Wife Being Broke In Good

by Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

I have been married for 6 months and we are both in our 60s.

She's only had one other man fuck her and he came in her pussy and then done with her.

Then when we had sex the first time she went nuts made me cum in her mouth and asshole and wanted more.

We went to the porn shop and I bought books movies and dildos.

She read all the books then watched the movies while using the dildos and licking them clean and she shaved everything below even her asshole.

She's asking me about 3 sums and said she wants to have some.

So last weekend I asked our young neighbors over and she put in a pussy and cock eating movie.

His cock was trying to rip his pants and both women were wet.

Finally my wife asked her if she wanted to be eaten.

And they took off each other's clothes.

I stripped and so did he. His dick was 10" very hard.

My wife was tonguing her pussy and he just stuffed his cock in her pussy and she screamed out and came hard he was just ramming her good.

Both women were cumming great and I finally stuck my dick in the young neighbor mouth.

He was holding his wife's legs open and watching me mouth fuck her.

He said he wanted to take a load in the mouth and since I was ready to cum I grabbed his head and stuffed that virgin mouth full of cock then I filled it up with cum his wife was holding his cheeks and I shoot a second load man he had a lot to swallow.

She told him to keep sucking my cock and I came 3 more times.

My wife drank a lot of pussy cum too.

We just layed there for a hour and then we took a shower together and my wife fucked him and ate her again.

Only I told him to ass fuck her good and he did.

We watched him fill that old asshole 4 times with cum, her ass leaked sperm for a couple of hours.

He comes over now almost every day and fills up that ass with cum.

She now has a very slick butt hole.

I don't even use lube on it anymore.

More to cum on her getting pussy and cocks.

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