Watching and Wondering

by Darren (OR)

Aaron was surprised.

Looking through the leaves, in the secluded woodsy area where he had been out walking, he saw that Kevin was standing there with his jeans open, and that Jason was sitting on a rock, leaning forward, sucking in Kevin’s dick.

He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t think that either of them was gay, bit he had no idea that they did things like this together.

Aaron crouched down low to keep from being seen and watched with wide-eyed amazement. It was fascinating to see two boys doing something like this. To see Jason giving Kevin a blow job.

Jason moved his mouth easily and smoothly up and down on Kevin’s hard dick.

“Oh, yeah, Jason … that feels so good,” Aaron heard Kevin say.

Jason just kept sucking on his friend’s erection.

As Aaron sat there watching, he suddenly became aware that he was getting an erection, as he felt his own penis stiffen and push upright in his pants, doing so vigorously.

He saw Jason sucking Kevin’s dick freely and almost lovingly, and that only made his boner that much harder.

Aaron hesitated, and then opened his jeans to let his dick spring out and he started to stroke and masturbates it.

“Oh, geeze …” he thought.

He saw Jason again and again slide his mouth down on Kevin’s boner, taking in a good deal of it, telling Aaron that this obviously was not Jason’s first time at doing something like this. He had sucked dick before. He had probably sucked Kevin’s dick a lot.

He heard Kevin give more encouragement to his friend. “Man, Jason … it feels so good having my dick in your mouth. … I love it when you suck me.”

“Oh, geeze …” Aaron thought again as he firmly held and stroked his own boner. He knew that the two of them were friends, and assumed that this was something that the two of them had done before, probably regularly. He knew that some guys did stuff like that together, but he would have never guessed that Kevin and Jason did.

As he continued to watch, Aaron wondered what it would be like to suck on another guy’s dick. To actually have a penis in his mouth. He had never really thought about this before. He wondered what it would feel like … what it would taste like. Just thinking about this made his boner almost painful rigid. The swollen head was now shiny smooth and a deep shade of purple-tinged pink.

“I’m going to cum …” he heard Kevin say.

And then Kevin was ejaculating into Jason’s willing mouth.

At that moment Aaron started ejaculating. His semen shot from his dick, long streams of it flying through the air, with his wet seed landing on the fallen leaves and twigs covering the ground several feet away. He stifled a gasp as he watched his thick white male liquid pulsing out again and again.

At the same moment he glimpsed Kevin standing there with his head back, his eyes closed and a look of intense pleasure on his face, as his erection was cumming in his friend’s mouth.

He wished that he as cumming in Jason’s mouth. He wished that Kevin was cumming in his mouth. He wondered what that would feel like to have another boy cum into your mouth. To feel his liquid surging out.

“Oh, geeze ..” Aaron thought, “to have another guy’s hard dick cumming in your mouth …”

As his penis finished climaxing, Aaron wiped some of the excess which had spilled over his fingers onto some dry leaves, and then quickly pushed his softening male organ back into his pants. Very carefully and silently he crept away, not wanting Jason and Kevin to know that he had seen them.

He wondered if Jason and Kevin came out there often, and knew that he would have to start watching for them, and he started wondering if they ever butt fucked.

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