Wife Brother Fucks Her for me

by Jim Wilson (Longview, Texas, USA)

One week all I fantasized about was my wife's brother fucking her. I knew that it would only be a matter of time since she was totally topless at home. I just had to figure out how to make it happen. I knew that she didn't hold her liquor and gets drunk easily so I decided that I would get her to drink 🍸 more than usual Friday night.

When Friday finally arrived, I made dinner and gave her first drink. Around 7 P.M. I told her to take a shower and she did. I brought her a robe and nothing else. When she was done she came to the living room in the robe and nothing else. I had her second drink waiting for her just a bit stronger.

When she finished that drink, I made her another she asked me if I was trying to get her drunk so I told her yes. Around 9 pm and six drinks I opened her robe exposing her small breasts. While watching TV I started playing with her nipples pinching them and stretching them out. She enjoyed it so I started to make out with her.

I opened up her robe to look at her naked tan body which showed off her creamy white breasts and pussy area. She knew it shaved like a landing strip. Before I started, I got her another drink she was feeling good and I could do anything I want.

I started to finger her getting her nice and wet. She was really horny and asked me to fuck her. Just as I had planned her brother came home and walked in. I told him to take a seat on the other side of her. She was begging to be fucked so I asked him if he would do the honors knowing that he wanted to fuck her for the longest time.

I told him to undress and he did. I whispered in her ear that her brother was going to help her out. She asked if I was sure and I told her yes. She told me that she wanted me to guide his cock in so she wouldn't feel guilty. I told her that I would. Her brother was rock hard. I told him to get between her and took his cock and worked it into her pussy.

I told him that she was on the pill so he could cum in her when he was ready. He started fucking her fast I told him to slow down and enjoy her. After 15 minutes he said that he was ready to cum and filled her up. When he pulled out his cum started running out of her.

I rolled her over and position her so her ass was in view. He managed to get hard again so I told some of his cum and lubed her ass. I look at him and said if you want it's your to fuck. He was like a kid in a candy store. I watched as he slowly pushed his cock into her ass.

He started working her ass while she moaned with pleasure. I was talking to her asking if she was enjoying being fucked like a little slut. She replied yes and she wanted to be a slut wife for me. I asked her if I could let others fuck her and if she would now let a black cock enjoy her. She said yes. After 10 minutes he filled her ass with cum.

When he was done, he went to his room. So, I took her robe off and laid her on her back. The only thing left was for me to give her a facial so I started jacking off over her face. I was ready to cum so I shot it on her forehead nose, and across her lips. I told her that she was the best little slut in the world.

Fantasy fulfilled. Hope you like.

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