With my Colleague in the Gym

by Yani (Bahrain)

I had a colleague named Nabil who was five years older than me. He was always with me in same shift and our off day fall at the same time. We signed up for a health club and gym and we always go there together, I would glance at his long cock as he changed. He had more hair around his cock and on his body than me, and even when soft he was nearly as long as I was hard. He had caught me looking a few times but didn't say anything. After catching me a few times I noticed he would always stand facing me! we were at the end of an aisle against the wall so no one was close by.

One day I noticed that he was getting hard as he stood facing me! I was sitting on the bench slightly facing him. As I watched his cock started thickening and lifting, getting longer as it filled with blood. It rose up a bit, not fully hard but filled with blood to thicken the head and shaft. I stared in awe before he pulled up his briefs. As he pulled on his pants I could see that he was fully erect, the hard shaft sticking up along the right side of his briefs. I was amazed by how big his cock was and that weekend when I jerked off, he was in my fantasies. I imagined he and I being the last ones in the locker room, both coming out of the shower late and finding the room empty.

I kept up my watching and fantasizing and it finally played out one day. I stayed late in the shower knowing he was still there, hoping to catch a peek at his cock for my nightly jack off session. I kept checking him out as he showered, when he started to rinse, I quickly left so I would be at my locker when he walked up.

We were at our locker drying off, of course, I couldn’t help but look, but this time he caught me and responded. “You like looking at my dick? he asked. “No, I didn’t,” I nervously responded. He responded, “Its ok, I have a big one and a lot of guys like to check it out.” “Really?” I responded. “Yea, and you should see it when it gets hard,” he followed. By then I was locked on to his cock, unable to look away, and as I stared it started to get bigger, filling out, he took it in his hand and stroked it as I watched until he was fully erect. His cock grew to a fat 7.5 inches long, with a huge, flared head. He was so close to me, especially now with his cock hard, and only inches away from my face. “Touch it, take it in your hand, he moaned.

I did, without even thinking, I reached out and wrapped my hand around the shaft, the head stuck out a few inches from my fist, it was so big that my hand barely wrapped around it. “Yes,” he hissed, “Now stroke me.” My hand slid up and down the fat shaft, his shaft getting wider at the base with a huge flared head at the tip with a deep crown. “Oh yes, stroke me,” he groaned.

My hand was wrapped around the fat shaft and I started pumping him just like I stroke my own cock, paying special attention to the head and underside of the head and shaft. His precum was oozing out onto my fingers and my hand spread it around the head and along his shaft lubricating the length of it, with my thumb I spread the precum around the slit making him moan and push into my hand. With my other hand I cupped his huge balls and fondled them as I kept stroking his cock. I was enjoying this, stroking another man’s cock, making him hard, making him excited to be touched by another guy.

His big cock was pointed at my face, the fat head flared out and the piss slit filled with precum hanging from the tip. Without even thinking about it I leaned in and touched the tip with my tongue, tasting the dripping precum. It was salty, thin, and not salty as I had heard. I licked the slit tasting more, pursing my lips I placed the tip between my lips and tongued the slit tasting and sucking his precum. I let him slip into my mouth and then swirled my tongue around the head.

“Oh fuck,” I heard him moan, “Yes, take it in your mouth.” I opened my mouth and he pushed in as I leaned forward to take him, my mouth barely able to wrap around his fat cock head. I wrapped my lips around the head just behind the shaft and sucked him, just like I had read in magazines. My hand continued to stroke the long shaft as I sucked the head, each time pulling his delicious precum into my mouth. I was a freshman sucking off my colleague, the chance of getting caught was high, but I didn’t care.

I bobbed short strokes with my mouth, taking him across my tongue; I was only able to get 3-4 inches in my mouth this first time. He kept pumping, holding my head as he fucked my mouth with short fast strokes. I felt his fat cock swell, the skin even tauter against my tongue, the tip flared even more, and then he groaned, a deep guttural groan and then my mouth was filled with his hot cum, shot after shot of yummy hot cum released into my mouth.

I kept it in my mouth for a while and gargled then spit, I did my best to swallow but the desire loss at the end. He squirted a huge amount, 5-6 gushes of hot cum filled my mouth. I was stroking his cock like mad as he came, hold it as much as I could until he finally stopped me, the sensitivity overwhelming his cock. Pulling out of my mouth he looked at me, cum running down over my chin, my mouth still open but some of his cum had been swallowed. “Fuck, that was incredible,” he said as he stood before me, his wet cock slowly shrinking, but still semi-erect.

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