Wife and I Skinny Dipping with Neighbor Gary

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

The wife and I moved to Missouri from Texas a few years ago. Found nice place in country a house 10 acres land with a nice big pool and couple big barns.

After getting moved in I had 8' high chain link fence installed around whole 10 acres which included having to clear some trees alone property line. Then installed 8' high privacy cedar wood fence around back of house and pool area complete closure for privacy.

Gary owned the farm next door with just a narrow county road separating our property. Gary's hay field was across county road and when he bale hay he would haul in equipment and haul out his hay with 18 wheeler and trailer 50'long. Road to narrow to turn in his gates without coming on my property a little to make his turn. Since I put up a fence not knowing that he could not use part of my property any longer but managed to get truck and trailer in his field when they came out with load of hay figuring backing out would be better. By time they got out of field trailer was across road hooked in my fence. driver not noticing drove off tearing out about 40' of fence and posts. Gary knocked on my door and let me know what happened and I told him no problem as long as he was going to fix it.

He started on repairs soon as materials came in with no help so I went and helped him and we got to know each other in few days of work. Then I invited him over to grill steaks and swim.

Gary is a big guy 6'4" tall ample guy not real fat but long ways from skinny. I am 5'5" tall about 150 pounds. The wife is 4'10" tall a little extra padding 38 D/D tits a little chunky in the ass good padding and very meaty pussy lips making beautiful camel toes you ever seen.

Gary had seen her a few times when we worked on fence she bring bottle water and show off her tits and camel toes to Gary shorts so short half her butt cheeks hanging out. During our working on fence found out Gary been divorce a few years and had not dated in over a year and said been over a year since a woman in his bed. Since the wife and I had been swingers in Texas and had not found anyone yet we figured Gary make good threesome partner. Susan my wife said as big as he is he bound to have a nice dick and she could see he had a nice package from looks between his legs.

The next Saturday morning Gary showed up for grilling steaks and swimming but mainly for a few drinks to. Susan came out to sun tan by the pool I laid a cushion out for her to lay on she had a bikini on about 2-3 sizes to small, little patch of cloth over each nipple tits no cover at all. Bottoms so small most of it in her slit half pussy lips sticking out on each side.

I put the steaks on and Susan ask if one of us could put sun tan lotion on her backside so I told Gary to do it while I was taking care of the steaks. He asked if I was sure I wanted his hands on my wife? I said if she don't mind it is fine with me. He put lotion on her back and was getting up when she told him he missed her buns then he looked at me and I said we don't want them to burn they hot enough. She spread her legs and he started putting lotion on her buns and she told him be sure he got all skin showing out her bikini.

I gave him another drink making it his third strong drink he gulped it down and really got into massaging lotion in her buns including between her legs on her pussy lips she didn't move and he massaged her pussy and looked at me I just smiled and then she rolled over and told him to do all skin in front he started at her neck then down to her tits and he was making sue they got covered good. I gave him another drink he gulped it down and played with her tits some more then moved down to her stomach and got down to her bikini then moved down to her legs and started telling her how hot she was and how nice her camel toes looked she thanked him and told him his package looked good to.

He put lotion on her legs up to her pussy and he rubbed her pussy lips then ran a finger inside to rub her clit he looked at me I acted like I seen nothing checking the steaks. Susan moaned a little and told him he was good at putting on sun tan lotion. He said he was better at other things and she told him to watch it he might have to prove it horny as he was making her.

Then Susan decided we should go skinny dipping I agreed with her and she stripped and I stripped and we dove in the pool then we looked back and Gary stripped and said when in Rome do what the Romans do and I know Susan was as surprised as I was. Gary had the biggest set of balls I had ever seen on a man which we expected that with how big he was but he also had the smallest dick we had ever seen on any man also. I don't think he had 4" of dick and not very thick either. He dove in pool and we swam awhile he played with Susan's tits and pussy so did I.

Then we got out of pool I could see Susan didn't want his little dick at all but I was thinking be nice to suck it and his ass looked good to me I could see my dick balls deep in his ass all 7" of it. We got out of pool ate steaks then I set on one of lounge chairs called Susan over and got her on her knees sucking my dick and motion Gary to come get some pussy. Gary had a good size gut and Susan had a bubble ass so when he started fucking her from behind he was not getting much dick in her the way she was up sucking my dick and her ass against his stomach he was not delivering much not even half so thick as the lips are on Susan's pussy I don't know if he was getting pass the lips.

Finally Susan pulled her mouth off my dick and said she wanted to suck Gary's dick while I fuck her. Gary took that as a compliment but I knew Susan was pissed not getting any dick just being teased hell she thinks my dick is small at 7" so I knew what she thought about Gary's dick. We switched around I fucked her while she sucked Gary's dick. Soon as we finished she got up went in the house.

She came out 20 minutes later said she was going to our granddaughter's house that she called and needed her help. Then she told Gary she was sorry that we couldn't play any longer but had to go. She kissed us by and I followed her in the house to find out what was wrong with granddaughter she said nothing I am not going to stay here and be teased I need to be fucked. I knew nothing I could say would make her stay and play.

I went back out to the pool and Gary and I had a few more drinks and swims and I noticed his dick get hard a few times and mine did too when I looked at his ass that I wanted to get balls deep in.

After a few more drinks he decided to go home and sleep off the booze. He said may as well go home not going to get any more of Susan's pussy or a blow job. I told him I could not give him any of Susan's pussy but don't know about blow job or ass after a few more drinks then we laughed then he said okay I better go home after a few more dinks I might take you up on that and we laughed again and he put his clothes back on and give me a hug bye and I was sure I felt a little hard dick rubbing my stomach during our hug sure he felt my hard dick against his leg. I do plan to invite Gary back over for round two it can be with or without Susan. I do plan to get me some of his ass and cum. Maybe we have a part two real soon.

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