Watching Wife Through Bathroom Window

by Jim Wilson (Longview, TX, USA)

Recently, I have been having wild fantasies of exposing my wife to someone. So I got up the nerve and posted on Craigslist that I was looking for someone who was into voyeurism and wanted to watch my wife. I got a few e-mails back and one of them lived in the town next to ours.

After a few e-mails back and forth, I arranged to meet him at a local coffee shop and we discussed how I would arrange a peep show for him. I told me his wife usually got home from work around 7pm and would always take her shower at 9pm like clock work. So we set it up for Friday night around 7:30pm for him to come over to watch her through the bathroom window.

Well Friday night arrived and all I could think of was that it was really going to happen. He arrived early at 7:15pm and knocked on the door. I went and answered it and invited him and introduced him to my wife as my friend Tom was was going to help me with a project out back. I thought to myself that I just introduced my wife to the man who soon would be looking at her nude body.

So Tom and I went outside by the pool and made like we were looking at the pump. My wife reminded inside and could not hear us talking. I asked Tom if he would like a beer since he was supposed to be my friend. He excepted so I went inside and got us one.

We sat down at the table outside and drank it. I told him that this was going to be the first time letting someone view her and was looking forward to hearing what he thought about her body. We talked and I noticed that it was around 8:45pm time was moving slowly. At exactly 9:00pm I noticed that the bathroom light was on.

I looked over at Tom and said show time explaining that he needed to be quite when we got to the side of the house and bathroom window. I had opened up the window so we could look in and she couldn't see out. We arrived at the perfect time as she had started to undress.

After she was undressing she stood at the sink brushing her teeth. Her small little 32a tits hanging down and swinging as she bent over the sink brushing her teeth. I looked over at Tom to the expression on his face he had his cock out and stroking it like no tomorrow and shot a huge load down the side of the house. Within a minute his cock was ready for round 2 as we watched her hop in the shower and soap up those small tits.

To me she had the perfect size breasts and puffy light brown areolas accented by her 1/2 inch nipples. That's when I asked Tom if I was enjoying the show. He was so involved he could hardly reply and just nodded his head and started rubbing his cock again. The sight of him jerking off to my wife a huge turn on for me.

When she got out of the shower she was facing the window and we got a good look at her small 32a breasts with puffy areolas and landing strip pussy. She got her hair dryer and start to dry her hair while combing her hair her breasts would shake a little. I looked over at Tom who was stroking away.

I remember someone once saying that the ultimate compliment is someone jacking off to your wife. She continued to dry her hair for a few minutes when she was done she again turned and put her hair dryer away. We continue to watch until she put on her pajama bottoms.

She remained topless while applying lotion on her breasts. It was hot that my fantasy came true seeing another man's reaction to her nude body. When she was done she finally put her top on. We'll final went back and sat down Tom asked me if he could come over and watch again I told him that he needed to email me about how he enjoyed seeing her nude.

I told him to email me his comments and as long as he kept quiet and didn't tell anyone I did not have a problem with it. He confessed that her small breasts would be on his mind and thanked me. He told me that he wanted to use his phone to make a video of her. I told him that was out of the question because I didn't want it released. One fantasy removed from my bucket list.

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