Wife's Friend

by Mark (England)

It was starting to get dark so I decided to go and get the horses done. I cleaned the stables out and made sure that they had hay and water for the night.

This I thought would save the wife and her friend from having to do it in the dark when they had finished work.

I came inside and made sure that the fires were both built up for the night. I noticed that I had a good couple of hours before the wife was due home from work.

So I decided to go and get my porn magazine and have a good wank. The wife did not like me to wank in her presence.

I started to turn the pages of the magazine and soon found a big titted model to wank over. I started to play with myself and soon I was getting hard.

I stripped off so I was completely naked. I started to rub myself all over and began to imagine playing with the model's tits. My cock was getting bigger and harder.

I positioned myself against the chair arm and began to rub my cock up and down on it. This was when I heard the noise and the phrase it only me.

Within seconds my wife's friend stood in the door way looking at me humping the chair arm completely naked.

Before I could even think about covering up she was stood next to me. She smiled at me and said nice cock. She looked at the magazine and said that is a waste of time for your hard cock.

With that she took my hand and put it up her top and on to her tits. She said do you like. I said yes I do as my cock was stood to attention.

With that she was stood naked from the waist up her pert tits on show. I said omg I love your tits. She said well play with them.

So I decided to play with them and sucked on her nipples. After a few minutes she started to play with my cock rubbing her hands and mouth all over it.

She started to lick my bell end with her tongue and I nearly shot my load. I put my hands on her arse and then I started to kiss her.

Next thing she was naked and her pussy was completely shaved and smooth. I started to play with her pussy and she began to moan and she came all over my fingers.

After she had cum she said it was my turn to cum. I started to play with my cock and it was getting harder and harder.

I was thinking about cumming all over her tits when I said it out loud. She said come on shoot your load all over my tits. I did just that.

We cleaned ourselves up and she left. We have since had sex and I have wanted for her on several occasions.

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