While Everyone Else was Asleep

by SloppyMouth (Virginia)

Years ago I attended a party. A nice party filled with couples and a few single people. Having had a very good time and meeting a few people, I decided to stay awake, with help from a habit I'd picked up, to see the sunrise.

Another younger man who had spoken to me a few times throughout the night, had decided to ask for some of my habit. I had enough so, I shared. Soon we found ourselves in the car cruising around the neighborhood.

I had been swimming earlier and all I had on was a towel. We found a half built home and decided to go in and check it out. He entered the home ahead of me through a window. As I climbed through as well, my towel fell to the floor. It felt amazing to be naked in front of him.

My cock started to get hard right away. I quickly put the towel back on since I did not know if he'd be angry or grossed out. We climbed the top floor and I felt his eyes on my ass. I felt like a total cock slut. We made our way into the master bathroom and looked out the window.

He decided to ask if he could have some more of what we had been doing. This is when I thought I'd make my move. I said he could have as much as he wanted if I could touch his cock. I could tell he was unsure of this and decided to offer it to him...no charge :).

We decided to leave, and sure glad we did because apparently someone in the neighborhood called the police and they were following us. Remember, all I had on was a towel. Getting pulled over would have sucked :).

We got back to the party around 3am. He found a girl to talk to and I realized I'd lost my chance to please him. Oh well.

Since everyone had gone to bed, I decided to take a swim. I took off my towel, sat down on a lounge chair and looked at my hard cock in the moonlight. I was going to jerk off but wanted to feel the water on my naked body first.

I dove in and swam underwater all the way to the other end of the pool. As I surfaced right up to the very edge, to my surprise, was the guy I had just been hanging out with. He was completely naked and his cock was about 6 inches from my face. I said, Oh hi, nice to see you again.

What happened to that pretty girl you were talking to? He said she wasn't interested in staying up late. He was definitely going to stay up late because of the kind of partying we had been doing. I told him I was sorry to hear he struck out with the pretty blond girl.

This was my chance. Plus it looked like he actually wanted it. I asked him if I could please him. He looked puzzled and said, how? I reached out and ran my finger up and down his cock, looked him in the eyes and said, I want to make you cum with my mouth.

His cock started getting hard immediately. He never said a word. I mean, did he even have to? I worked his cock while I was in the pool and he was sitting on the edge. His cum was amazing. I drank it down like a true slut. I surprised myself.

After he gave me all his cum, I went to my car to get more party favors. I wasn't done with him. I told him he could have as much as he wanted as long as I could pleasure his gorgeous cock.

He said, no problem. I sucked his cock until 7am. I had his cock in my mouth for 4 hours!! Half of the time his cock was soft or half hard. I enjoyed the challenge of getting him hard. I REALLY enjoyed the challenge of making him cum in my mouth over and over again.

Well, he did stand up and cum on my face once as he called me a dirty cock whore. I did love that one. "Give me your sweet cock baby" is all I could say. YUM!!

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