White Couple Gloryhole Night: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

He asked Susan if she would like to see something she might have never seen before and Susan told him sure, go for it! Richard pushed me over the back of the chair. He moved in behind me, spit on his fingers and shoved two fingers into my asshole.

I yelled for him to stop, but he quickly withdrew his fingers and pushed his cock into my asshole! God how it hurt. I was lost in the pain, but soon I could hear Susan telling him to fuck me harder and harder. Richard kept fucking me and I started to wonder if he was ever going to cum. Finally he shot his load deep in my bowels and just stayed in me.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen!” Susan told Richard.

I wondered when he was going to let me up when he pulled his cock out of my asshole and told me to get up and set on the chair. I sat down and could feel his cum making a pool on the chair beneath me. Next he shoved his cock into my mouth, again with Susan watching it all, and told me to clean my shit off of his cock. I started sucking on his cock, and yes I could taste my poop on the shaft and around his large cock-head.

Then out of nowhere, I felt a stream of piss hitting the back of my throat! It was flowing into my stomach and I didn’t even have to shallow! Richard pulled to cock out of my throat, and kept pissing all over my face, my hair and finally aimed and finished pissing directly into my eyes. Hell that burned and burned.

I felt so stupid, getting used this way, especially with Susan watching the entire thing. Then I heard Richard tell Susan to come next door which she did. He locked the door behind her and quickly started kissing her full mouth. Susan didn’t resist and started tonguing him and then I saw her start to lower herself to her knees.

Richard told Susan no, he wanted to fuck her and give her a real man fucking. He pulled me off the chair and onto my knees and I started licking and sucking this cock getting bigger. Susan had turned around and bent over the chair. She looks much prettier than I did I’m sure, and then Richard pulled himself out of my mouth and stepped up behind Susan.

“I’ll be gentle.” He told Susan.

“Just cram it into my pussy and fuck he as hard has you fucked Bob!” Susan shouted.

I watched from the floor as Susan was getting the fucking of her life. He rode her like she was a street whore and Susan was cumming like crazy. Susan was finally getting a real cock and a real fucking!

Once they finished, Richard asked Susan what she was going to do with her sissy cock sucking husband?

“I’m sure Richard, between you and friends you know, I can be fucked as often and as hard as I wish to.” Susan spoke out.

“Susan I will be so happy to breed you and yes I have many black brothers that will be at your beckoning call!” Richard shared.

“As for you Bob, you will be one happy little cum eater between sucking the cum out of my pussy and sucking all these fine black men’s cocks for me.” Susan shared.

“And all of us will ensure we blowout that sissy pussy ass of yours Bobbitt!” Richard said laughingly.

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