Waging War: Part 1

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"Come on!" I said hastily grabbing Jason by the hand and heading to the bedroom pissed off.

Not taking the time to take off my very expensive suit dress.

Slamming the bedroom door.
I dropped to my knees, yanked out his cock, and buried it in my throat choking on it.

"SHOVE THAT FUCKING PRICK DOWN MY THROAT!" I hissed looking up at Jason with spit running down my chin, an angry look, and wild eyes.

Grabbing me by my head Jason started pounding his hard prick into my throat as I choked, gagged, and fought for air.

When I fell back slipping from his grip, Jason grabbed me and pulled me to my bed, and threw me up on it.

Pulling me to the edge with my head hanging over the side, Jason wrapped his strong hands around my throat and shoved his big prick back into my mouth buring it balls deep in my throat.

"FUCKING COCKSUCKER!" I choked gasping for air.

"YOU NASTY FUCKING BITCH!" Jason growled as he fucked my throat.

GA, GA, GA, GA was all that came out as I choked on his powerful prick spitting out as much saliva as I could so I didn't choke.

Most of it smacked Jason's large hairless balls and ran down my fave and into my dirty blonde hair.

Jason showed me no mercy.
I didn't need any or want any.

I wanted to be used like this.
I needed my pent-up frustration fucked out of me.

Dropping my head Jason spun around and put his asshole in my mouth.

"EAT FUCKING ASSHOLE SLUT!" Jason roared as he squatted on my face.

I could tell he hadn't washed this morning.

His asshole was musky and smelled.

I didn't care. Aggressively I grabbed Jason by the hips and shoved my tongue as deep as could into Jason's asshole and swirled it around.


When Jason was happy with my work he moved back and granted me by the hair and violently fucked me in the mouth as I held onto him tight.

"GA, GA, GA, GA ROMP!" I puked out what I couldn't swallow. "ROMP!" I puked again as Jason continued his assault.

When I puked the fourth time Jason stepped off me.

Turning around quickly he grabbed me by the waist and spun me on the bed facing away from him.

Violently he tore my skirt from me.

Stepping up on the bed he spit on my open asshole and shoved his big dick into my guts as far as he could.

"FUCKKKKKKKK!" I cried out in pleasurable pain.

Holding by my shoulders Jason jackhammered his hard cock into my stretched-out asshole.

"TAKE ME FUCKING COCK! YOU STUPID FUCKING SLUT!" Jason growled at me as he destroyed my asshole.

Laying down on top of me Jason wrapped an arm around my throat and squeezed as waged war on my asshole.

"YOU DIRTY FUCKING SLUT!" Jason growled as I fought for air to breathe.

I knew he was close.

"HERE YOU FUCKING WHORE?" Jason grunted as he rammed his hard prick as deep in my asshole as he could as he erupted, filling my guts with jizz as he called me every filthy name he could.

When his prick finished blasting into my stretched-out asshole filling my guts to overflowing.

Jason moved off me to the side and grabbed me by my nasty hair and shoved his cock back in my mouth.


Fast and hard I sucked my ass juice and his dick juice from his hard cock.

When I was done cleaning his cock.
Jason stood up on the bed.
Aimed his prick at me and pissed on my fave and in my opened mouth.

Jason set looking at me in our chair across the room as I lay there looking back at him.

"You fucking better?" Jason asked ready to wage war on me again.

"God damned, I fucking need that!" I said wiping my face.

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