Waiting Expectantly

by Bryn (Cheshire,UK)

Every time he came home on leave she went into sexual overdrive.

It was late, very late, she had bathed, powdered ad perfumed herself subtely and dressed in skimpy knickers and nylon slip, now she lay in her bed fretting at how late it was. She was simmering with expectation, her breasts felt heavy, her nipples were hard and feeling itchy, sensual buterflies ran riot from her tummy to her tightly clenched anus, and her pussy blazed with need, moistened with love juice while her clit throbbed demandingly.

She fought hard several times to relieve herself and finger her yearning grotto, he thick forrest of black her around the entrance was now stiff with her juice. She moaned, calling out mentally for him to come home and give her the raging loving making she craved, his rampant manhood ravaging her savagely.

Once again her hand wandered down her seething hot body, eventually cupping her skimpily covered mound making her draw in a deep breath, and investigative finger pressing lighty onto her gaping slit. She began to gently stroke herself, fighting not to do endher desperatin and masturbate frantically, anything to relieve her screaming need to serve her lust.

She conjured up the retained memory of the first time with him and the coarseness of his language that had excited her, the way he call her a filhy whore, a slut, a slag, and how it had made her body react and blaze, she had loved the way he had inspected her body, toching, stroking, pinching and squeezing, she recalled the way she hd moaned and whimpered when he fondled her breasts and her sumptuous bum cheeks. She adored the he attention he had paid to her thrusting nipples and the way he had sucked and gently bitten them, making her squeal with pleasure, then the way his tongue had tracked wetly dow her naked body to the thick growth of her rich pubic hair and how it felt when his tongue probed and licked her erect clit and her thick butterfly pussy pussy lips, wet with anticipation. But it had made her nearly leap off the bed when he had flipped her over and spread her bubble arse cheeks only to probe her tight crinkly brown anal entrance that had made her scream into her pillow and writhe and flail at the wet intrusion into her untrammeled orifice.

Her finger began to push insistently against the wet cotton covering her cunt, her need now overwhelming, and orgsm smouldering until it flared and took her to an ecstatic screaming climax. Her train of thought and her questing finger were interupted by the sound of a key in the front door, her heart pounded, her hand pressed had on her leaky cunt, soon a key of a different sort would be getting inserted in would be in different lock.

As his footsteps sounded on the stairs she trmbled violently, not with fear but with expectation of what was o come. She heard him go to the bathroom and the sound of him brushing his teeth, then came the sound of him urinating and her thoughts fled to the vision of his big beefy cock being held in his fingers and guiding his stream of hot piss, she groaned.

There was a long silence, then,suddenly the bedroom door was opened and he was silhuetted in the landing light. When the light went out she shook as he padded over to the bed, he was naked, his powerful body exhuding his male smell, his bloated manhood thrusting obscenely from his hairy groin and his huge balls hanging low. He ripped the light duvet off her, exposing her full curvy form. Now, now it would start, she thought............

"You're late you bastard"

"So, I,m here now, and so is this, you randy bitch" saying this he hefted the implement of her desire

"Dont mess around, I,m gagging for it, my cunts on fire and so am I, come on,come on and do it to me pleeeeeease!!

She spread herself wide, pulling her soaked panties aside and liting herself in an offering. In a flash he was between her thighs, his head burrowing into her hairy thatch his lips and tongue delving into her creamy wetnees causing her to cry out with sensuous delight. Twice she came, creaming heavily and smearing his face generously, and when he folded her legs back to lick her arsehole she screeched and pushed her anus out hard and almost prolapsed.

"Oh God!" she pleaded, "Oh God, now, now, do it now, fuck me, fuck me hard....."

He propped himself up and glared at her, his eyes bored into hers whicle his cock reated and beat majesticaly. She reached down to grasp the hot bone hard truncheon and guided it to touch her hairy receptive chasm and with along withering sigh he was in her, his turgid dick shouldering its way deeply inside her hot slippery velvety cunt/

She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles to hold him firmly in her pussy prison while her fingers clawed at his shoulder as her passion began to overwhelm her. Each thrust he made driving his back back and forth was answered with her humping back up at him, their actions becoming furious and animal like until hey were fucking savagely and dragging as much pleasure as they could before the sweet agony of orgasmic climax roared and seared through them. It came soon, because of their raging need, he grew more and more urgent in his uninhibted thrusting, answered by her humping and thrashing furiously, unti, he coughed out a strangled groan, she stopped breathing only lifting herself and hin up of the mattress and she screamed as she felt him convulse inside her, his spunk erupting from him causing his body tospasm uncontrolably, she fared just as strongly, her orgasme seeming to rip her apart with its intensity, her cunt and arse pulsing strongly.

Afterwards he rolled off her a stream of spunk following his cock flopping out and wilting. They lay quietly, perspiration drying after their exersions, she leaned over him and kissed him long and deep her fingers compassing his cock. He took her in his arms kissing her softly and stroking her gently. At last she whispered....

"Its time"

"Yes, I know"

"He'll be home off shift very soon"

"I know, I'd better go to my own room then"

"yes darling, but we can do it again, cant we"

"I just want you so much"

"And I want you, but things are what they are, You need to go now"


He padded over to the door, quietly she said.......

"Goonight Son"

"Goodnight Mum"

The door closed quietly.

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