she breathed some more as my hard penis slid in and out of her with a male intimacy. “Ohhhhhh …”

“Mom, it feels good doing this with you,” I told her.

“It feels good doing it with you, too,” she said, now panting just a little. “Oh, God, this feels so good … oh … oh … oh …oh … Ahhhhhhh …” she choked and she was having an orgasm.

She trembled beneath me and this was so exciting seeing my mom climaxing.

Suddenly I could no longer contain my excitement and I ejaculated. I let me erection do that deep inside of her vagina, my semen throbbing out again and again. I groaned.

“Oh, yes .. yes …” she said, realizing what I was doing in her and panting that to happen.

Finally all we could do was to both lay there.

My mom opened her eyes and looked at me. “Oh, Cody … that was so wonderful.”

I smiled at her. It felt so satisfying to think that I had just ejaculated in my mom’s vagina. That we had just made love.

We both knew that this would not be the only time.

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