Wife's Father at Gloryhole

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

I found out that my wife father goes to the local adult bookstore and visits the gloryhole. He is like clock work for 2 days of the week and same time. So the other night I was talking with my wife about her father. I informed her of his routine and asked her if she would consider going to the adult bookstore and giving her father a blowjob?

I told her that no one would ever find out and I would right next to her. I was surprised when she told me that she would consider doing it and let me know. I figured that she would get mad at me for suggesting it.

A few days later she told me that she would do it. So I layed out the plan with her. I told her that she could wear a wig and a shirt which would be easy to remove along with a mask to hide her face. I told her that she would have to remove her top so she needs to be braless.

So on Wednesday night I helped her get ready. She put on bright red lipstick, smokey black eye liner, a lot of Rouge on her cheeks and a blonde wig. We left the house at 6PM telling her that we needed to get there before her father. We arrived at 630PM so I got some tokens and we went into the booth next to the one her father always uses.

Inside I removed her top exposing her small breasts and put tokens in to watch a video. I knew what to expect but she didn't so when a huge black cock came through the hole she looked at me. I told her that he was looking for some relief and and told her to give him a handjob. She moved over and took it in her hand and slowly started stroking it.

As she stroked it the bigger it got. Then a voice from the other side asked her to suck on it. She looked at me and I told her it was her decision. Soon after she started to kiss the head and take it into her mouth. That's when he started fucking her mouth. I watched as his black cock slide in and out.

Then he knocked on the wall I told her that meant he was ready to cum. Surprisingly she didn't take her mouth off it and he shot creamy white cum into her mouth. I watched as she swallowed all of it.

When he left it was 7PM and we heard someone enter the booth. It was her father I told her to put 2 fingers through the hole to let him know you are ready. The next thing I knew his 10 inch cock came through the hole. The moment of truth I watched as she took it in her hand stroking it and rubbing the head.

She then started licking it up and down finally talking to head in her mouth. Her father was telling her that this was the best blowjob he had ever gotten. She was working his cock for 10 minutes when we heard him knock on the wall. Not long after he was shooting his cum into her awaiting mouth. When he was done she looked at me showing me the load in her mouth.

I told her that we needed to stay until he left. With that being said she had to suck 6 more strangers cocks. While she did this I asked her to let them cum on her small breasts and to rub it all over. She told me that she was feeling like a little slut. When she was done she had cum on her face and tits. I then asked her if she would like to do it again. She told me absolutely yes. She told me that her father cum tasted fantastic.

Until next time.

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