Vixen, Man Eaters In Paradise: Part 2

by Scarlett (Australia)

I was making my way back to my room in the lift when it stopped to let in a horny old bastard who leered at my beautiful teenage body. The old bastard touched my breast “My, my aren’t you a beautifully ripe young thing”

I pulled off my bikini top to give him a better look and he started to shake and then I pulled off my bikini bottom and purred “I just trimmed my hair. Do you like it?”

The old bastard clutched his chest and dropped to the floor of the lift. I felt a massive orgasm rock through my body as I stepped over him groaning on the floor, dribbling pussy juice. Laughing I walked to my room still naked.

Mother was out so I went for a swim in our exclusive pool and did about 50 laps before sitting out in the sun. Orgasms give me so much energy to burn and so far today I had achieved over 60 with no doubt more to come as I’ll be sharing a bed again with mother.

I noticed the same helicopter circling a way out from the hotel so I gave it a wave in all my naked splendour and spread my legs for the benefit of those on board so they could get a better view of my naked boobs and pussy crack.

After being on show I was feeling so horny again so I gave the people on the helicopter something to really watch as I slowly worked myself to orgasm. A little spurt of juice erupted from my hot pussy and I waved to my voyeurs as I licked my fingers clean of my fluids.

The helicopter departed and I went to the balcony to look at the ordinary people so far below my world of wealth, privilege and extreme beauty.

Later in the evening I was laying on the floor naked watching television with my legs spread and my pussy facing towards the door. Thinking about a night of sexual pleasure ahead my pussy was all juiced up in anticipation.

The door opened and I felt a surge of excitement run through my body, a night of pleasure with mummy! But my excitement was very fleeting for the next instant I heard the voice of Willard bellowed at me “CANDY!! Close your legs and put some clothes on”

I spun around and hatred filled me. Once again Willard was coming between myself and my mother. I was so angry I could have killed him on the spot.

I stood up, not bothering to get dressed and looked at my mother coming into the room behind Willard.

Willard yelled “Candy!! You brat! Stop exposing yourself”

Mummy stood alongside Willard and towered over him “Willard leave Candy alone. She likes being in the natural state”

Willard crumpled before her superior size and strength and looked at me as I fingered my pussy. I gave him a defiant look as I licked the juice from my fingers.

Willard went to the bedroom and I looked at Mummy “What is he doing here? I thought the purpose of our holiday was to get away from him so we could have some fun?”

Mummy ran her fingers over my nipples “Sorry Pussycake. He just turned up saying I needed to go over some business deals with him”

I started to sulk “He just wanted to spy on us. Doesn’t want to let us have any fun”

A thought crossed my mind “Can’t you get him into bed and fuck him to exhaustion? Then you are free to play with me”

Mummy smiled “Ok sweety I’ll get him into bed”

An evil grin crossed my face as I whispered to mummy “One day I’ll use my own talents on him and send him to his grave”

Mummy put her fingers to my lips “Hush Pussycake. I still need him”

Willard came from the bedroom “Only one bed. Where do you sleep Candy?”

I looked at him blankly and Willard exclaimed “Oh my god!! You aren’t sharing the bed?” Mummy grabbed Willard by the collar and pulled him into the bedroom and proceeded to undress him “Willard! The bed is for us...not Candy”

As mother proceeded to fuck Willard to exhaustion I stood there with mounting anger. It should be me in bed with her not Willard. How could Mummy even bring him into our room?

I could hear mummy panting and screaming and poor old daddy grunting as he endeavoured to satisfy his much superior wife. The noise and the smell of sexual intercourse turned me on as I watched from the door, my hands working my greatly enflamed pussy.

After ten minutes of thrusting Willard shot his load into mummy’s pussy and I moved away from the door as she stopped to allow him to recover. Poor mummy, if it was me she was bonking both of us would need no resting time.

After ten minutes of frustration and pierced only by my muffled masturbation I slowly looked into the room and saw Willard was now sleeping. I walked into the room and I raised my hands to signify ‘Is that all?’

Mummy smiled and got out of bed and walked to me “Let’s go, baby to our plane and have some real sex”

My heart raced and my pussy felt like it was going explode “Oh goody mummy I can’t wait” We dressed in our most sluttish clothing and went out for a hard sexual workout. Our plane was parked at the airfield and mummy phoned our flight crew to meet us at the plane.

The crew appeared with their large breasts bulging out their tight white blouses and their extremely short blue skirts which did wonders to highlight their long legs. Pilot, Co-pilot and Engineer were eager to participate in our sexual escapade and the Co-pilot held a case full of sex toys.

My eyes bulged as I watched to assortment of vibrators, dildos, balls, double dongs and other delightful pieces being taken out of the case.

Mummy owned a fleet of ten planes and each was fitted with a large boudoir containing beds and assortment of sexual equipment.

We stripped off and the flight crew were soon heavily engaged with each other. Mummy and I shared a large double dong, the big thick dildo stretched my pussy in a most delightful way and I screamed and panted with lust.

We worked our way towards orgasm and I felt the build up and then shuddered to orgasm, the spasms lasting for over thirty seconds. After my orgasm subsided I lowered my pussy over mummy’s tongue and in the sixty-nine position we started again.

After three hours of intense sex and for us all achieving several dozen orgasms, we bid farewell to our lusty flight crew.

We arrived back at our room and found one-shot wonder Willard still asleep from his sexual exertions. I told mummy of the kidnap attempt on me that morning and she said she would put our private army (PUSS Force) on alert to find the culprits.

Soon we were flying home and we had an additional passenger. The desk clerk from the hotel had decided to join the PUSS Force and was introduced to the sexual activity that was part of the lives and training of our soldiers.

Willard had further business to attend and he flew home on his own family’s plane and this was joy to me as it allowed some further intense fucking before we landed back in Switzerland.

I wondered what Willard thought of our growing army of super (genetically engineered) enhanced butch lesbian warriors? Mother was embarking on a feminist takeover of the world.

The End

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