Wife’s Friend

by Georgie (Aus)

I was at home and my wife comes home from work and says bloody hell Jody had a big camel toe on show today, and with that she went for a shower.

I sat and ponded for a short time and my dick started to get hard thinking about how I could get to fuck Jody. I had dinner nearly cooked when my wife returned to the kitchen wearing a tight pajama set, I looked at her and said nice are you going to be ready for me when we get to bed? She looked at me and said I know you’ll be more than ready after what I took you when I got home.

She wasn’t wrong but I thought I should play it down a bit to keep her happy and willing to fuck me when we get to bed. We had dinner and I was about to clean up when she said, you should have seen it was ready to be ridden and with that she went to the lounge room. Here I am thinking WTF is going on here, I cleaned up and went into the lounge room and said would you like a drink she said yes make i a large one.

After about 20 minutes she said I can’t believe you haven’t been asking me more questions about Jodie’s amazing Camel toe she had on display, I said was she showing it to someone or was she just being naughty? My wife said I think she was looking for attention. She said I know she would have had your attention with what was on display.

I said yea probably and with that I said I’m tired tonight I’m going to bed soon and she said not without me being there with you.

At that point I walked to the bedroom and got ready for bed, in a flash my wife was by my side and got really snuggly so I thought I’ll make her ask for it for a change and it wouldn’t have been 2 minutes and she was under the covers sucking me to full erection with me thinking about her friend Jodie the whole time.

I’ve never had my wife so horny and ready for sex in many years, we had marvelous sex for about an hour before I had to blow my big load into her thinking of Jodie the entire time I was blowing.

She said would you like to fuck Jodie? I said only if you would allow me to and with that she went straight back to sucking me to attention again. Wow I thought she must have been thinking about this pussy all day and how it would be for me to be fucking Jodie.

3 times we made sex not love that night I couldn’t keep her away from it. I said you might want to ask Jodie over for some drinks on Friday night and she said ok I will. We both went to work and after about 3 hours I received a text message she is coming over Friday about 5 so you better be ready if she wants to fuck ok.

Well that just about made my day but all I could think of was what if she brings her husband. When my wife got home she said we’re not going to have any sex tonight I want you horny as possible for when Jodie arrives Friday night.

Well Friday came around and here I was all day trying to imagine what she was going to wear and if she was going to have her pussy on show for me.well they arrived together and I was going to be disappointed when I seen what Jodie was wearing, my dick started to get hard after the first view and didn’t go down at all.

I said hello how are you and she said I’m ready for a drink and I said what’s your poison and she said do you have any champagne and I said yes I’ll get you a glass straight away.

By this time my wife was smiling and saying Jodie’s husband is away for the weekend so we have her for the night she’s staying with us.

Wow I thought will I be in trouble, will she be naughty enough to have sex. All these things were going through my brain and after about an hour Jodie says can I go for a shower and my wife says yes I’ll show you the way, I didn’t see any clothes come into the house with the girls so I’m wondering what Jodie is going to be wearing.

It was about 20 minutes and they both returned looking for more champagne so I opened another bottle hoping I was going to be having my way in the near future. After about an hour both girls were very drunk and starting to look a little worse for wear. I said do you need to go to bed the pair of you and my wife said I’m going now I can’t stay awake any longer, I thought well that’s the night done and my luck gone as well.

I went to make sure my wife got into bed ok and when I got there she grabbed me by my cock and said you might still get a chance to have a quick fuck with Jodie before she goes to sleep and with that she rolled over and went to sleep, I thought I better go and check on Jodie not for sex but to make sure she was ok.

As I approached the room where she was going to sleep she said can you please help me out of these clothes so I can go to bed and I said should you leave some on and she said I never wear anything to bed so I need them off. As I was helping her out of the clothes my cock became very hard and pushing at the front of my shorts, Jodie noticed it and said your wife said you sleep with nothing on either I said yes that’s right and she said well when you finish taking mine off you better take yours off so I can see what your wife likes to brag about.

Fuck did she just say brag about? I said you should probably go to sleep you’re pretty drunk and she said and need fucking I haven’t had any for about 3 months and I desperately need some dick in me. I said what about your husband and my wife? She said my husband wouldn’t know anything as he hasn’t touched me for quite some time now and as for your wife she is asleep and I’m sure she knows you want to fuck me anyway.

I said I’ll just go and check on her to see if she’s awake or asleep ok, I returned in a very short time after viewing my beautiful wife sleeping. Jodie just grabbed me and gave me the biggest kiss I’ve had in a long time and then we made love and love and love.

I went back to our room about 4 am and my wife who I thought was still asleep rolled over and said well did you make her happy and with that she latched onto my dick and said I want some now.

We woke up at around 11 am and all had some breakfast and my wife said Jodie did you have sex with my husband last night?

She went red and said sorry I think we did and my wife said good are you ready for some more of his cock? I just stood there looking at both of them knowing I was in for a big weekend.

We get together every time Jodie’s husband goes away for the weekend and I have both girls at my beck and call all weekend, I no sooner cum in one and the other is trying to get me hard again so they can get some more.

We have a great time every time and no jealousy between either girls.

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