VIXEN: Monkey Business

by Scarlett (Australia)

It was Wednesday night and mummy’s PUSS Commandos were demonstrating their fighting prowess. Mummy’s powerful girls had captured elite special force’s males from around the world and now they were in a fight to the death.

Through genetic engineering mummy had increased the fighting and survival abilities of her devoted girls and now a Navy Seal was going to find just how powerful they were compared to his inferior male biology.

Hallie, a beautiful red headed commando strutted out in her tight fitting green uniform and stood there unarmed while the Seal was given a pistol and a knife to attack the beautiful lesbian warrior.

The male sneered “This is too easy” and fired his gun and hit Hallie on her forehead. The beautiful girl stood there unhurt. The bullet had only penetrated fraction of her skull and then dropped to the floor. In an instant the wound healed. Dumbfounded the Seal fired off the remaining bullets which were easily ineffective.

Hallie moved with lightning speed and within a second had broken his neck. Hallie put the heel of her boot on his chest and acknowledged the cheers from the assembled commandos.

While watching the PUSS Force show I was reading the book titled ‘The Sexual Prowess of Animals’ with great interest.

I had quite a lot of sexual experience with dogs and horses and now I was intrigued to read about Chimpanzees and their organ size and staying power.

I was very impressed that their cocks could grow to 180 mm, it was just what I wanted from a wild beast.

Later that night went to see mummy and on entering the parlour I glared spiteful hatred at Willard who kissing my mother. I purred “Mummy can I get a Chimpanzee to play with?”

Willard coyly laughed “Do you want him as a pet or for relations?”

I sneered at the wimpy looser “You are such a prude, Daddy. I’m not interested in ‘relations’ I WANT TO FUCK THE BEAST!!”

Mummy shook her head “No Candy. I will not have another animal around here for you can fuck to death. You have gone through enough dogs here”

So since I could not get my own way I decided to put on one hell of a tantrum. I threw myself on the floor and screamed and cried. Rolling over I thumped the floor and tore at my clothes.

Willard headed for the door “I’m going to the club. I’ll be back when the ‘BRAT’ has calmed down”

Mother watched as I shredded my clothing “Nothing that a good old romp on my bed won’t fix”

I stopped my tantrum immediately and clapped my hands “Oh goodie!!! Can we do it now?”

I stood up and mummy pulled off the remaining shreds of my dress and fingered my butt hole “Do you want some anal as well Pussycake?”

I bubbled up with joy “Yes please, mummy”

I jumped on the bed and spread my legs wide. I was juicing with excitement and it trickled from my pussy crack.

Mummy smiled “Well I better service that first”

Mummy worked my hardening clit with her expert tongue and I thrashed on the bed as streaks of pleasure raced through my body. Mummy lowered her pussy over my mouth and I gently licked her clit and worked my way into her pussy.

Soon we were both thrashing on the bed and shaking it hard before we both erupted and shuddered as massive orgasms electrified both our bodies.

Next round we scissored and ground our pussies together, panting and screaming with pleasure. I grabbed hold of the sheets and ripped them into shreds with my strength, shaking as orgasm approached.

I screamed hard as my body shook with orgasmic power and after the many waves subsided I looked up at mummy “I need more....please I’m hardly scratched”

Mummy kissed my lips “I know baby......get over and I’ll use my strap-on”

I stuffed my pussy full of steel balls and worked them with my pussy muscles while mummy slowly pushed her big strap-on cock into my tight hole.

We were twenty minutes into some hard anal sex when a PUSS Commando raced into the room “Mistress!! Your Husband has returned”

Mummy pulled out of me and quickly took off her big fake cock and looked at the Commandos coming into room “Quickly changed the sheets”

I jumped off the bed and raced through the dark halls of our mighty castle until I gathered up one of our massive muscular dogs and got him to lick my juiced up pussy.

I was in a position to hold Willard’s movement and I knew what his reaction would be and I wasn’t disappointed.

Willard blew a fuse when he saw me engaged in bestiality “You fucking perverse SLUT!! You just can’t stay away from those FUCKING ANIMALS!!”

I just ignored Willard and felt the waves of pleasure as the dog licked my excited pussy. Willard blew angry words at me for a few minutes but it was enough time to allow mummy to clean up the damage we had caused to the bed and sheets. We girls have a lot of sexual energy to burn.

Mummy seduced daddy and soon she had sexually exhausted him after a hard romp on the bed. Willard took all his anger about me and animals and drifted off to sleep.

Thursday night was games night for the PUSS Commandos and as what was usual in this castle the games were perversely sexual in nature.

I watched the huge lesbian gangbang and touched my inflamed pussy as I watched the intense orgy. I was exploding in massive orgasms when the Commando Hallie approached me and smiled “Candy I heard you wanted to find a monkey to play with?”

Panting I looked over Hallie bulging through her tight uniform “I do, kitten, do you want come with me?”

Hallie looked up at the clock and pushed out her large chest straining the buttons on her blouse and stretching the material “I have an hour left on my watch. I would love to come with you, sweety”

Hallie drove me to the Zoo and on the way we worked each other to orgasm as we fingered each other’s pussies while sitting in the car.

Getting out the car Hallie crushed the lock on the gate in her hand and we walked into the darkened Zoo and on spying the Chimp’s cage we approached the enclosure with mounting excitement to look upon the sexy beasts.

Hallie took the bars in her hands and with incredible power bent the steel allowing me to enter the cage. She then bent the bars back to their original form and set back to play with her pussy.

I pulled my one piece skirt and blouse over my head and threw it on the ground. There were several male chimps watching me and I exclaimed “Come and get me boys”

My pussy was glistening and my powerful sexual scent told the chimps I was in heat for them and soon they surrounded me. I got down on all fours and pushed up my backside ready for monkey cock and I was not disappointed.

I yelped with pleasure when that monkey cock pushed into my ravenous pussy and started to pump me hard. Hallie had pulled off her uniform panties and was working her wet pussy.

I orgasmed a dozen times as each monkey fucked me and the noise drew the security guard who was confronted by Hallie bulging out through her Puss Commando uniform.

Hallie purred “Hello big boy. Do you want some fun?”

The guard was stupefied by her beauty and his legs buckled as she stripped off her uniform. Hallie fucked him furiously until his exhausted body collapsed from her superior stamina.

I had exhausted all the chimps and was bending the steel bars to exit the enclosure when Hallie approached me. She looked over the drained security guard “Ha MEN!! Such weaklings!!”

I touched the beautiful fighting machine “Kitten I still have energy to burn”

We moved to an outdoor table and fucked hard for the next hour.

Before sunrise we drove back home making sure that our fingers were kept busy.

The End

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