Wifes Work Friend

by Bobby (Australia)

My ex wife worked at a hospital and through the hospital I got to know a few of her friends, one day when she got home from work she had one of her friends with her we sat around a table and had coffee, it seems that this young woman's husband had left her and she had to get out of her rented home, as we had a spare bedroom my wife asked if it was ok if this girl came to live with us I said yes of course and then had a glancing thought of how nice it would be to have this mini skirted young girl in our home.

My sex life with my wife was rat shit as we had sex on her terms when she felt like it, as a matter of fact I had gotten use to jerking myself off on a daily routine, its a bastard when you are a horny guy with a wife that thinks sex is worse than a visit to the dentist.

Anyhow this young woman moved into the bedroom next to ours and as we had about a six inch space just below the ceiling I could hear everything in her room, I remember one day when I got home from work early that I found a pair of her soiled panties which I then wrapped around my cock and shot a load of cum into the crutch of them, the thought of having her pussy germs all over my cock nearly drove me crazy.

My wife used to get home from work about five pm the young girl got home at about three pm I about two pm, myself and the young girl used to sit around and talk we used to have some kind of sexy attraction to each other and she made no attempt to cover herself while sitting facing me with her legs slightly open, I could see the outline of her sweet little pussy which used to drive me nuts, I never took it any further at that time though as I was afraid she would tell my wife.

My wife used to come to bed about 11pm I was in bed by 8-30 because I had to get up at about 4am, the young girl would go to bed about 9pm, I decided to pull the covers back and stroke my cock when I got a hard on I would rub my cock hard and fast so that it made a loud slapping sound, I knew the young woman could hear what I was doing, after a few times doing that I could hear her start moaning so I knew she could hear me jerking and she was getting herself off at the same, I could hear her getting louder as she brought herself to an orgasm I would blow a load of hot cum over myself but wished it was inside the girls pussy.

The next day we had coffee together at the kitchen table and I asked her if she enjoyed herself before she went to sleep, her reply was yes what about you I said yes and asked if she was interested in taking it further with that she lifted her skirt and started rubbing he pussy then said you mean like this my reply yes, I pulled the leg of my stretch shorts up and exposed my throbbing cock that was already ozing precum, I cleared the table lifted her onto it opened her legs sat on a chair then licked every little bit of that tight hairless pussy hole, she pleaded with me to shove my cock into her then groaned as I slid my fat seven inch cock into her I then picked her up and carried her into her bedroom with my cock still stuck in her pussy.

She was a beautiful fuck moving her pussy up to meet my pushing cock, it only lasted about five minutes and I started pumping a large load of spunk into her she held me by the hips and let out a scream of delight as she blew a load all over my still hard cock, I then cleaned her pussy with my tongue ah it tasted so good sucking my own cum and hers out of her love hole, when we had finished we sat and had another coffee she told me she had wanted me to fuck her for days but like me did not know quite what to do, she said she was also worried because she had stopped taking the pill after her split with her husband, I was able to put her mind at ease when I told her I got a vacectomy when I was 29 that was 20 years ago, well we had a fantastic sex time together and fucked each others brains out for about a year that was until my wife got home from work early one day and caught me with my cock inside her friend.

With that my wife went berserk and told her to get out, I helped her to put her things in her car and gave her money for a motel, she said she was returning to her family some 300 km away, I went back into the house and told my wife that I was going for a shower she said oh no your not you are coming with me into the bedroom to finish what you started with that fucking bitch, fuck me I thought my missus is randy because she saw me fucking her friend, well I have to say my wife fucked like it was going to be her last it was fantastic, while fucking her she told me she thought I may have been having a relationship with her friend and that it was ok, well I shot a load of hot spunk into my wife and she had a fantastic orgasm from then on our sex relationship only got better, we used to talk dirty while having sex she used to get turned on when I told her what I did with her friend, she used to love talking about my cock fucking her after it had just been inside another woman, well I am still married to my wife many years later and still having nice sex, funny the way things work out.

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