White Couple Gloryhole Night: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I drove over to Main Street in Kansas City, MO back when we were about 30. I knew there was an Adult Book Store with video booths over there. We paid for our tokens, chose a booth, and selected a lesbian move to watch.

“So are you really going to suck a cock with me right here?” Susan asked.

I told her yes and asked if she would watch how much I enjoyed taking a cock into my mouth. In just minutes a first cock came through the hole in the wall and I took hold of it! It wasn’t all that big, maybe about 6 1/2'” but for sure bigger than my tiny 2 1/2” penis.

I quickly started licking it and then sucked it into my mouth and started bobbing it in and out of my mouth. Susan moved closer and was watching how well I was sucking this cock. It didn’t take long for this guy to unload his cum load into my mouth and Susan saw me take it all. Once he quite cumming, I pulled back and turned to kiss Susan. She pushed me away and told me to swallow it all!

I sucked another cock, this time it was a black one, then I told Susan I needed to go pee. So I opened the door and left her in the booth. I quickly went into the booth on the other side of ours and set to watch to see what she would do.

In just a few minutes a quite large white cock was pushed through the hole she was facing. Susan stared at it for a minute or two and then took it in her hand. She starting stroking it and I watched this cock got even larger!

Finally Susan licked the tip of this cock and the man pushed in further! Susan opened her mouth and took him into her mouth! She started sucking him as if she was a professional but when he started to cum, she pulled him out of her mouth and let it shoot onto the floor.

I saw Susan spit out the cum that he had gotten into her mouth. He quickly pulled away from the wall and just as quickly I saw another cock slide through her wall hole. I could believe my luck, this one was black and it was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Susan started jerking him off and quickly took a part of him into her mouth. She was really sucking on this large cock to my delight!

All of a sudden my booth door opened and I realized I had neither locked my door nor put any token to start the movies. I looked up and saw an older black man standing there and he just moved on into the viewing booth, locked the door and asked me what I was watching? I told him my wife was in the next booth and she was sucking off some nigger cock.

Oh shit, I really said that and this man slapped my face so hard I was knocked off my chair. He then sat down and looked through the glory hole at my wife Susan. I don’t know if she had finished getting her cock off, but I quickly heard my black man tell her that I was in this next booth and I was spying on her sucking cocks!

Then I heard him ask her if she liked knowing that I was spying on her having her fun with a real man? Susan must have come over to this hole because I could hear he yelling at me telling me I was an asshole and that she never would have suck those cocks if she knew I was watching her!

My black man told her she should get her revenge on her husband. He asked her if she wanted to have him push my cock through the hole so she could bite it?

Susan laughed out loud and told him, “you couldn’t get his baby penis through the thickness of the wall!”

With that the Richard, his name, pulled me up off the floor, yanked down my jeans and started laughing.

“What baby penis?” He said. “All that I see is his baby penis head peeking out of his fat belly!”

Richard then turned towards the wall and slide his cock through for Susan to suck, and suck she did! I could hear her sucking away like she had never sucked a cock before. He asked her if she liked his black cock and she told him of the two black cocks she had seen and tasted tonight, she had fallen in love with black cocks!

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