What Moms Think

by Dedrie (OR)

Janice stood outside of the door of her son’s room, listening.

It was not that she meant to be so curious, but Jimmy had his best friend spending the night. She just happened to be passing by when she heard them talking.

“Oh, come on,” she heard her son’s friend say. “It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know …” she heard her son reply hesitantly.

Janice could only imagine. His friend was trying to get Jumpy to such on his dick.

At first she was surprised. But then she thought how boys did do things like that just for fun. How it didn’t meant that they were gay or anything. As she stood there, she could just picture the two of them naked, their thin, youthful bodies boasting stiff erections.

Then she could picture her son holding his friend’s stiff penis, slowly leaning over to take the other boy’s erection into his mouth. At first doing so hesitantly, then with more confidence as this excited him. Perhaps with the other boy holding and playing with her son’s dick., fondling his stiff male length, and her son liking how this felt.

Janice thought how her son was at that age, being curious about sex. She thought that he pretty much knew about all of that, but then maybe he didn’t. His father had not said that he had had the talk with him. Maybe should have taken it upon herself to do that, to explain.

How could she explain? It would easier just to show him. Have him get naked with her and she could show him how it worked. What would his father say about that? Would he understand and think that this was a good idea? Would he be upset because she had fucked with her own son?

Some mothers, she knew, did this. That it was not all that uncommon for a mother to teach her son properly about sex and reproduction. Yet, could she ever do that? How would she feel lying naked on the bed with her son on top of her, between her legs, feeling his stiff youthful penis pushed into her vagina. Of course she was on the pill, so he wouldn’t get her pregnant when he ejaculated in her.

And doing that together, they would probably do it more than once. Maybe two of three times. Her son would no doubt want to do that in his youthful enthusiasm. Perhaps she might even want him to do it with her multiple times just for the sheer enjoyment. She knew that when she as thoroughly aroused how insatiable she could be.

Would she feel like she was taking advantage if she enjoyed it?

And how would she feel if she started having an orgasm, letting him see her in her throws female sexual heat and passion?

“Come on, Jimmy … use that remote and let’s get this game started. It’s not that late. We can just play for a little while.”

“Okay. I guess so,” Janice heard her son say.

Janice put a hand to her mouth. They were talking about playing video game. That was all. Her cheeks blushed scarlet. Oh, dear! She thought. She had let herself become completely carried away. There was nothing sexual going on between her son and his friend.

She suddenly felt embarrassed by her lurid sexual thoughts. Of having contemplated having sex with her own son to teach him the facts of life. Although, just having heard what she had in the beginning, she supposed that was only natural.

Now she just felt silly as she walked on. Although it had been quite titillating to be sure.

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Dec 10, 2020
Deb I have a few questions about your pretty face
by: Perv son

I have been with the neighbors and two of my step dad's and I have been with the neighbors and they were all the time harassing my mom and she was like a week ago I was watching a video of my step dad whipping Mom we get off at the house and cum in my mother's panties and bra and underwear drawer. I emailed her and I sent the neighbors to get a new phone and I will take a look at the place where I was watching a movie with my mom smoking meth and she was very happy to get home and get some dick and get a moment.. Debbie and her son Danny is the only way to get the neighbors to get a new phone or something. Damn man I'm sorry for the way I acted as my mom was in the middle of the driveway and her son Danny strictly for the amusement of the neighbors and his friends, Dan and he gave his mom a hug and kiss before stripping her to her panties. He used his mother's bra and tied her to the mailbox. There by the side of the road, he butt fuvked and used his mom like a cheap whore

Sep 07, 2020
Mom to the Rescue
by: Anonymous

My mom did catch me sucking my friend at a sleepover. We were in the living room and he was sitting on the sofa. My mom had come down to get a drink of water. After I took Glen's explosion, his head was leaned back on the back of the sofa cushion in his post-orgasmic bliss. I caught an oddity in the corner of my eye. Mom was standing in her nightgown holding her glass of water. this meant she had walked through the room to the kitchen and returned to go back upstairs. It also meant she wanted to watch.
I slept with mom most nights after my dad died. I was mortified. The next night I sheepishly crawled into bed with her.
Honey, I know boys are curious. Often they do things to satisfy that curiosity. Do you wonder about a woman's body and what t feels like? I started to cry and said yes. She hugged me to her breast and the lesson began.

Jul 02, 2020
Mom's need to make their son's be attentive.
by: Anonymous

Mom, it's your duty to make sure your son doesn't go gay. If you have to explain that homosexuality is inferior to sex between a man and woman. Mom, if you must leave your wet panties for your son to sniff and masturbate with. Wet cummy panties are nice and silky and pussy secretions will enhance the chances of getting your son set straight. If he is bisexual, you can always show him he doesn't have to go any where else for sex because "incest IS truly best"! If he insists on wearing your lingerie and things that's fine.

Jun 30, 2020
Mama's needs
by: Anonymous



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