by Anonymous

George, an attractive, dominant, kinky and 35-y/o white man, was a divorced, multi-millionaire lawyer living in L. A. with Tony, his 18-y/o son.

They harbored a sexist attitude toward women and enjoyed humiliating them while tag-teaming them.

Consequently, what occurred one July, Thursday evening when Tony visited his father 2 years before online smut had irreparably damaged business at The Golden State Adult Bookstore, wasn't strange.

'What's up, dad?' he inquired,

'My client, Burt just left after mentioning he regularly uses Shay Sights, the porn actresses' escort services and recommended her to us,' George replied.

'She's dick-greedy enough to sell her body? - although I could lay the pipe to her. In fact, “Guttermouths 23, scene 2” starring her and 2 white guys is my favorite video,' the teenager said.

'Let's watch it,' George suggested as he accessed the movie with his laptop.

He and Tony then dropped their jeans and sat on the living room couch, followed by Tony starting to fondle his thick, 12-inched penis and George his brutally fat, 11-inched rod.

As usual, Tony's pecker throbbed to hear the slattern's self-deprecation when she begged the guys to 'treat her like shit.'

'Yeah!' he exclaimed as he shot his jizz 5 feet into the air while George unloaded in his palm.

'That was great, wasn't it?' Tony asked.

'Really, except I didn't realize Shay's so raunchy,' George answered.

He then attached his and Tony's nude photos to a message he sent the white, 47-y/o Burt asking him to talk to her.

Burt agreed and showed the pictures to her.

'Who are those guys?' she inquired.

'My attorney, George and his son, Tony. George has already deposited $10,000 in your account through your website because he and Tony want to degrade you as a low-class streetwalker dressed in high-heeled shoes, tattered fishnets, a brief skirt and a low-cut blouse for a 1-hour, Friday night session beginning at The Golden State Adult Bookstore,' Burt relayed that information.


'Eight o'clock,' Burt responded, though Shay arrived before Tony and George.

'You're a hustler?' he asked.

'Yes, I am,' she smiled.

'How much are you charging?' George pretended ignorance regarding her prices.

'You can tell she's trash not worth more than 3 bucks apiece, dad!' Tony interjected.

'Why don't I give you a discount since it excites me to corrupt cute boys? Are you as innocent as you seem, honey?' Shay crooned.

'I'm a bastard!' Tony sneered.

'You won't hurt me, will you?'

'Nothing but your pride!' the youngster snorted as he gripped her dark-brunette, shoulder-length hair and employed it to guide her to a next-door motel at which George had reserved a room.

Having done that, Tony commanded, 'Strip, you brazen hussy!'

She complied, with Tony and George ogling her large, firm udders.

'You're a hot Jezebel,' Tony remarked.

'I'm wicked, that's for sure!' she quietly laughed before her johns undressed.

She then fell to her knees and closed her lips around George's man-tool.

'Suck my cock, you dirty bitch! You're a dirty bitch, aren't you?' he snarled.

'Uh-hmmm!' she mumbled as she started deep-throating him.

'She's an expert sword-swallower!' Tony observed.

'Hookers practice a lot,' George said, after which Tony added, 'She's a paid slummer!'

Next, he pushed Shay to her back on the floor, knelt, spread her fine legs and jeered, 'Guess I'll lick your gooey snatch!'

'Uuuh, uuuh, yeah!' she panted.

'You eager-beaver!' Tony chuckled as he located and lightly chewed her clit before stretching-out above her and driving his staff into her butt-hole.

'Take my cock, you filthy animal!' he growled.

'Fuck my ass! I'm a disgusting pig!' the harlot wailed.

'Yeah, you are!' Tony shouted as he contemptuously directed saliva across her pretty face.

'Aaah!' she gasped, followed by George sinking his prick into her mouth.

'You belong in the gutter, don't you?' he questioned her.

'Uh-hmmm,' she admitted.

'She's an honest prostitute – right, son?' George grinned.

'Yeah, with no honor!' Tony snickered as his disparagement brought her to a softly moaning orgasm, though it wasn't long until Tony withdrew and came on her stomach while George spilled his seed into her throat.

'I bet you've never been called a cum-toilet, have you?' Tony asked.

'I have, too many times to remember,' Shay responded.

Nonetheless, Tony surprised her by saying, 'I wish you were my mother.'

'Your mother?'

'Being my ex-wife's a prude, Tony fantasizes about incestuous copulation with a whore and we can get married during a fake wedding ceremony,' George said.

'I can hardly believe this, even if it sounds interesting,' Shay had barely replied when Tony removed 6 $1-bills from his pocket and stuffed them into her cunt.

However, George knew a free-love minister who performed the nuptials, and Shay accepted the role of Tony's $10,000 'whore-mom.'

Much as she'd said, though, she was a delightfully 'wicked Jezebel!'

The End

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