Wife's Christmas Party Entertainment

by Jim Wilson (Longview, TX, USA)

This story happened a few years ago and since it is the holiday season I thought I should tell it.

The other night I asked my wife if she wanted to have a Christmas party this year. She said yes. I told her that I had one request for her.

She asked me what it was so I was on the computer and showed her some videos of women who had on sweater with a hole cut out for their tit to hang out. The tit was made to look like Roudolph the red noise Reindeer.

I told her that I wanted to decorate both her small titties to look like Reindeers and be the entertainment of the party. She agreed to do it. So I went to the local craft store and purchased Christmas glitter paint to use on her titties.

We sent out invitations and asked our friends to RSVP. I invited her father and two brothers when I saw them. That was not a problem since they had seen her go topless at home.

The day of the party we got everything ready except I need to get her small titties] painted. I had everything ready and asked her to come into the bathroom. When she did I told her to remove her top exposing her small titties.

Before I started I asked her one more time if she was ok doing this. She told me yes it would be fun. I had her sit down and I went to work. I started at her eraser nipple and puffy areola which I painted red. Next most of her tit brown, black and white for the eyes.

I used black to make its mouth and finally brown from the antlers I did the same to her other tit. I must say they turn out great. I told her to remain topless and let the paint dry.

Now I started on her face I use black lipstick for her lips red Rouge on her cheeks and used her black eye line pencil to draw a line from her nose to her lips. For her eyes dark brown eye shadow and I had her put on fake eye lashes. To top it off I had antlers for her to wear.

She looked like a sexy little Reindeer. After the paint had dried on titties I got her a Christmas sweater to wear. I told her the game plan. At 7:50PM she was to go to the bathroom and take her sweater off.

At 8 o'clock I was going to play Roudolph the red noise Reindeer on the CD and that was her clue to appear. As I was looking at her small titties I wanted to make sure that you could make out line of her areolas and eraser nipples.

Everything was ready to go. When our guests arrived they were greeted by Roudolph my wife. After three hours of drinking I got the feeling that the mood was set. I kept watching the clock wishing it would speed up.

Finally at 7:50 PM I told my wife go to the bathroom and removed her top exposing her small Reindeer titties. I went to the CD player and at 8 o'clock started the music.

As my wife made her appearance everyone started cheering. All eyes were on her. She was dancing to the music then stopped and started flexing her small Reindeer titties to the music.

For me it was as if she was wearing a bikini top. Her titties were painted and covered by the paint. I noticed that some of the other women had started to remove their tops and bras. This was the best party ever.

So what do you all think?

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