VIXEN: Saint Agathas

by Scarlett (Australia)

For three days mummy had my pussy locked up in a chastity belt and it registered electronically if I tried to remove it. I was totally frustrated as it was the first time I could not satisfy my drive since I became sexually active but I could manipulate people with my beautiful face the only part of my sexual power I could still use.

I went shopping and outside I saw a great brute of a German Sheppard and instantly I longed to be on the receiving end of his cock. It took a great deal of restraint to stop myself juicing up.

Willard had come home from hospital after recovering from my savage rape. I lay down on my bed and thought of what I did to him.

While I was thinking of how I almost killed daddy I was getting excited and my chastity belt sent off electronic signals as my pussy moistened.

Mummy came into my room “Candy!! I told you no sexual thoughts!!”

I pleaded “Mummy!! I can’t live like this. I HAVE NEEDS!!”

Mummy looked at me sternly “You almost killed your father. I told you not to rape him”

I started to cry “I’m sorry mummy. He was there and I needed someone”

Mummy crossed her arms “I know what you were doing. You tried to kill him”

I continued to cry and thrashed about on the bed “HE IS COMING BETWEEN US, MUMMY. CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?!! ”

Mummy removed my chastity belt “You can take this off for tomorrow you go to Saint Agatha’s Reform School”

I cried “NO Mummy!! I won’t go”

Mummy yelled “YOU WILL!!”

Next morning mummy drove me to Saint Agatha’s.

I got out of the car and pulled up the long skirt I was forced to wear and unbuttoned my blouse. That felt so much better until mummy pulled down my skirt and said “Do up those buttons!!”

Reluctantly I did them up.

I followed mummy into the office and sat on the seat in the waiting room. I pulled up my skirt and lifted my left foot to rest it on an adjoining chair to spread and raise my left leg to expose my pussy.

Mummy gave me a dirty look and with mounting anger I closed my legs. I looked at the nun who had just walked out with suspicion. She had a young face poking through her habit but her body was covered by a long overcoat.

I thought I saw the tip of her tongue as it briefly poked though her lips but I was taken aback when she said “My isn’t she a beautiful young thing!!”

Mummy ignored the nun and continued to speak to the Mother Superior who oddly appeared to be young as well.

Then the Mother Superior said “You daughter, Ms von Krupp, has the beauty of a goddess” I was totally surprised.

Mummy laughed “Candy, my pussycake, also has the strength of a goddess, like me”

I was shocked. Mummy never used my sexual pet name in public let alone to a NUN!!

The nun near me beckoned me to follow “This way young Candy”

As soon as we were through the door the nun flung off her overcoat and my heart skipped a beat. I looked with total lust at her long stocking legs up to her short skirt. She pulled out a heavy strap which flattened her breasts and they bulged forth filling her tight top. There were no buttons high up and her breasts pushed open her top showing a sizable cleavage.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and my pussy started to juice up. I drooled and licked my lips causing the nun to lift my skirt and feel my wet pussy “Mmmmmmm I think you will enjoy this school”

I was led on to a dormitory and upon entering I was astounded to find the girls all engaged in a massive orgy.

The num smiled “Go and meet the girls”

I had my clothes off in seconds. The girls looked up and I saw a familiar face “MADDISON!!” I yelled “What are you doing here?”

My friend gave me a big kiss “Don’t you know Candy? This is officer training school for your mother’s army”

I had no idea mummy owned Saint Agathas.

Maddison introduced me to the other mouth watering beautiful girls and soon we were in sexual heaven.

After orgasming about 40 times we were sent on 15 km run and then back to the gym for a heavy weights workout. From the heavy weights the girls were lifting I knew that they had been enhanced with super strength. Mummy used her own superior genes and put the girls through genetic engineering to create an army of superwomen. It was good to be surrounded with women who were as strong as I was.

In class we wore indecently short skirts, no panties and very tight blouses to show off our substantial chests.

Sister Orgasma stood at the front of the class in her barely decent nun’s habit “Class...always use your feminine power especially when fighting males and it is a must that you get them to have sexual intercourse with you. The act of FUCKING drains the life force from a man but only makes stronger and enhances our stamina. Men can only cum once or twice compared to our unlimited capacity for sex. Push a man too hard and you will kill him”

I smiled for I knew what she said was true with my experiences with men and especially what I did to my poor dear step daddy.

General Grrr, the Puss Force Commander addressed the room and looked so sexy in her skimpy army uniform “Girls! Our mission is world domination. We are the superior sex, remember that and learn well so you can play your part in our ultimate victory”

I drooled looking over Grrr’s long legs, large full breasts, a beautiful face and her long brown hair. I caught her eye and directed her gaze to my hand massaging my inflamed pussy. She smiled.

Back home mummy put daddy in a special recovery bed and kissed him on the lips “There you are poor sweety all safe from my adventurous daughter”

Willard croaked “Adventurous? That brat is a perverse sexual menace. Keep her away from me”

Mummy patted Willard on his head “There, there, poor Willard. I sent her to Saint Agatha’s Reform School”

Daddy laughed “That’s not a reform school. It’s a training site for your PUSS Force. I bet she’s up to her neck in pussy and boobs”

Mummy laughed “At least she isn’t molesting you.

Mummy turned to leave. “Get well my love”

Mummy went out and into the arms of four sexy Puss Commandoes for some hard sexual workouts.

A few weeks later I came home.

Mummy greeted me and she ran her fingers up into my pussy “If you don’t touch Willard we can go back to my room and play, Pussycake, would you like that, baby?”

I bubbled up with joy “Yes mummy I would like that so much!!!!”

While daddy was downstairs recovering I got my big box of goodies and emptied it on the bed “Look mummy I bought some new you like them?”

Mummy’s eye’s bulged at some of the toys I had “You have been busy shopping, Pussycake. I like the look of them”

Mummy spread her legs and I pushed the big bulbous head of a vibrator between her pussy lips and rammed it all the way until the clit scratcher started vibrate sending waves of pleasure through her body. I moved around so I could get my dripping pussy over her tongue. I bit my tongue and rolled my eyes as mummy sent me to sexual heaven.

Soon we both shuddered as massive orgasms rocked our bodies. Panting as the waves of pleasure subsided mummy pushed a series of linked balls into my butt hole and slowly pulled them out and then dangled them over my mouth. Slowly I licked them clean as mummy inserted a very thick double-dong into my pussy and put the other end of the monster into herself. We banged together until we orgasmed.

Next I pushed a big ribbed plug into my butt and squirmed the plug into position and then pushed an electric charged dildo into mummy’s pussy and proceeded to give her little electric shocks which caused her to thrash about on the bed in complete ecstasy. I tried an electric dildo myself and it was such a mind blowing experience.

Soon we both were drenched in sweat as the screamed and panted in absolute orgasmic pleasure. Next we tried the electrically powered pussy piston pumping dildos and thrashed them until we burnt out the motors. Then we ground our pussies together producing more orgasmic highs, several dozen more orgasms with our tongues and after four hours of non-stop sex we finished up and with mummy giving me a piss bath from a full bladder. Girls can have so much fun with sex.

Still naked and with sweat and urine covering my body I went down to gloat over poor daddy in his convalescent bed. I walked alongside the bed with my hair drenched in sweat and the smell of sex and piss on my body.

I ran my finger down from his chest until I ran it over his cock and traced its outline. I bit my lip and the poked my tongue out in a most erotic way “How are you feeling daddy after my little fun and games?”

Daddy was furious “You come down here naked and smelling of piss you disgusting brat! Have you no remorse for what you did to me?”

I shook my head “NO!”

He asked “What have you been doing you filthy slut?”

I lied about me fucking mummy “I had Emily over. We fucked...we licked out each other’s butt holes and pissed over each other. A nice girly afternoon”

Daddy’s weak stomach made him convulse and I quickly grabbed a pan as he vomited out his guts. I disposed of the contents of his stomach and then fingered my pussy. With a sloshing pop I pulled out my slimy fingers and put them under daddy’s nose “I’m still wet, daddy”

Daddy winced and screamed “GET OUT YOU DISGUSTING BRAT!!”

I purred with delight and walked out to have another masturbation session in the bath.

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