Waging War: Part 2

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"Urg, Urg, Urg! That's it! Fuck me like a dirty bitch!" I moaned to Jason bracing myself against the shower facing him as the water beat down on us as I enjoyed Jason's hard cock stretching my pussy open.

"Don't stop! God, please don't stop!" I moaned with need as Jason slid his hard prick in and out of my oozing slit looking me in my blue eyes.

"Jason, make me cum!" I begged. "Please make me cum!" I cried.

Grabbing me around my narrow waist.
Jason started ramming his hard cock into my needy cunt.

"Jason! Please! I need to cum!" I cried in need with a screwed-up face and quivering body.

I loved and hated at the same time what Jason was doing to me.
He was holding me right on the brink of orgasm.

His dick was perfectly built for my pussy. It hits the perfect spot without causing any pain and Jason knows how to use it to keep me right on the verge of orgasm till he is ready for me to cum.

"Does my little slut need to cum?" Jason grinned at me enjoying the fucking he was giving me.

"Yesssss!" I whimpered nodding my head up and down frantically with a pathetic look on my face.

"Beg me for it!" Jason demanded.

"Please let me cum!" I whimpered. "I need to cum!" I cried.

Jason moved his foot and smashed into me with a powerful stroke filling me full of his cock.

"SHITTTTTT!!!!!!" I screamed climbing the walls as my orgasm ripped through my tone body blasting cum from my well fucked pussy.

Jason grabbed me so I didn't fall.
But, continued with the war he was waging on my mature pussy.

"PLEASE STOP!" I begged "JASON PLEASE! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMOREEEEEEE!" I tried getting out as my second powerful orgasm ripped through me as I sprayed my juices all over Jason.

Slowing Jason brought me back to reality slowly.

"Fuckkkk!" I panted gasping for air as I dangled from Jason's cock.

When Jason's prick slipped from my well fucked pussy, I instantly missed it and wanted him back in me.

Holding me Jason leaned and kissed me passionately.

"You win." I chuckled.

"Is this war over?" Jason chuckled.

"No." I giggled. "I'm still pissed and need it fucked out of me." I finished biting his nipple.

In the middle of the living room floor, lying face down with my ass in the air and a spreader bar between my knees with my hands tied to the bar.

Jason shoved a large dildo into my asshole as he fist fucked me.

Three years earlier, I had been working on a very big case and the pressure was getting to me.

Also, I had just divorced his father and hadn't been laid in over a year.

The weather had me a Jason cooped inside and he started getting on my nerves and pissing me off.

An argument ensued.

"You know what you need!" Jason yelled at me.

"What! what the fuck do I need?" I yelled back at him.

"You need fucked, that is what you need!" Jason yelled at me.

He was right I did need fucked.
I needed fucked really bad.

But, I wasn't gonna have my very sexy son call me out on it.

I went to swing at Jason and a tussle ensued I ended up on my belly with my ass in the air with Jason holding me down by my hair as he brutalized my pussy.

This was hate fucking.
I was pissed.
Jason was pissed.
The only thing to get this over with was fucking.

I wasn't his mother or a woman.

I was a piece of meat.

It was by far the biggest turn-on in my life being fucked the way Jason was fucking me.

Waging war on my body, Jason fucked me with no consideration for me at all for almost thirty minutes before he rammed into me and blasted me full of cum.

I thought he would relax or quit.

I was wrong.

On his knees next to me.
Jason grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to his cock. Shoving my mouth down on his cock he throat fucked me till I puked.

Laying there gasping for air Jason got up and simply walked off to the bathroom.

No one had ever fucked me like that.
Not even close.

Lying there in my own spit and puke I smiled.
Then I got up and followed Jason into the bathroom.

After we cleaned up Jason turned me around and fucked me in the ass calling me a bitch, slut, whore, and a nasty fucking cunt till I squirted almost passing out.

For the next two weeks when I got home Jason waged war on my thin body.

He did as he pleased to me and I took it all.

From a foot in my asshole as I sucked him off.
To being tied down to the ottoman and fucked till I passed out.

Jason and I talked about it.
He thought maybe he was going to far and I was letting him fuck me out of fear.
But, assured him that wasn't the case.

I told him when I wanted to make love.
I wanted to be made love to.
When I wanted fucked like a bitch.
I wanted fucked like a piece of meat.

And then there were times I just wanted fucked and he would know the difference between them when they arrived.

When my case was over I took Jason on a fishing trip for ten days.

The first three days I made love to him every chance we got.
Soft, gentle, easy, deep love.

From that first day.
Jason had my number when it came to making me orgasm.
He can make me cum in a minute or hold me on the brink for an hour.

It all depended on how he uses his prick.

On the way home from our trip. I saw a roadside shower.

"what are you doing?" Jason asked as I pulled off the interstate.

"I'm horny and need fucked." I grinned at Jason.

Fifteen minutes later as I held onto the walls of the bathroom stall walls, I begged Jason to let me cum.

Walking out of the bathroom.
A busty brunette was standing there smiling at us with knowing eyes.

I smiled back at her and winked proudly.

We got halfway to the car when I told Jason to go ahead.

Turning around I went back to the woman.

"How about we drive the rest of the way tomorrow," I told Jason smiling as we pulled out of the lot with the brunette following us.

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