Went To An Adult Theater To Get Naked

by Tom (Illinois)

I went to an adult theater one day to watch some porn get naked & cum. Maybe there would be some guests there that would like to watch me or help me.

The theater was not busy at all. There was a man woman couple & a guy all alone. When I walked in I asked them if they minded if I got naked & satisfied myself.

I told them I just wanted to watch some porn & pump my cock cum & eat it. I also said that having others watch me was a huge turn on. The female was all for it & voiced her approval & both guys basically went along with her wishes.

She said come on over here closer to us I want to undress you if that’s all right. That was just fine with me. She removed all of my clothing down to my boxer briefs & noticed the protruding bulge in my shorts. Oh my it looks like your cock is ready for action. She pulled my briefs down & let them fall to the floor.

My dick sprang forward & bounced with excitement. I always have some toys with me to add to the pleasure. I handed her an 8” dildo with balls & some lube. She lubed up my asshole & stretched it with her fingers then slowly started teasing my manhole with the fake prick.

Ever so slowly she slid the toy in my ass a little bit deeper with each stroke. Finally it was all the way in so I bent over a stool to make it easier for her & me. In & out adding more lube until my man pussy was slippery with gel. Wow this was feeling really good.

I think she definitely knew what she was doing. Fuck me fuck me hard I moaned. I kept fighting the constant urge that was churning in my balls & cock. I do not want to cum yet. I could feel her slowing down & then she pulled the dildo out of my backside & I felt a real cock take its place which was fine with me.

The woman undressed herself for me to see. She was not young but she was beautiful. Tan body solid with a smooth hair free pussy. Beautiful medium sized upturned breasts with erect nipples that rode high on the topside of her tits. Her areolas were dark brown & I could almost taste the wet shiny juices that were forming on her blood engorged clit.

She took the dildo & started fucking herself deeply. I could hear her wetness squishing loudly with each deep plunge inside her hot cunt. I was so hot & I could feel my pre-cum dripping from my pee slit down to my bare feet. The second guy came over & got naked & started fucking the temptress. I could feel the guy that was fucking my ass pick up the pace.

Faster & faster deeper & deeper inside me. Damn I felt myself shoot a rope of cum. I got to hold back. Not yet not now. The guy that was fucking the woman pulled his cock out of her cunt & stuck it in my mouth. He said lick it clean. Happy to oblige. I could taste his pre-cum mingled with her juices.

He kept switching my mouth and her cunt. I knew it wouldn’t be long until the guy fucking me from behind would be filling my hole with his cum. I thought it would be great if the guy fucking my mouth would cum at the same time. The second guy that was playing switch told me he was close to spew time. He said he wanted to cum in my mouth & he wanted me to eat his load.

The guy pumping my ass started tightening up & I felt the first spurt of his warm dick juice hit the deep recesses of my rectum. The tag team guy said are you ready for this & pushed his cock through my lips. Wow spurt after spurt of thick white super filling my mouth to capacity. I could not swallow it fast enough & the overflow was leaking out from the corners of my mouth & dripping onto the floor.

The cum load in my ass was leaking out & running down my legs. I felt full &my knees were buckling when I felt the woman grab my aching cock & said its your turn. She sucked & stroked my cock until I could not hold back any longer.

There she blows a never ending load of cum shooting all over her tits. I told her I wanted to lick her titties clean. My yummy cum plus the load I swallowed. A belly full of man cream & a cream pie butthole. Cum everywhere. Damn this was a day worth living. Totally drained & totally satisfied. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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