Watched My Wife Being Fucked

by Rob (Huddersfield, UK)

This all happened many years ago. We lived in a small house at the time not having been married that long. My friend came to visit and it was agreed he would stay over for a couple of nights.

We only had 3 bedrooms and the kids occupied 2 of them and of course we slept in the master bedroom. So my friend was going to sleep on the couch in the living room.

We had all had a nice day kids went to bed and us 3 had a meal and quite a few drinks. It was getting late and it was time for sleep. My wife went upstairs first used the bathroom and got her nightshirt on, I went up and got ready and got into bed.

My friend then used the bathroom and went downstairs and my wife took some bedding down for him. She was down there a little longer then I expected but I really didn’t think too much about that.

She came up and got into bed removing her nightshirt and slipped in naked beside me. I thought we were going to have sex so I began cuddling her and my hand went down towards her pussy to find it was completely shaved and very smooth as though it had just been done.

She rejected my advances saying she was tired. So I rolled over but being aroused I couldn’t drop off. However my breathing was regular and after about 10 minutes, I bread her say Rob are you asleep and I will never know why but I didn’t answer and just lay still.

A couple more minutes went by and I felt her stir and was aware that she had climbed out of bed and was putting on a short robe and tiptoed out of the room , at first I thought she was going to the bathroom,but it was clear she was going downstairs. I key there for a minute and quietly got out of bed and followed her down.

There was some muffled sound of voices come from the living room so I crept into the kitchen and then into the dining room which had 2 louvred doors connecting it to the living room and I was able to look through and had a good view of the scene that unfolded before me. They were both on the couch in an embrace kissing deeply and he had his hand inside my wife’s robe obviously fondling her tits.

He just had shorts on and I could see her slip her hand inside his shorts and massaging his cock.

She went down towards him and slipped his shorts down and produced a large and thick stiff cock which she began to suck on while he laid back.

She came up and opened her legs exposing her newly shaved pussy which he went down on licking it greedily.

He then slid on top of her and I could see that she was guiding his swollen cock deep inside her.

He began with long rhythmic strokes fucking her , after a very short while she let out a soft moan and as he sensed her orgasm he jerked pumping his cum deep into her pussy.

I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t help cumming myself at almost the same instant.

I quickly and quietly went back to bed and in a few minutes my wife returned and slipped into bed alongside me. It was long before her breathing became regular and she had drifted off to sleep. I couldn’t resist fondling her shaved pussy and found it wet and dripping cum.

This aroused me and I shocked myself how very sexy I found the whole experience.

Even now after 35 years it still has the capacity to turn me on.

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Aug 25, 2020
Wife and brother
by: Anonymous

My wife and I stayed at my brothers after we had all been out to a nightclub my brothers wife was drunk and went straight to bed, we carried on drinking till I fell asleep on the sofa, I came to to music turned down low and muffled voices they thought I was in a deep sleep but my brother was on the other sofa necking my wife and trying to run his hand between her legs, my wife asked him to turn off the lights and as he got up my checked to make sure I was still asleep then hitched her skirt up and pulled her knickers off, I felt really angry but really horny as well so let it continue, my wife pulled my brothers trousers and pants down revealing his rock hard cock then sat him down and straddled him guiding his cock inside her, I then lay there for about 10 minutes watching my brother hold up the front of her skirt to see his cock fuck her pussy till he let out a groan and I knew he was cuming in her, I let him finish then pretended to wake up he disappeared quick I then made out with her and eventually licked her out before fucking her myself

Aug 15, 2020
Fucked my wife as well
by: Jared

My wife fucked 4of my friends many times ,they all came in her too.but I got to fuck her as well.

Aug 24, 2019
by: HornyAJ

Hi Jimmy i would love to fuck your wife i also love to suck pussy and where women silk panties feels great against my cock and balls i,am a straight man but i do have a fetish for silk panties i could feel up your wife suck here wet slopy pussy and fuck here . Now my cock is hard going to have to wank it just a waste of good cum .my g mail is may be we can talk again i love dirty talk

Aug 20, 2019
How I love watching my wife fuck..
by: Jimmy

Yes... I have a wife that has fucked every guy in our small town.
I love it....we fuck for weeks on just one... story how she has let guys fuck her...she has let younger guys fuck her..only if that ask...but you know how stories get around in a small town...I get off just thinking about my sexy wife... Fucking the mail man or the guy that comes to fix the a/c...or the little guy that mows our yard...oh by the way free.
She is now 35 slinder legs geat ass..
And her nipples are. As big as my thumb.. and she loves them sucked...
I just wish I could watch you fuck her...I am jacking off right now thinking about you fucking her....ooh, yeah..ooh I am shooting my. Cum.... thank you for breeding my wife...thks... Jimmy.

Jun 17, 2019
by: Anonymous

This type of experience is called being a cuckold. It’s common and there are many sites devoted to it . Some men live their lives being cuckold and their wives take lovers with full knowledge and often get fucked in front of their husbands and then make them orally clean their pussy following a sex session.

Jun 12, 2019
Shared experience
by: Anonymous

I too have had a similar experience and I have to say it was probably the most exciting and sexy thing I have ever seen .

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