Which Direction

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I loved my Sunday morning lie in, I would wake up realise what day it was, turn over and snooze to my hearts content and enjoying my cock becoming hard because It needed to drain my overnight piss. I loved holding off for as long as possible, delighting in the demanding way it beat and throbbed becoming painful and straining not to cut loose and swamp the bed.

Of course nature as usual always won and I had to leave the warmth of my bed and follow as my dick led the way to the bathroom and the strong powerful outpouring of he previous night beer intake. My mum always called to toilet the used beer department and both she and my sisters were not averse to a nights boozing.

The bonus for me was checking out their used undies, their piss stained ripe smelling gusts in the knickers and thongs always reinvigorated my post pissing cock. Even better was taking either mum or my sisters' back to bed with me to snuffle the crotch and have a nice long edging wank before cumming my load in the skimpy article.

My mum usually brought me a cup of coffee to drink in bed, she or either of my sisters before they all toddle of to church. I was not into that sort of thing but I respected their devotion to their faith. What I didn't know was that they were respecting my devotion to their undies and my fetish for using them as a wanking tool.

This particular Sunday morning my dad was first up, he was going off fishing with some mates and her made sure everyone was awake before he took off. Me? I happily urine over and dozed a while longer. I love my morning wood grow bloated and erect and relished the squirmy thrills it generated. I refrained from wanking off though, choosing instead to just fondle it and my hanging balls in the warm velvety sack. I kept my pubic area clean shaven, it looked much better that a hairy thicket which at times got coated with an effusion of spunk that had the hair stiff as it dried.

I heard the girls get up first and the usual bickering over using the bathroom, them mum would use it and perform her toilette. I knew my coffee would not be long behind this ritual so I was content to lie there and tease my cock...........

"Oh! I see you're awake...both of you....who woke up first I wonder?"

My eyes snapped open and saw my mum standing there beside the bed with my cup, but she was staring not at me but the way my duvet was distended and moving because of my beating dick underneath it. I was acutely embarrassed and tried to lessen my obvious aroused state, but mum just smiled gently, put my coffee on the bedside locker, blew me a kiss and still smiling left me to my morning distraction.

Downstairs I could hear muffled conversation before mum and the girls went off to church. I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to see what there was of the contents of the wash basket. The prize was several pairs of different sized, styles and colours of the families undies. I took them back to my bedroom and indulged in fetish heaven by trying on each pair at a time which had my cock rampaging and beating wildly until I was overcome with sexual emotion I had to wank myself off gasping and writhing on my bed until I erupted and my cock spurted gouts of warm pearly spunk onto the gathering of female apparel, which I hastened to return to the bathroom.

I wondered if mum had told the girls about what she had seen regarding my unseen hardon or if she had an inkling of my undies fetish. In the event nothing was said or hinted at, that is until my cousin Samantha fronted me and asked me right out if I was really into girls undies, shock, horror I was cornered...........

To be continued

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