Wanting Daddy

by Lex (New Zealand)

I heard my father calling out for me... I headed for his bedroom and went in.

He was standing by the tallboy looking at a book.

"That is my journal, what's it doing in here?"

Dad replied, " I found it in my car... you must have dropped it.."

He came up behind me and reached over and turned the pages.

"Now start reading from the top of the page." I could feel my face going red and hot.

I knew what I was about to read... I knew because I had written it ages ago, and I had read it every night since I had written it... I started to stutter.... Dad leaned into me and whispered...

“Read it sweetie ... read it to daddy ... "

So I started ... "Dear diary ... I am so hungry for my daddy's cock ... I wake up every morning with my pussy dripping wet with the thought of my father pushing his cock into my tight pussy ... I want his so... I want to feel his cock pulsing inside me, and hear him grunt as he pushes his monster into me.... "

While reading I feel my father's breath on my neck as he leaves little kisses as I read... his hands wander to my front and he presses his cock into me... I turn to him and start to kiss him.

My hand wanders to his cock and I rub up and down his length and feel his erection harden more.

He takes my hand and walks me to the bed. He sits and his hands go to my pants and he pulls them down. I step out of them. He stands and ushers me to sit...

Daddy squats down and tells me to lay back. I do and he gathers my legs up over his shoulders, pulling my panties off at the same time ... then he looks at me and tells me he wants to see what I have between my legs....

I open them and he sees my wetness ... his tongue slips up and down the length of my slit ... I hear him slurping my juices and groaning ... then he kisses me and tells me to taste myself on him ...

I am frantic... I want to be fucked... I want my dad’s cock so bad .. I tell him how I have wanted him for so long... I start moving beneath him ... he slides to his knees and stands up.

I can see that his cock is trying to escape his pants... he looks at me and tells me to take him out... My hand undoes his button and unzips his fly ... I start to take his pants down. He shuffles and steps out of his pants.

Now he stands in front of me with just his shorts ... his cock head is poking through the top ... I go to touch but he pulls back and tells me I am to use my mouth and my tongue... he is teasing me...

I open my mouth and run it up and down his shaft ... my tongue slips over his cock head ... I start to suck and that helps his cock escape ... I lick and suck and bite him ... he comes down on me and finds my wet pussy... his cock is far too big but I am wet and slippery.

He pushes himself into me and I scream ... then he starts to pump ... oh god I love his cock ... I have wanted this so badly ... and now I have him...

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