Vixen: Daddy Goes To Therapy

by Scarlett (Australia)

Under protest Daddy took me out to ‘Man Hunt’, a high class male for hire club. He waited outside in the car as I went into the building in what was a longer that normal t-shirt which barely covered my bum. I wore knee length coloured stripped socks and black high heeled shoes. As what was normal for me I wore no bra or panties.

I looked down at the plain looking receptionist and in a haughty tone proclaimed “I am Candy von Krupp and I have a booking tonight”

The receptionists looked up and gulped. My beauty IS outstanding and it has that effect on people.

“Welcome Ms Krupp. We have a several of males for your selection”

I frowned “A SELECTION?! I want every male you have and if you don’t have enough here..CALL MORE IN!! I want at least 20 men”

After 30 minutes I was seated and the males filed in to fill the room. I looked them over and spread my legs exposing my pussy crack “BOYS!! I hope you have had your vitamins? You need to satisfy THIS!” I pointed at my glistening pussy. I was excited but I scared quite a few of the boys and more than one tried to back out.

As the night wore on Daddy looked at his watch. Four hours on and I had not come back to the car. He fell asleep and in the pre-dawn was awakened by the flashing lights of four ambulances.

Several guys were wheeled out on stretchers and then he spied me talking to the receptionist “Your males have no staying power. It’s not my fault I damaged them”

The receptionist hit back “Ms Krupp you will have to pay for damages and their hospitalisation”

I said “Fine!!” And gave her 5000 francs to cover costs from my handbag. I added “Next time make sure they can handle me”

I swaggered back to the car and purred to daddy “That was fun”

Daddy shook his head “Is there anyone left alive back there?”

I sat in the front seat and laughed “I don’t think most of them will be off life support for a long time”

Poor Willard shook his head “You really are a sexual monster”

Driving home the sun began to rise and we stopped at traffic lights. A very beautiful female jogger stopped to wait for us to pull away.

Daddy tried his charms on the beauty “Hey beautiful! Where have you been all my life?”

The black headed young women looked down her nose at him “Well for the first half I wasn’t even born”

As Daddy was deflated I licked my lips at the beauty and she added “But I would love to fuck your daughter”

I jumped in the back seat and was joined by the jogger. And as poor Willard pull away from the lights we giggled as we stripped naked on the back seat.

Daddy watched in the rear view mirror and felt his ego become crushed under the weight of my sexual pulling power. The car bounced around as we humped, thumped and bumped on the back seat.

Arriving back home we were still naked as mummy came out to greet us. She looked over the beautiful jogger “Who’s your juicy friend, baby?”

I led the beauty out of the car “This is Maddison, Mummy”

Maddison smiled “Please to meet you Ms Krupp”

Mummy felt Maddison’s dripping pussy “I think this needs a bit more exercising”

As Mummy led Maddison to her bedroom I looked at poor Willard “I’m going for a jog before breakfast”

Willard was dumbfounded “Where do you get the energy from?”

I pulled my t-shirt back over head and laughed “I’m a woman”

Willard sat in the rooms of renowned physiologist Dr Edward Rawlings.

Rawlings looked at the wreck of a man. “Now Mr Essington, what seems to be the problem?”

Willard shook “I am having problems with my domineering wife and her sexually promiscuous daughter”

Middle-aged and balding, Dr Rawlings eyes narrowed “Tell me about your step-daughter?”

Dear daddy took a deep breath “She is obsessed with sex. She has sex with everyone she meets. She is very beautiful and she can get anyone she wants and she just exhausts them...the men that is. The women she has sex with can keep up with her. She is also very rebellious. I can’t control her and when I try she uses her sexuality against me. I mean she has no modesty and she will perform sexual acts in front of me”

Dr Rawlings asked “Are you jealous of her?”

Daddy spluttered “Jealous? What me?”

Rawlings added “You are focussed on her performance, her staying power, her ability to attract sexual partners. You are attracted to her. She can see it and uses your attraction against you. “But her promiscuous behaviour in the long term will be detrimental to her health”

Willard shook his head “My wife owns a genetic engineering clinic. Both my wife and step-daughter joke that both of them have been ‘genetically enhanced’ I know experiments were done to make, Candy’s immune system bullet proof. Candy never gets sick..I mean I have never seen her sick. Her immune system just kills anything that enters her body. Her mother Wanda is just the same. My wife is an ardent feminist and I believe she is developing a super woman future for this world”

Rawlings scribbled some notes “What is the mother-daughter relationship like?”

Daddy blurted out “Incestuous....I mean I think they are sleeping together”

Dr Rawlings’s eyes narrowed “Would explain her promiscuous behaviour. Have you seen them having sexual relations?”

Daddy shook his head “No I have never seen them having sex but I have seen them kissing each other like lovers. And to add I don’t think Candy has been forced into incest. She is totally into anything involving sex. Nothing about sex scares her”

Dr Rawlings scribbled some more notes “I think I would like to talk to Candy. Bring her on your next visit”

Daddy wasn’t so sure “That is not a good idea. Believe me. I don’t know if you could handle her. She really is a wild child”

Dr Rawlings scoffed at Daddy “She is a teenager. I am a PROFESSIONAL!!”

On the next visit I entered Dr Rawlings Rooms like the goddess I am and I wore a very short skirt with a low cut top and the esteemed Dr Rawlings’s eyes almost popped out when he saw me and like daddy he seemed unsteady on his legs. I smirked; this was going to be a pushover.

I sat down and crossed my legs and immediately started my attack. Poor Dr Rawlings never stood a chance. He fiddled with his tie. I slowly crossed my legs. He fumbled with his papers. I crossed my legs. He stuttered. I spread my legs wide. He shook. I stroked my clit. He stood up and picked up the coffee on his table. I followed him and felt his crotch...HARD!!

I removed my clothes and pulled down his pants, pushed him down and sat on his cock and proceeded to rape him. Daddy looked on all goggle eyed and babbling incoherently.

Dr Rawlings was taken away in an ambulance suffering from emotional exhaustion.




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