Wife's Brother Cums on Her Face

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

The good thing is my wife will do anything for me. So one night I told her that she should let her brother cum on her face.

I told her that cum was good for the skin. I also told her that I wanted to see her that way. She told me sure. So I told her tomorrow night was good.

The next night we were in the living room watching TV. She was completely topless as usual and her brother has seen her breasts many times. So when he came home I asked him to come into the living room with us.

He came in and sat down that is when I told him I needed a favor. He asked what it was so I told him that I wanted him to cum on his sister's face for me.

He said he would and I told him that when he was ready to cum covered her forehead first then her cheeks and mouth ending with her chin.

I told him that she needed a complete facial.

With that being said my wife got up and went to the center of the room and he followed her. He undid his pants exposing his cock.

I told my wife that she was not to help him but she could talk dirty with him. His cock was hard and he was stroking it.

She was telling him to cum all over her pretty face. This time I was also stroking my cock.

She told him to rub his cock on her face and he did. It took about 5 minutes for him to start to cum.

He followed the instructions shooting it on her forehead cheeks lips and a little on her chin. She took his cock to use for rubbing it on to her face.

A small amount dripping on her titties. The excitement got to me so I quickly got up and shot my cum on her face also.

When we were done her face looked very messy. Seeing her with a shiny cum face was a fantasy come true.

I told her that she needed to let the cum dry on her face to help her skin. She got up and went and sat on the couch letting it dry.

I told her that I enjoyed seeing her like this and she looked like a little cum slut.

As we talked i asked her if she would go out in public with cum on her face. She told me that she might try it one day.

I noticed her using her tongue to taste the cum around her lips.

I then told her that we should find an adult bookstore with different cocks for her to try. Will post that story later.

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