by Carol (Florida)

Ok it’s gorgeous day here in Florida and Rocky is home so I guess will spend the day by the pool. I put on my robe and go outside and Rocky bring out some drinks. Rocky hands me my drink and he sits next to me on my lounge chair. I undo my robe and Rocky’s cock is as hard as a rock. I have ice in my mouth and proceed to suck his cock. Rocky’s fucking my mouth, but now I want his cock inside me.

I lay back spread my legs and Rocky starts to lick and suck my pussy. Oh god it feels so good I cum in Rocky’s mouth. I grab his head and say to him give me your big hot cock. Rocky gets in between my legs and slips his hard cock inside me. Oh yes Rocky fuck my wet hot pussy I scream. Rocky is by my ear and says Carol I have a surprise for you. I say tell me and Rocky says Wali is coming over for a barbecue.

I’m a little disappointed because I wanted Rocky to fuck me all day by our pool. I know Rocky is turned on knowing Wali is on his way over here. We both cum and now I have to go shower and wait for Wali. The last time he was here, Rocky said to me go in our bedroom and grab your big black toy and let Wali fuck you. I’ve had many cocks in my day but Wali’s bent to the left and rubbed my clit.

I’m in the shower and I wash Rocky’s cum out of me. Now I have to decide which thong I’m going to wear. Ok I grab my white one and it only has small straps covering my nipples and a small piece to cover my shaved pussy. I hear Wali talking to Rocky and I go downstairs and when I go outside, Wali’s eyes are bulging out of his head. He walks up to me and kisses me on the cheek and says nice to see you again.

I said same here. Rocky goes inside and I had to ask Wali did Rocky show the videos I made of myself. He says yes and they made me so horny. I tell him well I gave you what you wanted last time you were here. Wali laughs and says Carol I want you again. He grabs me and pulls me close to him and moves the straps covering my nipples and starts to lick and suck them. OMG he’s driving me crazy as I pull off my thong lay on the lounge chair.

I spread my legs and say fuck me Wali, fuck me good. Wali gets up takes off his shorts and says suck my black cock before I fuck you. Yes put it in my mouth and I begin to suck his big black cock. Now I’m soaked and Wali is hard as a rock and he pushes his black cock inside me. Oh yes Wali fuck me as he’s all the way inside me. I feel his big balls slapping my ass. I cum and he’s fucking me hard now. Wali says yes Carol give me all of your good white pussy.

I cum again and wrap my legs around him. OMG I’m getting ready to cum for the third time. I tell Wali that’s it make me cum again. I cum again and Wali pulls his cock out of me and puts it in my mouth. He says Carol I’m going to cum and I want you to swallow all of it. Mmmmmm he shoots his big load in my mouth and I swallow all of it. I love the taste of a mans cum. He climbs off me and grabs my hand and we jump in the pool.

We swim around for awhile and I grab his cock because I want him to fuck me again. I climb up on him, grab his cock and put it inside me. I ask him did he enjoy fucking me. Wali says yes and then asks do you enjoy my big black cock. I tell him I love him inside my pussy. He brings me over to the steps and makes me bend over and starts to fuck me doggy. This is my favorite position. I love to feel a mans balls slap my ass.

He’s fucking me hard and deep and again I cum and I feel his load deep inside my pussy. We get out the pool and we both put our suits back on. I’m really enjoying all the black cock that’s been fucking me lately. Rocky cums outside with the food and puts it on the grill. We’re sitting around talking and Rocky says to Wali, how’d you get here.

Wali says my daughter dropped me off and I was hoping I could spend the night and leave with you in the morning. Rocky asks me is it ok with you, I tell him it’s fine with me. We eat and are talking and Rocky says it’s getting late so I think it’s time for bed. This is the strange part, Rocky went to sleep in the spare room. I grabbed Wali’s hand and said I guess you’re sleeping with me. Wali says no sleeping for us as he closes the door.

I take off my thong and Wali pushes his big black cock inside me. He says Carol I want to ask you something. He says do I fuck you good. I tell him yes, you make me cum. He laughs and then asks do I fuck you better then Rocky. I tell him don’t ask me that. Wali is now slamming my pussy and now I’m squirting all over him. Wali says answer me bitch and pulls my hair. I still don’t answer him and he rolls me over and is fucking me doggy.

He asks me again and says didn’t you hear me the first time and slaps my ass hard. I love when a man slaps my ass so I tell him maybe. He smacks my ass again even harder. He says tell me bitch. Do you enjoy my cock fucking more then Rocky’s bitch. YES YES YES I answer you fuck so much better. Wali then says that’s right be my little white slut. OMG a you can do anything you want to me, use me. Wali pulls his cock out of my pussy and shoves it in my ass.

I love anal and when a man cums in my ass, I’m in heaven. Wali is now slamming my ass with his cock and I can’t wait for him to cum. He cums deep in my ass and I cum so hard. Both of us have had it and we both go to sleep. The next morning I feel Wali’s cock enter me. Oh yes fuck me Wali and he does just that. We don’t have a lot of time so I cum then Wali cums inside me.

I put my robe on and Wali grabs my arm and says tell me again do I fuck you better then Rocky. I say to him yes how many times do I have to tell you. We go downstairs have coffee Wali says I want to come back and fuck you some more would you like that. I tell him yes I would love that.

Rocky goes outside and Wali opens my robe and starts to suck on my tits. I want to fuck you again and I say to him you better leave. He pulls his big cock out and says I have to leaves like this. I drop my robe, spread my pussy and say yes you do. Wali laughs and says I’ll remember this next time I come here. I tell him I can’t wait.

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