Wife's Brother Helps with her Breast Suspension

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

I enjoy seeing women suspended by their breasts. My wife tried it once but really didn't enjoy it. She saw me watching a video of a woman being suspended by her small breasts so I asked her to come over and watch it with me.

When she sat down next to me I asked her if we could try it again she told me that she would. I told her that Saturday night in the garage and I told her brother about it because I wanted him there. I told her that I would get everything ready including the pully to lift her up.

So when Saturday night arrived I made her a few drinks to calm her down then took her into the garage and removed her top exposing her small braless breasts. Just as I had planned her brother came into the garage acting like he needed a tool. Seeing her topless he asked if we needed any help so I told him yes.

He saw that I had a rope in my hand so I told him to play with her small breasts and pull her nipples while I started to wrapping it around her breasts. I asked her to lean forward so I could get the rope around her dangling breasts. With a few wraps around each I went behind her back to take some of the pressure from her breasts when she was suspended.

I think this is what I did wrong the first time. When I was done getting her ready I told her that I loved her and was going to gag her so if she started screaming the neighbors wouldn't think I was killing her. I told her that the safety code was for her to blink her eyes quickly and I would get her down. She agreed.

Once she was ready she nodded her head so I told her brother to start pulling on the rope slowly lifting her up off the ground. When she was off the ground her breasts were pointing upwards and she was leaning back. He tied the rope off and walked around to see her. She seemed to enjoy it more than the last time.

We watched as she was dangle she told me now I could unwrap her ng by her breasts from the rope. We noticed that they were turning a light shade of purple and her areolas looked about five inches round instead of an inch. I went over and felt them they felt hard so I told her brother to feel them also.

I waited for her to blink her eyes quickly but she didn't and she was not making much noise so I took her gag off. She remained suspended for ten minutes before she finally gave us the sign and we let her down. I told her brother to take the hook off from between her breasts and he did. Her breasts were now a very dark purple.

I walked over to removed the rope from her breasts but she stopped me. She looked at her brother who had a hard on and told him to come over so she could release it for him. She took his cock out and started stroking it she told me that she was going to get him cum all over her breasts.

When he started to cum seeing his thick creamy white cum landing on her purple tits was quite a contrast. When he was done she started rubbing his cum on her chest making it shiny. She told me now I could unwrap her breasts so I did.

I took her into the bedroom and stripped the rest of her clothes off. I started to fuck her knowing that her brothers cum covered her tits. I was surprised when she told me that I should have had more friends over.

I told her that this one was for me and her brother to enjoy. That next time I will have an audience for her. And at the conclusion she would have to fuck each of them. She said not a problem but make sure I can handle it.

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