When I met Ashley

by Yani (Bahrain)

Me & Ashley, We met and became friends in Manila Philippines at coffee shop in Robinson mall in my first trip to Philippines, Ashley was very young boy in 20’s younger than me around 15 years, I saw him while I was sitting in the coffee shop he had looked at me and smiled, i asked him to join me in the table to have coffee, and we talked and exchanged the contact numbers and arranged for later meeting!

I knew he was hunting me and I knew he was a gay! but I liked hanging out with him, I was arrived from Bahrain three days ago and had no experience with places and nights clubs, or any of that! and of course he knew places there and he took me to some of them, Same thing with nice restaurants, I’d never been there before and he took me to gays bar.

He never made a move on me & he didn’t take advantage of me ! that’s why I liked him and trusted him. Then in the next night as we were walking to my hotel, he asked me if he can come up to my room. I thought about it for a time. I knew that meant some kind of sex and I knew that gay guys give massage, blowjobs and I hadn’t had anything for a long time, So I thought he wanted to give me some fun! So, I finally said yes and continued walking to the hotel and we went into my room.

I offered him a drink and after a while he asked me if I wanted some massage? I said why not! I got undressed & went to the bed, I’d never been into bed with anyone since I arrived, Also I’d never been totally naked with any man, The whole thing was new but it was also exciting! The first thing he did was touched me affectionately then with his arms around me, I was surprised both by what he was doing and was turning me!

I really liked it but even so I was surprised that he kissed me! The first couple kisses were like on my shoulder and my neck and I liked it and when he then kissed me on my lips I found myself liking that too and even responding to it. The first thing he did that got me was that he stroked my nipples. Of course I’d done that to girls but none of them had ever done it to me and it made me horny and turned me on! Then he went down sucking my dick and taking it completely in his mouth and his tongue playing around , I was expecting that but still it was amazing.

I thought he would continue sucking my dick till I explode in his mouth! but he pulled away and came back kissing me! I was really getting ready to cum and I was wanting him to get on with it but he surprised me by nudging my head down to his dick! I wasn’t expecting to have to do that but I didn’t mind too because it wasn’t bad idea! I went down without hesitation! As soon as I got his dick in my mouth, I was stunned to find I actually liked it!

He pulled my hair and told me it felt really good and said don’t stop you are great please keep going, It was all the encouragement I needed, In fact I was getting aroused doing it! I shifted my position around a few times and tried different things with licking and sucking his dick, Finally I was laying between his legs and working on his dick and balls I was doing it well, at the same time I was jerking my dick, I got more and more excited and after a few minutes I knew he was going to explode in my mouth! The thing was I was getting close too from rubbing my dick on the bed.

I was getting more and more excited by the whole thing and when he came I was peaking, I was more than ready for his cum, I actually wanted to taste it and experience new things! I had swallowed all the drops while my cum was dripping on the bed. After that we both took a nap for almost one hour, that’s seemed like minutes my cock again began to rise!

The swelling was obvious and he immediately reacted he took me with a frenzy rapidly gobbling up my cock and slurping my balls, turned me over on my stomach and pulled my cock backwards between my legs so he could take turns on my cock then my balls reaching to my ass, My cock grew to the maximum hard on I had ever experienced, Finally with a very smooth motion he took my dick and slid two finger in my ass causing me to explode with what I thought was a never ending orgasm, the cum was flowing out of my cock.

He finally released me stood up and looked down at his conquest, I think I may have felt a pang of guilt, but that certainly didn't last long as I recalled the hot session I just enjoyed, He still had me over on all times with my ass in the air and his fingers buried inside me, He ever so slowly eased out and let me go.

As it turned out, having sex of one kind or another with my gay service providers would become a regular part of my life for several years to come and something I still enjoy to this time. Then we spent all my holiday together and it was like honeymoon trip.

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