Welcome to Sally’s

by Sean Fitzpatrick (South Australia)

It started just after my 18th birthday and took me on a path of self discovery that shaped who I am today.

To start off I’ll tell you a little about myself my name is Helen I’m now nearly 50 and what I’m about to confess happened a little over 30 years ago and lasted about 6 weeks I’ll never forget…

I had just left high school and had been accepted into an internship at a lawyer’s office in the city. The job itself was a fantastic opportunity and went extremely well but living around 50km from the CBD the daily bus rides to and from work was beginning to take their toll on me.

I was seriously thinking of giving it away when my mentor Sally suggested to me that I spend two or three nights a week at her apartment which she explained was only 4 blocks away from work. After discussing it with my parents it was agreed I should stay at the apartment Tuesday through Thursday and return home Friday after work for the weekends.

Now my mentor was a lady in I guess late 30s or perhaps early 40s she always dressed formally and to perfection. She also gave off a air of confidence at work and was well respected among her peers including myself. I was impressed with the way she held herself and was always totally in control even under pressure.

So as agreed I arranged everything I needed for the 3 nights and dropped everything off at her apartment before work on Monday morning. As Susan was preparing for a big upcoming case she told me that she had to leave early for work. She had given me a key to let myself in and get acquaint with the layout of the place before coming to work.

I let myself in and walked over to the kitchen where a note was left on the bar greeting me and explaining where my room was and to feel free to use the dresser and draws to unpack in and get comfortable.

As I started to unpack I was surprised to hear Sally voice coming from the adjacent room she was talking softly to someone else but I couldn’t quite hear what she was saying and just assumed she was on the phone.

Going on with my unpacking I could hear her voice but louder than before and I could also hear another person’s voice the other voice was one I heard before in the office it was Gail the other junior that started the same week I had. Only she sounded as if she were crying.

Now I should stay at this point in my life my sexual experience apartment from some kissing and a bit of fondling I’ve never new really what all the fuss over sex was all about. But boy was that about to change….

As I listened trying to work out what was going on I realised the crying I thought I had heard was actually moaning and although I’ve had relatively no experience I instinctively knew it was the moans of someone enjoying sexual stimulation of some sort. As I listened on the moans got louder and louder and she was now uttering profanity listening to her talk like that had my heart racing and my private little spot was getting moist and tingly.

Gail was saying things like eat my cunt you dirty cunt licking whore and telling her to finger her tight wet hole. Sally meanwhile was obviously loving how Gail was talking to her as she was moaning louder with each word she was saying.

I tried to break myself away from listening to them but each time I went to step away I would hear moans of pleasure and the most sexually exciting words I had ever heard telling her to eat her cunt also instructing Sally to finger herself rub her cunt and allow her to taste her own hole from her fingers. Hearing this tipped me over the edge and I reached under my dress and plunged two fingers straight into my sopping wet hole, as I did so it was the most pleasure I had ever felt and almost instantly came then and there.

Uncontrollably I stood there pushing my fingers deep into my cunt I had my very first orgasm right there on the spot. I honestly didn’t hear myself but Gail later told me that I screamed out a prolonged fucccck and fucccckin oh yes give it to me give it to me.

What seem like a split second later Sally was standing in her doorway completely naked except for a white ribbon in her hair and a garter belt around her stomach staring at me lent up against the wall with my dress hitched up and still vigorously rubbing my hot pussy. Well well I see your making yourself at home she said.

I slowly started to regain my senses I became horrified she had seen my like this and ran crying to the guest room and shut the door. A second later she was knocking at the door telling me it was fine and asking me to let her come in and explain the situation with her and Gail and the real reason she had offered me the room in the first place…

Susan entered my room and shut the door she came over and sat next to me on the bed. I couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eye I was mortified at the thought of someone I thought so much of my mentor of all people seeing me like that. A million things were racing through my mind. Least of all was what she told me next..

She told me the first day she saw me and every day since she has masturbated at her desk thinking about me and even a few times while I was actually in the room. She told me that she had taken to spending morning tea time fingering herself in the employees washrooms because she knew that every morning tea time I would use the washroom before returning to work.

One particular morning when she was sure it was just her and I in the room she held the stall door open and continued to finger herself hoping I would catch her but to her shock it was Gail that came by and discovered her and had surprisingly dropped to her knees and begged to let her lick her cunt. Gail had even been under her desk fingering and eating her last week when she had asked me if I would like to spend some time at her apartment.

Hearing this I admitted to her that I was in fact I was a virgin and had never felt the way I had before listening to what was happening through the door and wondered if I was some form of sicko getting off on such things. She said if I would like she would ask Gail to join us in my room and I could watch and if I liked what they were doing could join or just do whatever felt natural.

Susan then said she longed for me to finger and eat her cunt and wished to do the same to me. Hearing her say she wanted to eat my pussy sent shock waves of pleasure through my pussy and I could feel my hole moisten and clit ache and throb.

I agreed to her suggestion and she retreated back to her room to retrieve Gail the second she was gone I shoved two fingers inside my hole and instantly came all over my hand a second later Gail led by Susan returned to my room I rose from the bed and took a seat on a chair by the window near the foot of the bed.

While Gail turned and knelt on the edge of bed Susan crouched to her knees on the floor behind her first she looked over at me then she slid first one then a second finger into Gale’s cunt then started fingering herself with her free hand. Gail it seemed was in heaven she was humping at Susan’s fingers and moaning obscenities as she was before things like finger fuck my cunt fuck me harder and telling her to eat her cunt and make her cum.

Needless to say I was loving every second of this and didn’t hesitate when it was suggested it was my turn and to take my dress and underwear off and swap places with Gail on the bed. As I moved towards the bed Gail was getting to her feet turned and looked into my eyes paused lent in and kissed me simultaneously bringing her hand up against my cunt and briefly sliding a finger into my well lubricated and very hot hole then just as quickly presenting it to Susan who proceeded to lick it clean proclaiming that It was the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted.

As I perched on the edge of the bed I could feel Susan’s hot breath billowing over my pussy then the lightest of flicks of her tongue met the flaps of my cunt and I squealed and humped backwards hoping to feel a more powerful lick from her tongue against my throbbing clit I wasn’t disappointed, with each buck of my hips I was met with the full strength of her tongue and mouth she started to fuck me with her tongue going deep into me lavishing scoop after scoop of sweet juice from deep inside my hole.

Soon replaced her tongue with powerful deep thrusts of her finger I began to cum I couldn’t stop trusting against her fingers tongue and mouth as I did so I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had but I was about to pass out from sheer pleasure when she slowly pushed a finger into my bottom and my cunt started to squirt juice running down the insides of my legs.

I couldn’t see her but I could hear Gail cumming as well as Susan moaning behind me I looked in the mirror and could see Gail with a leg over each armrest of the chair sliding a smooth pink vibrator in and out of her cunt her eyes were closed and she also had a finger in her butt as she came she opened her eyes and gave me a wicked smile.

She then rose from where she was, approached the bed and lay with her legs and cunt spread wide open inches from my face telling me to lick her cunt. Tentatively I started licking her cunt and flaps surprised at how sweet it tasted she placed her hand on the back of my head urging me forward I began eagerly eating her until she bucked hard into my face and screamed at me to eat her eat my dirty cunt you fucking cum whore and came into my mouth.

Welcome to Sally’s she said welcome indeed.

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