Watch And Be Watched

by Carol (Florida)

This app started years ago with our first trip to a nudist resort. My husband, Rocky said on a hot July afternoon, let’s do something different today. We were by our pool and he says you look amazing go take a shower and wear very little. I kiss him go inside and take a shower.

I put on a sundress, naked underneath and we leave. He doesn’t tell me anything, but we pull up to this beautiful house in the middle of the woods. We go inside and there’s a tall older man with a European accent. He says hello I’m Jack the owner of the place.

I say I’m Carol and this is Rocky. Jack is staring at my big tits and he says it’s fifty dollars for the day and you have to get naked. I ask Rocky what is this and he says a nudist resort as he is now naked.

I pull my sundress over my head and Jack, who was wearing a robe was a little excited to see me naked, as his cock was getting hard and was poking out of his robe. We go inside and we take two lounge chairs and sit by the pool. I noticed there were a lot of older people there, some in shape some not.

I laid on my back as Rocky was putting lotion on my front. Rocky was putting lotion on my big tits, pulling my nipples and then he worked his way down to my legs. He was going up and down my legs and then he puts two fingers in my pussy and I thrust my hips up to meet his fingers.

Rocky stops but he got the reaction he wanted. A small group of men gathered at the end of the pool where we were sitting and one said what a beautiful view. Rocky said thanks guys and we laid down. I feel someone standing over me and it’s Jack.

I can’t believe his cock is inches away from my face. He says to us if you really want to enjoy yourselves, go down to the lake. Jack gives us this huge blanket and off we go. We get down to the lake and there are about a dozen couples engaged in all kinds of sex acts.

We laid our blanket down and Rocky’s huge cock was rock hard. I jerked it for awhile and Rocky said Carol why don’t you go for a ride. I get up climb on top of him and guide his cock inside me. I’m so fucking horny watching these other couples that I cum almost immediately.

I tell Rocky fuck me doggy and I get on all fours waiting for his huge cock. Rocky slams his cock into me and his balls are slapping my ass. Now people are watching us with some actually getting on our blanket and fucking next to us.

There was an older man who was trying to grab my tits and I told him to stop. Rocky says Carol what’s a little feel going to do. I let him play with my tits and then he says how about switching partners. He says my wife wants your husband’s big cock and I want to fuck you.

Now that’s where I draw the line and say no way. I cum and Rocky explodes deep inside me. The man, Tim says I’ll fuck you even with your husband’s cum inside you. Rocky and I were now laying down and I say really Tim you’d fuck me even with Rocky’s big load inside me.

He said yes and I opened my legs and made Rocky’s cum gush out of me. Tim was going crazy, fucking his wife like an animal. I was getting wet and horny watching this and I guess Rocky was also. Rocky gets between my legs and says Carol I’m going to fuck you like Tim is fucking his wife, Jean.

Carol says please do and Rocky slams his huge cock in and out of me. Again Tim reaches over and grabs my nipples. I say to Tim you like my big tits don’t you. He says yes but I would like to be inside of you, fucking you. Jack the owner is now standing there naked and his cock is long and thin.

He asks is everyone enjoying themselves and we all answer yes, except for Tim. Jack asks Tim what is wrong and Tim says Carol won’t let me fuck her. Jack says Tim that’s up to Carol and not you. Rocky and I both cum and so does Jean and Tim. All of us are laying on the blanket and now Jack has joined us.

He positioned himself between Jean and I. Jack says to both Jean and I you two have such great bodies, but. Aril I love your tits. I squeeze them together, lick my nipples and say why thank you Jack. He said Carol I would really love to fuck your tits if it’s all right with you and Rocky.

I don’t know what to say and I know if I say yes Tim will want to do the same and possibly more. I say sorry Jack I can’t but I notice Rocky moves over. Jack now gets closer to me and he’s rubbing my body with his hands. Jack grabs my hand and puts it on his cock and says look how hard you’ve made me.

I laugh and begin to jerk it. Tim moves over and Rocky gets up and goes next to Jean. I say Rocky what are you doing and he answers I’m going to have fun with Jean. She spreads her legs and Rocky is trying to get his huge cock inside her.

Jack now jumps up and puts his cock between my tits. I hear Jean say Rocky your too big for me but Rocky is trying to fuck her. Tim is now between my legs licking my pussy. OMG what’s going on. I open my mouth so when Jack’s cock touches my lips I lick it.

Tim has stopped licking my pussy and he’s now between my legs when I feel his cock enter me. Tim is fucking me hard and deep the way I like it, but also like an animal. Tim pushes my legs up in the air and is now slamming my pussy.

Rocky has finally sank the whole length of his cock into Jean and she screams yes Rocky fuck me with your big cock. Jack cums all over my tits and sticks his cock in my mouth to suck him dry, which I do. Oh yes Tim fuck me.

Tim now rolls me over wanting to fuck me doggy and Jack grabs my hair and puts his cock in my mouth. I’ve never experienced two men before so this is a first for me. I love feeling Tim’s balls slapping my ass as I cum so hard. Jack cums down my throat and let’s Tim fuck me.

Tim and I both cum and Tim pulls out and Jack takes his place. OMG a yes Jack fuck me. Jack says see Carol with a little coaxing I can make you become a nasty slut. Yes Jack I’m a slut today. Jean tells Rocky she can’t take his cock anymore and that he can cum in her mouth.

Jean can almost deep throat Rocky and this made me even hornier as Jack was fucking me. Rocky cums down Jean’s throat, which she swallows all of his cum and Jack cums inside me.

We’re all laying on the blanket, all of us completely satisfied and as I lay there I was thinking just watching went to a day of all out fucking. I hope the other couples enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

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