Wali’s Back

by Carol (Florida)

It’s rainy season here in Florida so it looks like movie time for me. I’ve had my coffee and Im going to take a shower. Im so horny that I might as well play with myself. I love squeezing and sucking my 34dds. I put two fingers inside me and I cum. I feel so much better now. I get out the shower and put my robe on. I come out of the bathroom and Wali is laying naked on my bed and his huge black cock is standing at attention.

I said how did you get in here. Wali says the door was open so I let myself in. He says now lose the robe and come over here and suck my cock. Mmmmmm I drop my robe and put Wali’s cock in my mouth. He says I love the way you suck my cock. Now I'm laying on the bed and Wali is between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. Oh it feels so good. Wali is now rubbing his cock against my pussy and I tell him fuck me Wali fuck me. He puts the head inside me and then pulls it out. I ask him what’s wrong.

He says remember the last time I was here and I wanted to fuck you before I left and you said no. I said yes I remember but there was no time. He says you could’ve asked Rocky if I could’ve stayed. I tell him how could I have done that you had to leave with him. Wali answers the whole way home I thought about fucking you. I tell him well you’re here now so fuck me wali says tell me how bad you want my black cock. I answer yes I need you black cock inside me right now.

Wali slams his cock into my waiting pussy and I'm so wet all of him is inside me. I love fucking Wali because he makes me cum so much. He says Carol I'm going to fuck you so good you’re going to beg me to stop. Oh yes do it. Wali rolls on his back and says come here my white slut and ride my black dick. I tell him anything for you and I climb on his black cock grab it and guide it inside me. Wali grabs my hips and slams me down on it. OMG he’s fucking me like crazy.

He’s grabbing my big tits and sucking my big nipples. Every black guy that I’ve fucked has all said the same thing. Carol you’ve got black girl nipples. I do have big silver dollar nipples. I’m going to cum and I tell Wali don’t stop I’m going to cum. OMG aim cumming all over his black cock. He asks Carol did you cum and I said yes. He rolls me over so now I’m on all fours and again he slams his cock into my waiting pussy. I love doggy because I love to feel a man’s balls slapping my ass.

I tell Wali I’m cumming again and he slaps my ass as I cum. I tell Wali slap my ass harder I love that. He smacks my ass hard mmmmmm. Wali says Carol I’m going to cum in your white pretty pussy. I tell him yes fill my pussy with your black cum. He cums deep inside me and then come here slut and clean my cock. I always do as I’m told and swallow the rest of his big load. We lay in the bed and I’m playing with his cock. Wali says Carol I’m going to use you all night and I’m going to use all of your holes.

I look at him and say promise. Wali laughs and says put my cock in your ass. Oh yes I love anal. Wali has the head in and then the rest follows. I’m so full of cum that it ran down my ass crack and lubed my ass. OMG a yes Wali fuck my ass I love it. He’s fucking my ass hard and deep and grabbing my tits. Wali cums in my ass and I cum so hard. Both of us lay down on the bed, but Wali is still hard. I open my legs spread my pussy and say don’t waste a nice hard dick.

Wali climbs on top of me and sinks his cock inside me again. Now we’re fucking so hard. He’s slamming me and I’m pushing my hips up to meet his cock. This went on for sometime and I was getting sore. I tell Wali please cum I’m getting sore. Wali says shut up slut I’ll cum when I want to. I again plead with him and he just ignores me. I can’t cum anymore and Wali finally gives me another load of his cum. He rolls off me and I tell him that’s enough fucking. Wali says I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough.

Well needless to say it was Saturday and we fucked all day and night Sunday and he left. It’s Monday morning and my pussy is so red and sore. Before Wali left he said see you never know when I’ll show up. I thought to myself please do and fuck me with your huge black cock.

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