Vixen, Man Eaters In Paradise: Part 1

by Scarlett (Australia)

My mother’s private plane, an Airbus A380, landed on Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays off Australia conveying my sexy mummy and myself for a weekend of sexual debauchery.

Mummy was dressed in a lace see through outfit and like me she hated bras and panties. The see through material allowed her black pubic hair and her large breasts to be easily seen and I was dressed in a very small bikini top and very short cut-up jeans. The jeans showed off my entire bum cheeks and at the front my blonde pubic poked out from the shorts.

The plane was crewed entirely by beautiful lesbian pilots and cabin crew. Both mummy and myself engaged in a series of heavy workouts with all of them on the flight to Australia.

Now we drew attention with our outstanding beauty and revealing clothing as we walked up to the desk clerk.

The woman’s eyes nearly popped out when we both fronted her with our breasts bulging through our clothing. I suggestively licked on a lollypop as I rubbed my hard nipples. The clerk didn’t know where to look as I purred to mummy “She is beautiful mother. I want to bed her”

Mummy ran her finger over my moist lips and smiled “She is beautiful, baby”

I ran a hand down to my shorts and my fingers played with my wet pussy “She’s making me so wet, mummy”

Mummy looked at the clerk who was bright red “I am Wanda von Krupp and this is my daughter Candy. We have a booking”

The clerk cleared her throat “Yes Ms Krupp but you only have a single room and one double bed?”

Mummy looked stern “That is right. My daughter shares my bed”

The clerk didn’t know what to say when I chimed in “We use the double bed to FUCK!!!”

I then ran my hand down to Mummy’s pussy and purred “You have such a wet pussy, Mummy”

With our immense sexual pulling power the effects were typical and the clerk gave me a certain look I knew instantly and before we left the island she would be in my bed.

Leaving the stunning clerk we went up to our penthouse room and in the life I felt over the bulge in the pants of our porter boy and I blew him a kiss. Such a cutie.

Inside we promptly stripped off all our clothing. And I looked at mummy and pointed at my glistening clit “Pussycake wants to play, mummy”

Mummy hit me on the bum “Mummy wants some Pussycake”

I threw my bag on the bed and jumped after it, bouncing up and down. I opened the bag and all my sex toys spilled out. Mummy got on the bed and I climbed on top of her and kissed her on the lips before moving down to lick her hardening nipples. I turned around and lowered my dripping pussy to her lips before I ran my tongue right over her crack and hard clit. I pushed my tongue inside her lips and flicked it around bringing shudders of pleasure to her body. Mummy’s expert tongue sent electric shocks right through my body. After we both orgasmed we started on the arrangement of sex toys and and finished on the big double dildo after achieving around 50 orgasms each in three hours of intense sex.

We lay on the bed and facing each other, mummy kissed my cheek “That was so good baby, so intense, so pleasurable. You are so much better at sex than Willard”

I rubbed my clit “Willard would have been asleep by now. He’s good for only one shot”

Mummy got out of bed “Let’s go for swim, Pussycake”

I jumped up behind her “Good idea mummy. I have energy to burn”

We had our own private pool and we swam about 20 laps of the pool naked and then went to the railing to look at the view. There was a passing helicopter and unbeknown to us the passenger onboard was taking long distance photographs of us standing naked by the railing. But he could not photograph us in the act of making love.

In the afternoon I went for a walk along the beach and was dressed in just a bikini and a towel. The water and sand was beautiful and such a contrast to my home in Switzerland. As I walked I noticed a group of men following me and I noticed that none of them was in casual wear. I increased my pace and they increased their pace to match.

I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands. My genetic enhancements went beyond my invincible immune system to increased strength and agility. I was stronger and faster than any man and I was sure I could take the group which numbered four men.

I stopped and stripped off my clothing on the pretext that I was going to go for a swim but it brought my major feminine weapon to the fore.

The group looked like low life thugs. Tattoos covered their necks and all of them were in the 20s and looked quite fit. I was sure they meant to do me harm.

I turned my naked body to their gazes and took their attention. The leader, a muscular hunk, spoke and pulled a gun “The von Krupp brat. You are coming with us”

Now it was clear to me that this was an attempt to kidnap me, I reasoned that the gun would not be used against me and while they had their eyes on my body I moved fast and hit the leader in the mouth knocking him to the sand. I took the gun as he crumpled and threw it into the water. I didn’t need a gun.

I kicked the next guy in the balls bringing him down but the guy behind me grabbed me around my chest and pulled me tight. I lifted my arms and broke his grip and on losing control of me I spun around and punched him hard knocking his teeth out. I smiled at the last guy and then jumped and kicked him in the face. On landing on the sand I hit him again cracking some of his ribs.

I sat on the leader’s torso and held his hand. I hissed “Who sent you?”

He refused to talk so I snapped one of his fingers “So I repeated my demand “Who sent you?”

He screamed “I don’t know you fucking bitch. I was only given instructions by phone”

The other guys staggered to their feet to try and fight me but in 30 seconds I had knocked them all flat with several broken bones in each of their bodies. I straddled the leader, with my dripping pussy facing his eyes as I went through his phone. I played with my clit as I memorized the numbers on his phone. As I neared orgasm I bounced up and down on his chest screaming with pleasure. I orgasmed and squirted over his face causing him to abuse me.

I looked down at him “Tell your bosses that I’m fucking tough. So next time. BRING AN ARMY!”

I left the smashed up little group and continued my walk. One girl against four men, once again no competition. The fight had made me so horny and I was disappointed I didn’t get the chance to kill any of them. I needed so hard fucking.

Soon I saw two guys walking up the beach so I laid down my towel and lay upon it and started to masturbate. I was so excited to put on a show and soon they saw me.

I was sucking my fingers when they approached. The cute one smiled “Need some help, baby?”

I spread my legs “I do cutie. Fuck me hard”

The young muscular hunk mounted me and drove in his cock. I panted as he filled and stretched my pussy. As I wrapped my legs around his torso I looked at the other guy and purred “Your turn soon, baby, I can handle more than one guy”

Little do they know that I can’t be sexually exhausted by any man. No matter how many line up to fuck me I can drain all of them.

The guy pumped me hard and soon he unloaded his sticky white fluid in my pussy and went soft. I motioned the other less attractive guy to replace him. The worst thing about fucking men is that unlike women they need to rest after they cum and for many they are pretty much useless for hours.

As I rode his cock the cute guy started to regain his hardness so I motioned him to penetrate me anally and I screamed with pleasure as the double penetration worked both of my holes. The plain guy shot into my pussy and then went soft. He moved away to try and recover but I was just getting started. I worked my clit and soon my body was wracked by a long orgasm.

Panting I looked at the resting guy and said “Come here and I’ll suck you hard again”

As I sucked on the shaft, the cutie came in my ass and then staggered away from me to rest. I wasn’t finished with him and as he rested I worked myself towards another orgasm.

The cutie pleaded “I’m done. I can’t keep going”

I shook my head “No I need you get ready for another round”

I sucked the guy taking his full shaft and licking up his sensitive underside until he blew in my mouth. I just love the taste of sperm and I greedily swallowed his whole load. Spent, he groaned as I orgasmed again and I looked at the cutie “Your turn again”

Reluctantly he was able to mount me again as my orgasm subsided. I panted and screamed as he pounded me and once again I told the plain guy to get ready for my next round.

After a few minutes he came in me and staggered to the words “You are killing me, bitch!!”

I just ignored him and worked myself to another orgasm with my fingers.

As I squirted I pointed at my pussy and then looked at the plain guy “Your turn NOW!!”

He started pumping me and once again I screamed with delight and for a few minutes he was able to continue before he dribbled and was spent.

Both exhausted males watched on as I had to finish the job myself and as I licked my fingers the cute guy mumbled “Fuck!! You are an insatiable bitch!”

I got up and looked down my nose at them and let them know what I thought of them “Pathetic”

Men!! How do they ever think they are equal to us females?

I just turned around and continued my walk back to the hotel taking in the beautiful scenery.

To be continued

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