What a Good Friend

by Anonymous

Once Sam and I decided we were going to the same college, he offered to let me live with him off campus. His mother, Linda, spoiled Sam. She paid for an apartment off campus and even let me live there for free. During our first semester, Sam got Diane pregnant. He begged her to get an abortion, but she refused. So, Diane moved into the apartment with us. But Sam didn’t stop hooking up with women. He even brought a girl to the apartment one night and they had sex on the couch.

Diane was obviously upset, so she crawled into bed with me. I was sound asleep and didn’t even know it until the next day. A few nights later Sam warned Diane and me that he may bring home a woman. He suggested that Diane sleep with me. I thought it was terrible what Sam was doing. That night Diane was in bed with me. She was sobbing about her life. I felt sorry for her then she began kissing me on the neck. Before I knew it, she was giving me head.

Once I was hard, she took off her clothes and rode my cock. We fucked in bed before Sam got home. Later when Sam was having sex across the hall, Diane wanted to fuck again. The next morning she rode me again. Sam walked in and caught us. He didn’t say a word about us fucking. Instead he started telling us about the girl he fucked the night before. After that Diane began sleeping with me. We had sex all the time.

Linda came over to visit. Sam and I were both in class. When I got to the apartment, Linda took me to the grocery store with her. She really wanted to talk with me. I was shocked as Linda began thanking me for helping take care of Diane. Linda just kept repeating how good of a friend I was to Sam because I was taking care of Diane. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

When we got in the car, I said to Linda. “I just want to make sure you realize that I help with Diane, but Diane and I are having sex all the time.” Linda nodded that she knew. “The baby is definitely Sam’s baby, you do realize that?” I said. Linda said she knew then she said I was so nice to help Diane. Kind of frustrated, I added, “you know that Sam hooks up with different women and even brings them home.”

Linda said that Diane told her, but she seemed unfazed. Really frustrated, I said, “you know your son is having a baby with Diane, but has sex with other women and even has sex with women in the apartment? AND, Diane and I fuck all the time?!?” Linda kind of snapped back when I said the f-word. I wanted to say that of everything I just said and the only thing that shocked you was a curse word, but I didn’t. Linda said nonchalantly, “Sam is kind of ornery.” Linda was basically justifying everything that Sam does because he is ornery. I couldn’t believe it.

Ever since my conversation with Linda, I was pissed that she didn’t have any issues with what was going on. So, a few weeks later when I knew Linda was coming over, I began fucking Diane in the kitchen. Linda walked in and caught us. I said, “we are just being a little ornery.” Linda shook her head, smiled and went into the other room. After Diane and I were done, I asked Linda if she wanted to go to the grocery store with me. We walked in the grocery store and were standing in the produce area.

I picked up some type of melon and was holding it. “Which is bigger?” I asked. Linda had a puzzled expression. “This melon or your tit?” I asked. Linda was embarrassed. Are your tits as firm as these melons?” I asked. Linda was really embarrassed and walked off. “Let me check?” I asked. Linda was smiling. I kept asking as we walked through the store. When we got in her car, I reached over and gently squeezed her huge boob. “Damn, pretty firm.” I said. Linda didn’t seem to mind it and even kind of liked it.

Linda started driving back toward the apartment. “Don’t head back immediately. I still need to check the firmness of your boobs.” I said. Linda kept driving toward the apartment. “Turn here” I instructed Linda. She turned as I said. I kept telling her where to go. We wound up a few blocks from our apartment in the parking lot of a grade school.

School was out and no cars in the lot. “Let me check those titties.” I said. “You shouldn’t do that.” Linda said as she had already drove to the place I said and knew what I was going to do. “Why not?” I asked. “I am your friend’s mother.” Linda said. I began fondling her boobs as she smiled at me. “It is ok, I am fucking your son’s girlfriend, so I don’t think sucking on his mom’s boobs is a big deal.” I said. “Sucking?” Linda said. I began unbuttoning her top. “We shouldn’t do it here.” Linda said.

I kept unbuttoning her top then lifted her bra. Her huge boobs flopped out. I leaned in and sucked one nipple then sucked the other nipple. When I felt Linda run her fingers through my hair, I really started sucking her nipples. She was getting excited. I moved back and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. “Suck it!” I commanded. Linda looked around then leaned down. My cock had just been in Diane’s pussy, which meant Linda was sucking Diane’s pussy juice off of me.

It was light outside and someone could see us, but I was going for broke. “Take off your pants.” I stated. Linda popped her head up off my cock and asked simply, “why?” Just fucking do it.” I said. Linda unzipped her pants and was pulling them off. “And your panties.” I said in a stern voice. “We shouldn’t.” Linda said. “Just take them off.” I replied.

Linda stripped off her pants and panties. “Get over here.” I said as Linda worked her way over to straddle me. I had the seat reclined back and couldn’t see if anyone was around. Linda reached down and held my cock in position as she slid down, thus sliding my cock in her very wet pussy. “Fuck your pussy feels so damn good.” I said. That made Linda happy as she rode me and moaned. “Take off your top” I said.

I watched as Linda didn’t even look around. She took off her shirt and bra. Her boobs were bouncing a little. “Fuck me harder!” I exclaimed. Linda was really fucking me hard and her huge boobs were bouncing up and down violently. It was so exciting, but I was worried about getting caught, so I had to hurry up and cum. Linda laid down on my chest. I tried popping up to see if anyone was around. No one was there, so I let her lay on me for a while. “You are horny like your son.” I said. “I guess I am.” Linda responded.

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