Wife’s Latest

by Joseph (Channel Islands, UK)

I wrote a story, my wife on holiday. This is our latest. As I mentioned then we have dabbled with sharing and threesomes before. Well we both went out one night for a drink. We went to a pub not out usual and was surprised to see two of our male friends already there drinking.

There was music playing and a few people were up dancing. Our friends came over bought us some drinks and we settled down drinking and chatting. About an hour later two more of our male friends came into the bar, saw us and came over with drinks and started chatting as well.

There were six of us now all sitting together chatting laughing and drinking. All of our friends there are married although none of the wives were there. I was the only one with my wife. We all stayed together chatting and drinking and it was a really great night out.

At the end of the night ,I said Id phone for a taxi as we d all been drinking and that's when wife said to book a minibus taxi so then we could all go back to ours and carry on drinking. She invited them all home and none refused and we all agreed we d share the fair.

We got home switched the telly on the drinks came out and all having a good time. Wife then turned off the telly and put some music on and the drinks were flowing well. She got up and started dancing and two of the guys got up and was dancing with her.

In needed a pee so went off to the toilet upstairs. When I came down wife was still up dancing but now was surrounded by all the guys, four of them. Some of them had started touching her and although she was laughing, she was like fending off their touches.

They were all around her and everyone was really close. Wife had on a short skirt, bare legs but was wearing panties and bra. She was still laughing as they were touching her now all over and she was still fending off their touches but not very well.

They kept at her so I just sat down in the armchair opposite the couch. Hands now were trying to go up her skirt, her tits were being touched and there was now even kissing. All the four guys were trying to kiss her on her neck ,lips cheeks and she was still smiling still fending them off.

I saw them then steer her towards the long couch and she was trying not to let them get her there. They got her to the couch and she was then laid down on the couch and as she was laid down her skirt rose up and her tiny panties came into view.

They loved that. Her flip flop sandals fell off showing her painted toenails. She was on the couch now with four guys all around her and then the touching really started. Her thighs were gently parted and now two guys were stroking the soft skin right up on the inside of the top of her thighs.

The two other guys were nuzzling her neck and her tits were getting a good fondling and it was at this point my wife stopped like struggling against them and she wasn't trying to fend them off anymore. Have to say, if there was any rough stuff I would have stepped in and stopped it all.

A hand went up and inside the leg of her panties and another hand went into her panties from her waistband. I watched the two hands moving away inside my wife’s panties. It was at this point my wife really opened her legs. She was letting them do to her what they wanted.

Next I saw her raise her arms up in the air and her top was removed, shortly followed by her bra. When the guys at her panties saw this my wife’s panties were gently slid down her thighs. She lifted her bum up off the couch so her panties were slid all the way down her thighs and completely removed.

She was totally naked now lying on her back with four guys all around her. There were guys kissing her armpits and breasts, one guy was actually kissing and sucking her toes and one was kissing his way slowly up her thighs.

She again opened her legs as the guy was now kissing the insides of her thighs right by her lovely trimmed dark bush. As his lips reached her pussy that's when I heard her gasp. Then the guy that was kissing her toes went up and started kissing her bumcrack and his tongue was snaking and touching her bumhole.

She was really being tasted tonight. I could smell the sex in the air so took my cock out and started wanking. Now there were two guys sucking her tits and kissing her and two guys licking her pussy and bumhole. It was a horny sight.

One guy then unzipped and took out his cock and he hooked wife’s thighs up on his shoulders and I saw her little bumhole twitch as her entered her That's when she cried out and gasped .I heard more zippers being undone and more cocks were out in our lounge.

I saw a cock go in her mouth and she had a cock in her hand .It hen saw and I don't know whose but a finger went into her gorgeous ass and that's when she let out a really loud moan and squealed ooh fuck. The cock that was fucking her was gleaming with her juice as I was watching everything still wanking away. I could smell her as well as she was being fucked.

She has a gorgeous horny scent. Heavy and musky. Everyone says that, that's been with my wife. She was really being fucked now and nuzzled and fingered. She was really whimpering now and really starting to move and wriggle despite having four guys around her.

Her head was back now mouth still sucking a guy and her eyes as big as saucers. I saw her really start to buck now and her toes were flexing like mad. She was really hanging onto one of the guys now. Then it came. She screamed, really screamed and I saw her like convulsing.

The guys kept at her until she quietened down. What a horny horny sight for me although I’ve seen her now quite a few times with other guys, but it still horny. I myself shot a nice load. I could go on but story is so long sorry but hope someone enjoys it.

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