VIXEN: Girls Day Out

by Scarlett (Australia)

Daddy recovered from having sex with me and now he arrived back home from work and was confronted by my screams of lust and the despairing cries of men trying to withstand my sexual onslaught. Daddy was almost to my bedroom when there was an almighty crash from my room.

Upon entering my room daddy was confronted with the pathetic remains of smashed and dead males littering my room and my bed wrecked beyond repair.

Daddy exclaimed “What in the hell are you doing?”

I blew the hair from my eyes while my face glistened with sweat “Playing with my toys, daddy. What did you think I was doing?”


I ignored the bodies. They were of no further use to me “Daddy dearest. Can I get a new bed made out of that steel you make tanks out of?”

I looked at my perfect body in the mirror. Cum dripped off me and I was wet with sweat.

Daddy continued to yell at me “Aren’t you in the least bit sorry about those men? They are human beings”

I walked to the shower, cum dripping from my pussy and butt hole “They are toys daddy. I am finished with them”

Feelings of intense pleasure coursed through my body. I felt like I was bursting with energy. Those 15 male toys did wonders for my mood. The water felt heavenly as it massaged my inflamed nipples and clit.

When I emerged from my shower the servants were carrying out my busted toys and taking them to our dogs for dinner.

I watched the dogs chewing up my broken toys and the sight, sound and smell drove me wild and a heavy orgasm spurted from my pussy.

That night I watched with jealousy and hatred as daddy fucked mummy before he rolled over from exhaustion. I was disgusted. Mummy could do much better with me, four hours of intense fucking instead of 5 minutes of just pathetic nonsense.

Just then mummy put on a big strap–on and easily pulled daddy into position and rammed that delicious monster right up his butt hole. Things at last were getting interesting!

Daddy screamed “Oh Great Goddess fuck this worthless male. Show your female superiority!!”

As I played with my moistened pussy I watched as daddy expressed his acknowledgement of my gender’s considerable superiority over the male sex. It was what every man and boy should accept as inevitable.

I moved away from the door and played with my pussy as I listened to mummy drive poor old Willard into the ground. He treated mummy like a goddess which was exciting to hear and pathetic at the same time. I orgasmed and went back to my room to wait until daddy had fallen asleep and I might get some of mummy’s delicious body for myself.
After a few minutes I sneaked back and ran right into daddy going to the bathroom to clean up. He glared at me “What are you doing sneaking around our bedroom? Spying again, Candy?”

I gulped “No daddy I just finished masturbating. I wanted to clean up”

Daddy was at a loss over my sex drive “I know you are a fucking insatiable brat but how much fucking does it take to satisfy you? You fucked 15 guys just this morning”

I pouted and played with my nipples before pushing daddy into the wall “I’m never satisfied daddy. Now that we are here and about we.......?”

I fondled daddy’s cock and balls and then kissed him driving my tongue into his mouth.

Daddy tried to push me away but I am so much stronger than his pathetic male muscles and I just pushed him further into the wall. I could have easily crushed his bones but mummy’s words rang in my ears and I stepped back.

Daddy was shaking with fear and desire for my body “YOU FUCKING BRAT!!! Don’t even think of trying to molest me again!!”

I patted his pathetic dick “Daddy don’t you want the most beautiful teenager in the world?”

Daddy was starting to harden which is natural as I am of outstanding beauty. Daddy tried to hide his embarrassment and he retreated into the bathroom.

I are just putty in my hands.

I missed out on a night with mummy but I spent the next night of intense sex in Emily’s bed and after several hours of intense fucking and some sleep we went shopping that morning.

We commanded the shopping centre wherever we went attracting so much attention with our incomparable beauty and wealth.

A security guard attracted by our looks came over to impress us. He was goggled eyed with our beauty and looked intently at Emily’s large breasts pushing through her open top. I was wearing a large t-shirt which barely concealed by bum. As usual I was not wearing any bra or panties, my nipples poked through the white material of my outfit.

The guard with a view that we were helpless girls asked “Can I help you, little ladies?”

Emily giggled and looked at me and our great protector looked deflated. I grabbed his cock and balls causing him to squeal. Emily laughed.

I purred “There is something you can for my friend here. My great warrior”

Emily grabbed the guard by his arm and dragged him to the toilets. The guard was stunned at first and then tried to resist but Emily was far stronger and she dragged him into a cubicle.

I stood guard outside the toilet and listened with glee as I could thumps and crashes as Emily brutalized the poor male.

A few guys tried to enter the toilet but every time they approached I pushed out my hard nipples they lost all thought of relieving themselves. Men have such weak minds.
For fun and to keep people away from the toilet I decided to go for more direct action. An older male approached me and I gave him a sweet smile and pulled up the hem of my t-shirt to expose my pussy.

I cooed “I shaved my pussy this morning. Do you like it?”

The man’s eyes boggled and he was overcome with lust. But his constitution could not take the sight I presented to him and he dropped to the floor. I rushed out crying “HELP ME, HELP ME...Someone is having a heart attack”

The medical team kept people away from the toilet as Emily displayed her female orgasmic superiority.

After the medical team revived the old man Emily came out with roses in her cheeks while the guard staggered out barely able to walk. He had aged twenty years.

I felt Emily’s hard nipples and looked down at the ruined guard “Did he satisfy you, darling?”

Emily shook her head “No not at all, Candy”

I wrapped my arm around her arm and we stepped over the guard to look for some more conquests.

After spending several thousand francs on clothing we were picked up by a PUSS Force soldier in our stretched limo, which I specifically asked to be provided for our sexual adventures.

We trawled the streets looking for man meat and soon we saw a young virile specimen waiting to the cross the road. I instructed the driver to pull up alongside the man meat. The young meat was suitably impressed by my mother’s car but he was not prepared for what happened next.

I opened the door and opened my legs. The man meat quivered and his knees became unsteady as he gazed at my uncovered vagina.

I said to the man meat now turned to jelly “Do you like my little pussy? I just washed her today”

The meat was speechless and my pussy had captured his gaze so I took action and pulled him into the vehicle. Emily looked him up and down with superior eyes. “I’ll let you have this one, Candy”

I quickly ripped off his clothing and pulled the stunned man meat between my legs and forced him to lick my pussy. Emily opened her legs and started to rub her clit as she watched as I squirmed on my seat.

Soon I orgasmed heavily and as the waves subsided I pushed the meat onto the floor and mounted his cock as Emily was rocked by orgasmic blasts. I bounced heavily shaking the car as Emily urged me to greater efforts.

The meat shot his load and angrily I waited for his refractory period to pass. In the meantime Emily and myself worked each other to orgasm and by the time we orgasmed the meat was ready again.

I got him on top of me and pushed him down as I folded my legs behind his back and humped him as hard as I could.

There was an hour of savage intercourse, which was interwoven with intense fucking with Emily. I really needed my sexy friend while the meat needed to recover after his poor cock shot load after load.

We dumped the exhausted man meat on the side of the road and on the way home Emily and myself rocked the car as we ravaged each other.

After arriving home I thought we should give our sexy commando driver many thanks for her service and several more hours were devoted to what I love the most....SEX!!

Life is good...if you are a girl!!

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